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MCUmall GQ-4X Universal USB Programmer + Adapters

Adapters that you see in the photo:

  • GQ-4X GQ-3X | WILLEM 3in1 PLCC32 to DIP32.
  • GQ-4X GQ-3X | JTAG & SPI in circuit programming adapter | ICSP/ISP MODE ADP-056

My personal considerations:

This is a great programmer and certainly more stable of the classic Willem (parallel or usb). I have tried to program some EPROM and FLASH without problems. The power supply via USB is very stable and accurate.

from the homepage of MCUmall:

The GQ-4X is the newest model of True USB Willem Universal Programmer series from MCUmall Electronics Inc Canada.

With its complete new professional design, True USB PRO 40pin willem programmer GQ-4X is the first & exclusive Willem universal programmer in the market that owns the unique features:

  • Neat robust enclosure; 40pin ZIF socket, fully automatic; JTAG support; Fast mode SPI support.
  • Support O/S XP 32bit, XP 64bit, Vista 32bit,Vista 64bit, Windows7 32bit/64bit.
  • Real True USB interface for both data transfer and power supply.
  • High speed/fastest; most-user-friendly; simplest-to-use.
  • Software update regularly; free life-time software upgrade/download.
  • Multi-languages support capability: Chinese, Czeh, English, French, German, Spanish, Portugues, Italian.

The application-oriented & application-enhanced design facilitates GQ-4X supports thousands of most popular application devices (growing) and ideally suits the portable/convenient applications that includes: car automative field ECU chiptuning, airbag reset, mileage, satilite devices, BIOS refreshing, motherboard BIOS in-circuit upgrade, xBox,Wii gaming machines EPROM duplicate, Altera Xilinx JTAG, PIC/MCU development, newer laptop technology and newer desktop PC etc.

It has outstanding performance which supoprts the devices that other similar products are not capable of supporting: such as 25LF SPI series, PSOP44,TSOP48, 25VF SPI series, Altera Xilinx CPLD JTAG, PLCC84,SST39VF3201, TE28F102, 27C1024, 27C1028,HD6475,29F800, 29LV800, 29F032…