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Pioneer LaserActive CLD-A100 – Repair & Modules full Recap

April 23rd, 2018 2 comments
Pioneer LaserActive CLD-A100 - Repair

Pioneer LaserActive CLD-A100 – Repair/Recap & Modules full Recap.


  • The Game cartridges on the Sega Genesis Module do not work but the games on CD-ROM work correctly.
  • The INTF Ass’y Interface has some leakage capacitors and in short circuit.
  • The PSU has some leakage capacitors and in short circuit.
  • Solder joint jumped out on the three connectors that connect the two horizzonal/vertical motherboards.
  • Some cold solder on the power stage.

Works that have been done:

  • Cleaning and Full Recap PSU.
  • Cleaning and Full Recap Sega Genesis/Sega CD PAC-S10 Module.
  • Cleaning and Full Recap Nec PC Engine PAC-N1/N1 Module.
  • Cleaning and Recap INTF Ass’y Interface.
  • Rebuilding PADs of the two pcb connectors.
  • Rebuilding cold solder joint on the power stage.

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