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OldSkool Nightfall Party T-Shirt

Nightfall Party T-Shirt

Nightfall T-Shirt:

Logo by Mrc of Nightfall

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TOP News: sMAU Movie Party Report (1993)

15 August 2008 6 commenti

This is a Movie of a very old VHS Tape (15 years old) from Nova Acies. You can find a lot of Italian Groups in this Movie, like: Nightfall,Nova Acies,TCB,Zero Defect,IBB and peoples like xAD, Leo Sexad, Fox, Slash, Little Lamer, Vic, Dr.g, Fashion Light, ACBS, Pows, Artic, Nemesis, Executor, Skynet, Selz, Jacky Tory, Pbx/Mci…. and so on..

Movie Snapshot:

Many thanks to a member of our group, which has captured the Movie from the VHS tape and has made it really beautiful.


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