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Unboxing & Testing R&D Automation CFFA3000 v1.0 Rev C

R&D Automation CFFA3000 v1.0 Rev C Apple IIgs through the GBS 8200 v4

Prima di tutto devo ringraziare il mio caro amico Andrea per avermi aiutato finanziariamente per l’acquisto di questa interfaccia (uno degli ultimi pezzi del terzo lotto).

Unboxing R&D Automation CFFA3000:

Interfaccia CompactFlash / USB flash drive per i computer Apple II/III

Caratteristiche tecniche:

  • Support 1 to 13 partitions under ProDOS and GS/OS, and 2 virtual floppy drives
  • Virtual Floppy image support allows the use of almost any non-copy-protected floppy disk image, including .dsk, .2mg, and .nib files. Note: .nib files of protected floppies will not work with the CFFA3000
  • Allows storage of thousands of floppy and smartport disk images
  • User configurable partition count
  • Boot from either device and any partition
  • Allow booting from Dos3.3, Pascal, CPM, Contiki, ProDOS or GS/OS directly from the Interface card (for a floppy-less system)
  • Configurable as a CFFA smart port controller (i.e. a mass storage device) or as a floppy controller, or both. When configured as both, requires 2 slots in your Apple II, one for the physical card, and one for the virtual floppy controller.
  • Hardware supports DMA, although v1.0 software does not currently support DMA. Future support is planned, but not guaranteed.

Apple IIgs tramite l’interfaccia GBS 8200 v4:

Apple IIgs connesso ad un monitor VGA utilizzando l’interfaccia GBS 8200 v4 (display scalar board).

Il cavo Video che ho fatto prende l’alimentazione per l’interfaccia GBS 8200 dal connettore Video dell’Apple IIgs, questo risulta molto comodo ed evita un’ennesimo alimentatore.


Dimostrazione Video dell’interfaccia CFFA3000 tramite la GBS 8200:

source: CFFA3000 Homepage