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Asem AM 100 (Apple // Plus Clone made in Italy)

November 8th, 2015 No comments
Asem AM 100

The Home Computer Asem AM 100 is a clone of the Apple II+ (Apple // Plus). This computer was manufactured and assembled by ASEM S.p.A. Artegna (UD) / Italy.

The AM 100 is fully compatible with all the software available for the Apple II and II+. I have personally tested many programs and i’ve never found problems of compatibility.

Unfortunately this computer is arrived faulty, the repair was more simple than i expected, thanks to the IC sockets located on the computer motherboard.

Works that have been made:

  • Replacing IC 74LS161 which shows a vertical band on the screen.
  • Removing RIFA filter capacitor located inside the PSU.
  • Regeneration of the Keyboard PAD. Some keys did not work properly. The Keyboard PAD have been regenerated using a suitable product that can be found for sale on eBay. Try: KEYPAD FIX
  • General cleaning of the case outside/inside, monitor and keyboard.
  • EPROM dump.

All these works are documented with photos that you can find below.

Gallery repairs:

Under the cover gallery:

Final photos:

Interesting discovery:

Inside the Floppy Drive reader (Apple clone) i have found the same mechanics (Mistumi / Newtronics) of the Commodore Floppy Drive 1541. See the first three pictures of the gallery: Under the cover.

Download: ASEM AM 100 full Eprom Dump (665)