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Unboxing Ultimate 1Mb – Atari XE/XL

Ultimate 1Mb Motherboard


After 8 long months of waiting i finally received the Ultimate 1Mb module by Candle’o'Sin.

The Ultimate 1Mb module is a expansion for Atari XE/XL.

This module allows a easy installation regardless of machine type one chooses and is not intrusive to original hardware. The Ultimate 1Mb was designed to fit in any XL/XE computer, including 1200XL and XEGS – there are no versions as such, the only diffrence might be with lenght of ribbon cables it connects to motherboard


  • To be as much solderless as possible (only RW, PHI2, HALT and RESET lines need soldering)
  • Fully flashable SpartaDOS-X with up to 320kbytes for its purposes
  • RTC module for SDX with battery backup and NVRAM
  • Fully flashable 4 OS ROM slots
  • Hardware WRITE PROTECT for whole Flash array
  • Configurable memory expansion with 4 modes of operation (disabled, 320k RAMBO, 578k COMPY SHOP, 1088k RAMBO)
  • Customizable BASIC and MISSLE COMMAND slots (also flashable)
  • System select/Memory exp mode select from integrated BIOS

source: spiflash.org atariage.com

  1. Philsan
    December 31st, 2011 at 09:10 | #1

    Ricordati di effettuare la modifica alla scheda madre consigliata da Sebastian o, meglio ancora, di fare la modifica sulla piattina.

  2. December 31st, 2011 at 10:41 | #2


    Sto meditando quale delle due modifiche fare ;-D