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C64 Game: Slinky 101% +7MHD / Slurpy +++-hi / One On One +2GD

E’ stato rilasciato del nuovo Software per Commodore 64.


  • Monstics Mystery II Preview &D +Pic
  • Cosmos V1.2 +7MD
  • Quadron +1ED
  • Speed Ball
  • D-2000 IFR-Trainer – Germany 2 +EFD [pal/ntsc]
  • Stronghold +3D
  • Roll – final version
  • Vermeer +1ED [english]
  • 2048
  • Immensity Preview 2
  • Waterman +5E
  • Voidrunner HS
  • Nuclear Reaction 2100
  • Slinky 101% +7MHD
  • Slurpy +++-hi
  • One On One +2GD
  • Xain’d Sleena Preview +
  • The Last Hope

Download: All Games in One Archive (1306)


dtv2serTrans Osx Gui v0.1 by Nightfall

DTV2Ser Trans MAC Gui v0.1 – Concept idea, UI design: Xad – Coding: Lynx

Questa e’ una semplice GUI per la tool Shell dtv2sertrans di Lallafa, funziona con PPC e Intel based Macs (Universal Binary),richiede Mac OS X 10.4 o superiori.


  • Transfer C64 PRG.
  • Send/Run/Send and Run.
  • You can use the SYS for start your proggy.
  • Debug Output Windows.
  • Preferences for Enable/Disable Debug Windows and for configure the dtv2sertrans path.
  • USB Hardware check.
  • AutoUpdate.


Download: Dtv2SerTransMacGUI