Nano SwinSID Prototype: Unboxing and first Impressions

Nano SwinSID prototype (component side)

Nano SwinSID Prototype by x1541:

This project is based on the microcontroller ATMEGA88PU from Atmel and the emulation code is written by Swinkels.

The prototype of Nano SwindSID is a scaled down version of the Micro SwinSID, so far so good, and here’s my initial impression.

x1541, a user of the has made a very nice work, the pcb has the same size of the original SID chip (6581/8580), the components are arranged very well and the entire space of the pcb was used. I can just say to buy it when the Nano SwinSID kit will be available, your money will be spent well.

Nano SwinSID Features:

  • ISP Connector.
  • Same size as the original SID.
  • 6581/8580 Jumper.
  • Smd ATmega.


  1. Sudz28
    February 16th, 2012 at 00:03 | #1

    How did you get this chip? I would love to buy one; I have a Commodore 128D that has a blown SID chip (MOS 8580), and this sounds like it could replace it and get me back in business.