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C64/Vic20 File Browser for U1541

It was written with the U1541 user interface in mind, and I hope I have achieved the same ease of use.


  • Browsing much like the U1541 user interface.
  • It even handles more than 256 files per directory. (now I know why Gideon wants to postpone that feature)
  • Devices 8-11 are selectable.
  • Basic load address information (verrrry useful for VIC users)
  • ‘sys 320′ hook to reload browser (after a reset, or when it is overwritten by a file load)
  • Only 8 blocks.

There are three versions: unexpanded VIC/expanded VIC, and even a version for the C64 as an added bonus. It works standalone, but in order to make the reload hook work you must install them into the root directory of your U1541 flash disk.

it has been tested with the U1541 and VICE. I don’t
know if other IEC devices will work, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t.

Happy file browsing!

download: ultimate1541 forum (you need a account for download it)

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