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Amiga Ethernet Zorro Ariadne II card – incluso aggiornamento PGA



  • Origine: Germany
  • Piu’ venduto: Europe
  • Rarita’: Abbastanza.
  • Anno: 1998

da Amiga Resource:

  • Realtek RTL8019AS Ethernet controller.
  • a cost reduced version of the original Ariadne (it costs half as much)
  • 10Base2 and 10BaseT connectors.
  • supports full-duplex on 10BaseT.
  • the two protocols are selectable by software.
  • 32 kB buffer.
  • early versions need PGA upgrade to work reliably.
  • socket for optional boot EPROM.
  • 10% slower than the original Ariadne.
  • AmiTCP Genesis included.
  • SANA II compatible driver.
  • supported by Linux, NetBSD and OpenBSD.