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Unboxing Willem PRO 4 ISP Programmer

October 11th, 2011 11 comments
Willem PRO 4 ISP Programmer


After ten years of use, i finally decided to replace my old Willem programmer with an updated version of this nice programmer. The Willem PRO 4 ISP.

Willem PRO 4 ISP is the most popular programmer on Europe. Programmer is built on two-sided laminate with metal-plated openings, solder mask complete with description of components.

Willem PRO 4 ISP could be connected into devices directly via ISP (In System Programming) connector.The main advantage of ISP is possibility to program devices directly in place without any need to dismount them. Because of that and high-tech software solutions our programmer is much more useful in various programming tasks. ISP could be powered directly by Willem Programmer or by device’s power supply.