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Gameboy Color Trainer source example

18 January 2009 1 commento

This is a very old trainer menu for Gameboy/Color made by me for Nightfall & Eurasia, i have decided to release the source.

Source comments are in Italian Language. The archive contain: source,data (rnc packed),compiler/linker (windows 2000/xp) and a .bat (batch file) for build the release.

Download: Gameboy Color trainer example by nightfall (1374)

nIGHTFALL^Eurasia Gameboy Color Trainers

28 September 2008 Nessun commento

The download zip contain:

[nFL]-Bust a Move 4 +1
[nFL]-Die Maus +2
[nFL]-Dropzone +3
[nFL]-Gameboy Galler 3 JAP +1
[nFL]-Gameboy Gallery 3 +1
[nFL]-Hexcite +1
[nFL]-Moonpatrol & Spy Huner +3
[nFL]-Ohasta Y^R +2
[nFL]-Prince of Persia +2
[nFL]-Roadsters 98 +1
[nFL]-Rox +1
[nFL]-Rtype Collection +1
[nFL]-Spawn +4
[nFL]-Spy vs Spy +2
[nFL]-Super Mario Deluxe +3
[nFL]-Vrally Color +3

I have found a very old archive with some .. but not all, Gameboy Color Trainer by our group.

download: nIGHTFALL^Eurasia Gameboy Color Trainers (4.4 MB)

Gameboy Charts Issue #1 to #6

1 September 2008 Nessun commento

This is a old Gameboy Charts from Wayne Kerr, charts include a lot of oldskool groups, like: Capital,Eurasia & Nightfall,Paradox and so on.

Download Gameboy Charts Issue #1 to #6 (53.81 kB)

Nightfall & Eurasia Gameboy Trainer / Logo

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