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Unboxing D2K Arcade cartridge for Mattel Intellivision

February 26th, 2013 No comments
D2K Arcade cartridge for Intellivision


from Elektronite Homepage:

One smart ape has escaped from his cage. Mario, the zookeeper, is in a real fix! The gorilla Darwin has captured a very special lady and made his way onto a construction site and up bewildering, unfinished structures and a veritable King Kong! Leap for your life over bouncing barrels, ride fast-moving platforms to dizzying heights, scurry under runaway springs, and avoid roaming flames and dangerous balls of gas as you make your way up. It will take not only Mario but one of his brothers Toni and Bruno to outsmart the big ape and return the girl to safety.

It’s TWO games in one! The first arcade game, PLUS a second game with five all NEW levels inspired by the arcade hit D2K: Jumpman Returns! 9 Screens in total!


  • New graphics and sound effects. Hear DK growl for the first time!
  • Separate high scores for Game 1 and Game 2. Perfect for high-scoring competitions!

Video D2K ARCADE review for IntelliVision: