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Discontinued servers: what i have recovered!

March 6th, 2012 No comments

Today i have made a decent recovery of PC Card / Ram / CPU and other things from some servers that were being scrapped.

Some of my Pc Cards discovered in a Box

November 14th, 2011 2 comments

These are some of my old PC cards that i bought over the years and i have discovered in a box during the moving house.

Full List:

Intel 8/16 Lan Adapter (ISA)
Intel 8/16 Lan Adapter (ISA)
Genius Crystal Audio Card (ISA)
Terratec EWS 88D Audio Digital Card (PCI)
Creative Soundblaster SB16 Value (ISA)
Adaptec AHA 1510A SCSI (ISA)
Adaptec AHA 2940UW SCSI (PCI)
Adaptec AVA 1502E SCSI (ISA)
Joystick Card RTX 10E (ISA)
Matrox MGA 818_0101 Video Card (AGP)
Digicom ISDN Card (PCI)
Asus ISDN Card (PCI)
Asus ISDN Card (PCI)
Diamond 3DFX Rev A (PCI)
Diamond 3DFX Rev E (PCI)
Matrox MGA220P Video Card (PCI)
Parallel Card RTX 10D (ISA)
Unknown Winbond Lan Card BNC/RJ (ISA)
Unknown Winbond Lan Card BNC/RJ (PCI)
GeForce FX5200 Video Card (AGP)
Adaptec AVA 2904 SCSI (PCI)
Adaptec AVA 2904 SCSI (PCI)
Matrox G4+ MMDHA32G (AGP)
Matrox G5+ MDHA16DLE (AGP)
S3 Trio 3D/2X Video Card (AGP)
Matrox MGA Mystique 220 Video Card (PCI)
Conexant Modem Card (PCI)
Radeon X300SE Video Card (PCIe)
Real Magic 64 Sigma Design Video Card (PCI)
Grandtec X Guard Video Surveillance Card (PCI)
Unknown Audio/Floppy Card (ISA)
Realtek Lan Card (PCI)
Compaq S3 Virge Video Card (ISA)
Innovision Multimedia ATA133 Raid Card (PCI)
ATI RV100 Video Card (AGP)
3COM 3C905TX Lan Card (PCI)
Asus V7100 Video Card (AGP)
ATI Rage XL Video Card (AGP)
GeForce FX5500 Video Card (AGP)
Matrox G55 Video Card (AGP)
Realtek RTL8180 Wireless Card (PCI)
Promise Ultra133 Controller (PCI)