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Thanks to my friend for donation a few things for Atari

February 26th, 2017 No comments
Thanks to my friend for donation a few things for Atari

Thanks to my friend Andry for donation a few things for Atari

Here the list:

  • Modem Supra Corporation 300 AT
  • Berliner Cilinder Video Digitizer Atari 520 ST
  • Composite Video Switcher (Color/Mono)
  • A unknown Interface with 3 x Potentiometers+ 2 x DIN IN/OUT + Cartridge Expansion Port (they have used the cartridge case of the Commodore 64 but the connector is Atari).
  • A unknown Harddisk Interface for Atari.
  • Two unknown cables with Floppy Drive Connections.


Atari 800XL Ultimate 1Mb Installation

January 5th, 2012 1 comment

Here you can find the photos that show how is easy to install the interface Ultimate 1Mb module by Candle’o’Sin.

About the latest fix (RD4 & RD5) i have chose to put the resistors in the ribbon cable.


Atari ST 3rd party Hardware

August 19th, 2011 No comments
Atari ST 3rd party Hardware


Third Party Hardware for Atari ST.

Hardware Description (start from left to right):

  • Brush Mouse by Golden Image.
  • Steinberg Cubase Dongle.
  • Auto Mouse-Joystick switch for Atari/Amiga.
  • UhrModul Intern (Realtime Clock) by Hard & Soft.
  • XT Expansion Interface.
  • AdSCSI ST (SCSI Interface) by ICD.
  • Drive Master by Pratical Solutions.
  • ST Eprom Bank by Ilfa.
  • Soundtrack Digital HQ Sound Sampler by ACN.
  • Marpet MP210A 4Mb ram board.