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Powerup my Spectrum 128k (RGB Bright MOD) after a long time.

January 22nd, 2013 No comments

Powerup and Testing my Sinclair Spectrum 128k (RGB with Bright MOD) after a long time.


ZXpand Interface for ZX81 and Timex-Sinclair

June 19th, 2011 1 comment

The ZXpand interface is a brand new interface for the Sinclair ZX81, and Timex-Sinclair TS/1000 Home Computers.

The ZXpand interface offers 32K of expanded memory (which is configurable to support various hi-resolution graphics modes), instant file access to .p files stored on SD memory cards and more.

The Sinclair ZX81 ZXpand interface will also allow you to connect an Atari style 9 pin joystick port to play either specially written or specially adapted games.

The ZXpand provides the following facilities:

  • SD Memory Card reader – for instant loading from / saving to .p files (used by ZX81 emulators)
  • 32K of configurable RAM memory, which can then be set up to use the various hi-resolution graphics schemes for the Sinclair ZX81.
  • New keywords are added to the system ROM to allow you to load and save programs, produce a catalogue of files on the memory
    card, configure the ZXpand Interface, and delete files.
  • You can still load programs from cassette as well as using the interface, to allow you to copy files onto the SD memory card.
  • Sub-directories are supported on the memory card.
  • The new ROM can be switched off once a program is loaded, in order to allow access to LPRINT, LLIST and COPY commands.
  • There is a built in reset button to reset the ZX81 without having to pull the power lead.

Download: ZXpand Manual (1531)


Cheril Perils: a new game for ZX Spectrum 48k

July 25th, 2010 No comments

Cheril Perils is a new game from The Mojon Twins for ZX Spectrum.