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VIC-20 Games cartridges + 16k Ram Expansion

Some VIC-20 Cartridges

Cartridges list:

  • VIC-1909 – Road Race.
  • VIC-1911 – 16k RAM Cartridges.
  • VIC-1914 – Adventure Land.
  • VIC-1915 – Pirate’s Cove.
  • VIC-1917 – The Count.
  • VIC-1924 – Omega Race.


from Wikipedia:

As for commercial software offerings, an estimated 300 titles were available on cartridge, and another 500+ titles were available on tape. By comparison, the Atari 2600—the most popular of the video game consoles at the time—had a library of about 900 titles near the end of its production life (many were variations of another title).

Most cartridge games were ready to play as soon as VIC-20 was turned on, as opposed to games on tape which required a time-consuming loading process. Titles on cartridge included Gorf, Cosmic Cruncher, Sargon II Chess, and many others.

source: wikipedia

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