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Memory Expansion Spem EXP-MEM 512k for Sinclair QL

April 18th, 2014 8 comments
Spem EXP-MEM 512k for Sinclair QL

I thank my dear friend that gave me the Spem EXP-MEM 512k.


Various companies offered to upgrade your QL with an internal memory upgrade. This was normally 512K, but some companies also offered a 256K version.

The method of upgrade was in two ways:

  • Removal of the existing QL memory chips and replacement to give a total of 512K
  • An internal board, which connects to the 8301 ULA socket, and has a wire to the 68008 processor.

The downside of this method of upgrading the QL’s memory was:

  • The memory access was slower than external memory
  • You could not use some of the later QL expansions, such as the Trump Card which themselves had memory built into the interface.

Internal interfaces were advertised by a range of companies, including CST, MicroPeripherals and Silicon Express.

source: Sinclair QL Computer Wiki