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Unboxing & Testing R&D Automation CFFA3000 v1.0 Rev C

June 8th, 2014 No comments

R&D Automation CFFA3000 v1.0 Rev C Apple IIgs through the GBS 8200 v4

First of all, I must thank my dear friend Andrea for helping me financially to purchase this interface (one of the last pieces of the third batch).

Unboxing R&D Automation CFFA3000:

This is a CompactFlash / USB flash drive interface for Apple II family of computers.


  • Support 1 to 13 partitions under ProDOS and GS/OS, and 2 virtual floppy drives
  • Virtual Floppy image support allows the use of almost any non-copy-protected floppy disk image, including .dsk, .2mg, and .nib files. Note: .nib files of protected floppies will not work with the CFFA3000
  • Allows storage of thousands of floppy and smartport disk images
  • User configurable partition count
  • Boot from either device and any partition
  • Allow booting from Dos3.3, Pascal, CPM, Contiki, ProDOS or GS/OS directly from the Interface card (for a floppy-less system)
  • Configurable as a CFFA smart port controller (i.e. a mass storage device) or as a floppy controller, or both. When configured as both, requires 2 slots in your Apple II, one for the physical card, and one for the virtual floppy controller.
  • Hardware supports DMA, although v1.0 software does not currently support DMA. Future support is planned, but not guaranteed.

Apple IIgs through the GBS 8200 v4:

Apple IIgs through the GBS 8200 v4 (display scalar board) to a VGA Monitor.

The cable that i have made takes from the Video Connector of the Apple IIgs the 12v voltage for the GBS 8200.


Video Demostration of CFFA3000 through the GBS 8200:

source: CFFA3000 Homepage