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Amiga 2000 già riparato nell’aprile 2016 ora Black Screen

Amiga 2000 already repaired in April 2016 now  Black Screen

Questo Amiga 2000 era arrivato nel mio laboratorio in pessime condizioni nel lontano Aprile 2016, il computer e’ stato riparato e riposto in una busta antistatica.

Provato a distanza di quasi 3 anni, il computer non da segni di vita.

Non avendo nessun output video ho utilizzato la DIAGROM di Chucky che tramite collegamento seriale sono riuscito a identificare 2 problemi diversi con le RAM.


  • Black Screen


  • Ricostruita pista interrotta lato DX 68000 vicino resistor pack RP900 (precedentemente buona)
  • Ricostruita pista interrotta RAM U529 segnale CAS (precedentemente buona)
  • Sostituita RAM LM33256 U501 con TMS 4256 (precedentemente funzionante)

Di seguito un po’ di foto random della riparazione.


AVG Cartridge for 8bit Atari + PDM Audio Player Video

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

C64 Big Game Pack: Bruce Lee – RoF / Scooby & S.Doo +6DGMI …


E’ stato rilasciato del nuovo Software per Commodore 64.


  • Championship Wrestling +3D
  • Two Days to the Race Preview
  • Race Through Space +2HD
  • Hook [georam]
  • Rock ‘n Roll Trivia Volume 1 +D
  • Hook
  • Rock ‘n Roll Trivia Volume 5 +D
  • Rock ‘n Roll Trivia Volume 4 +D
  • Rock ‘n Roll Trivia Volume 2 +D
  • Rock ‘n Roll Trivia Volume 3 +D
  • Pool of Radiance [georam]
  • Two Days to the Race V1.6 +D
  • Monopoly Preview V2 +D
  • Space Hunter +
  • Secret Tunnel +4
  • Super Toboggan Challenge +1HD
  • Boulder Dash Junior II++ (The Final Dig!)
  • Super Toboggan Challenge
  • PSI 5 Trading Company +FMD
  • PSI 5 Trading Company +FD
  • Rock ‘n Wrestle +6DH
  • Bop ‘n Wrestle +6DH
  • Super Galax-I-Birds
  • Turrican II [1581]
  • Turrican [1581]
  • Super Galax-I-Birds +4MF
  • Beach Bar +4D
  • Starfysh Remix
  • Scooby & Scrappy Doo +6DGMI
  • Starfysh Remix +6HD
  • Multiplan V1.07 +F
  • Beezarro
  • B-Ball +F
  • Power Station +5
  • Championship Wrestling +3D
  • Yie Ar Kung Fu +4HD
  • Sidelines +2
  • Griddy Pixels Preview
  • PSI 5 Trading Company +DF
  • Tenebra Macabre [16kb cartridge]
  • Tenebra Macabre +4D
  • Griddy Pixels Preview 2 +1D
  • Flock +2
  • Bruce Lee – Return of Fury +
  • Bruce Lee – Return of Fury +2D
  • Bruce Lee – Return of Fury
  • Bruce Lee – Return of Fury +1D
  • Bruce Lee – Return of Fury +2D
  • Labyrinth [all drives]
  • Labyrinth
  • Parsec
  • Toyshop & Lollipops +D
  • Bruce Lee – Return of Fury +2HD
  • Spitting Image
  • The Original Tetris Game +2
  • Pacman II +4
  • Pacman +3
  • Zig-Zag +2DG
  • Griddy Pixels Preview 3 &FD
  • Knight Lore V1.10 +D
  • Knight Lore V1.10

Download: All Games in One Archive (372)


USB Stick STM32 (Gotek) HxC Firmware v3.1.38.2a

Jean-François DEL NERO (la persona che sta dietro lo sviluppo dell’emulatore Floppy HxC SD) ha recentemente rilasciato una versione del firmware HxC compatibile con il chip STM32 utilizzato nel Floppy Drive Gotek.

Questo significa che possiamo godere di quasi tutte le features che il firmware HxC supporta anche per l’economico Floppy Drive Gotek.

Il bootloader per convertire il floppy drive Gotek in HxC compatibile va acquistato sul sito di HXC 2001 inviando un’email a Jean-François DEL NERO. Il prezzo del bootloader e’ di 10 euro una tantum per ogni Gotek che si vuole aggiornare/convertire. Gli aggiornamenti successivi del software sono gratuti e possono essere fatti da chiavetta USB.

The HXC Usb (Gotek) firmware supports: + many more….

USB Stick STM32 (Gotek) HxC Floppy Emulator Firmware v3.1.32.1a -> v3.1.38.2a cumulative changelog:

  • More customization options:
    • Raw file image/disk format selection.
    • You can now define your raw file image/disk format !
    • Floppy Interface modes.
  • More customization options:
    • 16 different oled graphic fonts available.
    • New oled screen models supported (128×32,128×64, SSD1306, SH1106…).
    • Default raw system selection.
    • And many more new options: sound volume, auto select delay, …
  • New raw formats support: Coat-A-Matic 9400 / Robox RC9400 (*.IMG/*.DSK) (289KB)
  • Fix Track 00 issue (v3.1.34.1a regression).
  • AutoSwap support enhanced/completed (sub-folders in normal mode supported).
  • Internal optimizations.
  • Direct access mode : Some fixes for the auto disk swap (“AutoSwap”) support.
  • Direct access mode : New functions
  • Select mode (0×5):
    • Mode 0 – Flash sector access mode (Default)
    • Mode 1 – Plain text browser, Entries format : “IIII;T;SSSSSSSS;File name\r\n”
    • IIII = Object ID (ASCII HEX Number).
    • T = Type -> ‘F’=FILE, ‘D’=DIRECTORY
    • SSSSSSSS = File Size (ASCII HEX Number).
    • Mode 2 – Slot list mode.
  • Change Objects list ID base (0×6) (Plain text browser).
  • Select/Enter Object (0×7) (Plain text browser – Image/Directory selection or File tranfert mode).
  • Set file base offset (0×8) (File transfer mode).
  • Get current selected image (0×9).
  • Select file with path (0xA) (Select image with a plain text file path).
  • MFM & FM support. (see the customization page :
  • With these new direct access API functions small file selector/browser/swapper/loader can be developed without the need of any FAT32 library on resource-limited machines. The protocol specification document will be updated soon at this address :
  • First online-customizable firmware available !
    • Fill up the form on the page to customize the firmware.
    • The firmware will be recompiled/rebuilt following your requests and sent to the provided email some minutes later.
    • This is a fully automated and free service so don’t hesitate to play with it ! :).
    • More and more options will be added on the customization page.
  • Fix v3.1.34.1a regression : Disk density selection issues with some raw formats. Please update.
  • Files & Folders names starting with ‘.’ are now hidden.
  • Firmware memory size reduced once again : More tables size optimizations.

This is only a little part of the changelog. The original one is very long and you can read it here. (instruction manual here)

Download: USB Stick STM32 (Gotek) HxC Firmware v3.1.38.2a (34)


Fjälldata 2019: C64 – Official demo party results

Questi sono i risultati ufficiali del Demo party Fjälldata 2019 che si e’ concluso il 3/03/2019. Per maggiori informazioni o aggiornamenti visita il sito CSDB nella sezione Fjälldata 2019.


  • 1. Space beer/Fossil
  • 2. Monomania/Offence
  • 3. Omg got balls!/OMG
  • 4. They say so much/Mahoney
  • 5. New faces/TRIAD
  • 6. Party scroller/Atlantis
  • 7. Purple planet yo/Proxima (VIC-20)
  • 8. Stolen properties/TRIAD
  • 9. Madademo/GP + HMF
  • 10. Jeroen tel/Brøst
  • 11. Crapman/Latex
  • 12. Fjällkingen/Esløv

Music covers:

  • 1. Coffee zone/Dane
  • 2. DeepaSIDo/Steel
  • 3. Nightcall/Fegol
  • 4. I want to love/TDM
  • 5. Doris/Qdor
  • 6. Dragonwars/Steel
  • 7. Jeff forfan/Musicman
  • 8. Slicka en flicka/TDM


  • 1. The unusual/Stinsen+Linus
  • 2. Tac2sintolerant/Fegol
  • 3. I love you son/Steel
  • 4. I can’t ESC/Spider J.
  • 5. Trippy trappy/Jammer
  • 6. Laserloop/Båtsman
  • 7. Compotune/5bot


  • 1. Random/Prowler
  • 2. Lapgods/Fabs
  • 3. Danny ja Armi/Twoflower
  • 4. Bernie/Redcrab
  • 5. Dragonhorse/Facet
  • 6. Geldiver/Railslave
  • 7. Junglism/Lunix
  • 8. Tottes kopp/Creep
  • 9. Grandino/5bot

Productions released outside compos:

  • Edu-Intro by Triad (Crack intro)
  • Toyshop & Lollipops +D by Triad (Crack)
  • TRIAD at Fjälldata Disk Cover by Triad (Disk Cover)

Download: Fjalldata 2019 Full Party Stuff (66)


U64/Ultimate-64 v1.10 – U2+/U2 v3.4 Aggiornamento Firmware

E’ stato rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento firmware per l’ultimate-64 / U2+ / U2 di Gideon.

U64 – Differences with previous official release V1.0B:

  • Based on Ultimate-II+ firmware Version 3.4
  • NTSC mode has been added. The switch can be found in the U64 Specific Settings menu
  • Added rudimentary support for USB Floppy disks (not completely done yet; as removal of floppy is not yet detected)
  • USB problems with low/full speed devices fixed; no more bus hang-ups in these cases. (No full HID support just yet..)
  • VIC collision problem fixed.
  • Improved 1541 compatibility; weak bit areas and floppy speed zones are now properly supported.
  • LED Strip support.
  • Various improvements ‘under the hood’

U2+ – Differences with previous official release V3.3a:

  • Added rudimentary support for USB Floppy disks (not completely done yet; as removal of floppy is not yet detected)
  • USB problems with low/full speed devices fixed; no more bus hang-ups in these cases. (No full HID support just yet..)
  • Improved 1541 compatibility; weak bit areas and floppy speed zones are now properly supported.
  • Various improvements ‘under the hood’

U2 – Differences with previous official release V3.2:

  • The USB2LAN problem is now fixed. This bug took me over 50 hours to find and fix.
  • Improved 1541 compatibility; weak bit areas and floppy speed zones are now properly supported.
  • All other under the hood fixes that were done for U2+ and U64 that apply for U2 are backported to the U2 as well.



SD2Snes Firmware v1.10.0/v1.10.1 released (S-DD1 support)

Ikari ha rilasciato il nuovo firmware per la SD2Snes la Flash Cartridge per Super Nintendo/Famicom. Le istruzioni per l’aggiornamento le potete trovare qui.

Cumulative Changelog:

  • S-DD1 support by Magno! Big thanks to Magno who implemented it and RedGuy who helped integrate the core with the main firmware :)
  • Support for sd2snes Mk.III (a.k.a. SD2SNES Pro). This works by adding a new set of support files for the new hardware so the firmware package actually contains two firmwares. This also makes it possible to swap the same card between old and new sd2sneses freely.
  • Fixes:
    • Fix memory corruption on BS-X loading. (Hopefully – I could not identify a cause and suspect bitstream file corruption. Please let me know if it works again – it does for me)
    • S-RTC register state is REALLY reset when the console is reset, and also when loading a game.
    • Actually boot on SD2SNES Pro.
  • Known issues:
    • Firmware seems to ignore Cx4 speed setting (at least since v1.9.0)
    • sd2snes Pro menu still has the old design
    • Mk.III specific source code changes currently aren’t contained in the GitHub repository. Please bear with me while I figure out a way to integrate them. ;)



Riparazione SNK Neo Geo MV1a con Z80 Error

27 February 2019 Nessun commento
SNK Neo Geo MV1a Z80 Error Repair

Riparazione SNK Neo Geo MV1a con Z80 Error.


  • No Sound (Z-80 Error)


  • Sostituzione CPU Z-80 in formato PSOP40.


  • Il messaggio di errore “Z-80 Error” vuol dire tutto e niente, puo’ essere guasto il Z-80, SNK MASK-ROM SM1*, SNK NEO-D0 oppure anche il YAMAHA YM2610.

Con l’aiuto del Neo Diagnostics BIOS in accoppiata con la M1 ROM programmata e installata sulla CHA Board di una qualsiasi cartuccia NEO GEO si puo’ identificare meglio il problema.

Si narra che l’errore C3 / 00 che vedete nelle foto del NEO DIAGNOSTICS (scrive:C3 ma legge:00) sia un quasi certo problema della CPU. Difatti in questo caso lo era.

La CPU Z-80 in formato PSOP40 e’ stata recuperata da un SEGA GameGear guasto.


source: neogeo diag

Rilasciato nuovo Firmware ver. 0A per fpgaSID di andi6510

26 February 2019 Nessun commento

Nuovo aggiornamento firmware per l’fpgaSID è stato rilasciato da andi6510.

Di seguito il changelog preso direttamente dal sito.

Main changes:

  • New 6581 bias setting range and curve. Per default the bias is now tuned to a brighter sound which is the most audible difference to revision 09.
  • Some further improvements on the 6581 filters.

New Features:

  • LEDs can be switched off now.
  • The outputs can be switched to a mix of both SIDs allowing mono setups with a single speaker.
  • The firmware flashing procedure has been improved to increase the success rate.
  • FPGASID is now compatible to the EasyFlash 3 module.


  • Important! Before updating the firmware, please read the documentation on flashing in the ConfiGuru manual.

Download: fpgaSID Firmware ver. 0A (48)


BCC #13: C64 – Official demo party results

25 February 2019 Nessun commento

Questi sono i risultati ufficiali del Demo party BCC #13 che si e’ concluso il 24/02/2019. Per maggiori informazioni o aggiornamenti visita il sito CSDB nella sezione BCC #13.

C64 Demo:

  • 1 – Snakepit by Delysid
  • 2 – Beezarro by Atlantis
  • 3 – Week in Progress by Mayday!

C64 Music:

  • 1 – Nappy Go Lucky by Toggle
  • 2 – Cellar Door by Snabel
  • 3 – Mein Verlies by Spider Jerusalem
  • 4 – Trainride by Røly
  • 5 – Space Invaders Medley by Mibri
  • 5 – La chevre by Glafouk
  • 6 – Curlin’s Theme by Bordeaux
  • 7 – BCC 2019 by Sonki

C64 Graphics:

  • 1 – White Rabbit by Awsm
  • 2 – Fairy King by Fabs
  • 3 – Championship Wrestling +3D DirArt
  • 4 – Elostelija by XynnM
  • 5 – Service Stop Guests by Viza
  • 6 – The Optimistic Skipper by Luisa/Oni
  • 7 – A Small Riddle by Lobo
  • 8 – Zilicious by XynnM
  • 9 – BCC #13
  • 10 – Chagizzz by XynnM

C64 Fast Intro:

  • 1 – Punk a chiens by Dentifrice
  • 2 – Antz by Delysid
  • 3 – Space Invaders by Hokuto Force
  • 4 – Ode to RRR by Excess
  • 5 – Zwartennerd by Excess

Productions released outside compos:

  • Championship Wrestling +3D by Excess (Crack)
  • Greetings to Delysid by Fake (Graphics)
  • Yie Ar Kung Fu + 4HD by Excess (Crack)

Download: BCC #13 Full Party Stuff (79)


ARMSiD di Nobomi Nuovo Firmware v2.8 & nuova rev. PCB

21 February 2019 Nessun commento
ARMSid New PCB rev

Nobomi ha fatto un nuova versione dello stampato dell’ARMSiD che pero’ ha le stesse caratteristiche hardware della versione precedente.

E’ stato inoltre rilasciato da Nobomi un nuovo aggiornamento firmware per l’ARMSiD.

Qui di seguito il changelog preso direttamente dal sito.

Differences between FW 2.8 and previous version:

  • The start and the end of the bus data cycle (reading or writing) is now controlled by signal CS only (it was the same on the beginning of the cycle, but the end was controlled by 02 clock before), it can help with a bus stability in other systems than C64 a C128.
  • Internal frequency generators are updated with precision of one 02 clock – about 1us (no audio signal phase changes after frequency retuning) !
  • Correct polarity of the bandpass filter.
  • Added emulation of internal filter voltage offset.
  • Added the “Digi Boost” feature by software – an effect similar to adding 330kOhm resistor between EXTin and GND on the MOS8580.
  • Other speed optimization.


Download: ARMSiD v2.8 (17/2/2019) (46)


Hoxs64 v1.0.18.0. Nuovo aggiornamento per l’emulatore di C64

13 February 2019 Nessun commento

Hoxs64 scritto da David Horrocks e’ un’ottimo Emulatore di Commodore 64 per Microsoft Windows 2K/XP/Vista/Seven (DirectX 9+).

The emulator substantially reproduces this legacy machine in minute detail.

Changelog (v1.0.18.0):



sidSwitcher Enhanced v2.02

11 February 2019 Nessun commento
SidSwitcher Enhanced v2.02

Progetto nato nel 2017 per il mio SX-64++

Ho voluto migliorare lo schema elettrico e fare il PCB (la versione precedente era su basetta millefori).

Inoltre ho aggiunto delle funzionalità che mi serviranno quando installero l’FPGASID nell’SX-64++ e come la versione precedente il sidSwitcher si integra perfettamente con l’Overlay-64 e il Keyman-64.

Questo circuito non e’ in vendita. Schema elettrico, Gerber e Atmel hex saranno disponibili presto per il Download.

P.S: Questo progetto puo’ anche essere utilizzato come semplice DEVIATORE (SPDT) di segnali audio analogici. 2 INGRESSI e 1 USCITA.


  • Uscita per Overlay-64 (
  • Ingresso Pulsante o Keyman-64 (
  • Possibilita di utilizzare la funzione mute.
  • Jumper per a configurazione.

Schematics: (Prototipo e Finale):

Le foto che seguono sono della prima versione , seconda versione enhanced, prototipo breadboard e pcb.

Ultimate-64 (U64) – RGB LED – Keyboard Mount Set – S/N Stickers

11 February 2019 1 commento
U64 - RGB LED - Keyboard Mount Set - S/N Stickers

La strip LED RGB (APA102C) e’ una features che e’ stata aggiunta a partire dalla versione del firmware V1.0D, questa versione del firmware e’ prossima al rilascio.

Nelle foto si possono vedere due modelli diversi di KIT per il fissaggio tastiera e accessori, nNelle prime 7 foto (case trasparente) ho utilizzato il KIT venduto da e nelle seguenti 10 foto (case stile SX-64) ho utilizzato il kit venduto da

Ambedue i KIT fanno il loro lavoro e si integrano perfettamente con il case.

Solo una nota, ma e’ stato un mio errore, non ho letto bene la descrizione scritta sul sito, il kit venduto da non e’ compatibile con la motherboard U64 v1.0 perche’ c’e’ l’adattatore tastiera, ho risolto abbastanza facilmnete tagliando un pezzo di plastica del supporto tastiera lato DX.

I due adesivi ULTIMATE 64 personalizzati con il proprio S/N e il Case C64C stile SX-64 sono in vendita sul sito

Il case C64C trasparente non e’ piu’ disponibile e proviene da un vecchia campagna su Kickstarter.



C64 Big Game Pack: Buck Rogers PoZ +6DGH / Gauntlet +3FD …

11 February 2019 Nessun commento


E’ stato rilasciato del nuovo Software per Commodore 64.


  • Stickybear Math [supercpu]
  • Digiloi +2DS
  • Dice8
  • Ninja Invasion Simulator Preview +
  • Dice8 &DT
  • Dice8 (Role)
  • Dice8 +FDT
  • Chips Challenge +
  • The Sky Is Falling Basic
  • Transporter +2TD
  • Howard the Coder +4CTD
  • Ictinius +3TD
  • Smack
  • Online +
  • Super Mole +3D
  • Test Drive [supercpu]
  • Test Drive [georam]
  • Cruising on Broadway +2H
  • 4M Arena Demo1
  • Oil Imperium [georam]
  • 4M Arena Preview
  • Tank Combat
  • Happy Deer Hunter
  • Wolfling V1.3
  • Wolfling V1.3 +D
  • Wolfling V1.4
  • Wolfling V1.4 +1D
  • Wolfling V1.4 +D
  • Champions of Krynn [georam]
  • Buck Rogers – Planet of Zoom +6DGH
  • Count Duckula +5D
  • Borrowed Time [georam]
  • Gigablast – Gold Edition +2H [seuck]
  • Stacker +1D
  • Alien Syndrome [reu]
  • Champions of Krynn [georam]
  • Street Defender V1.6 [vr64]
  • Street Defender V1.6 +4D
  • X-Men [REU]
  • Galactic Gallery +
  • Enigma +2
  • Planetoids +2H
  • Zone Runner +3H
  • Jars’ Revenge +3D
  • Blazon GameTro Preview +2
  • Nobby the Aardvark [1581] [cmd]
  • Nobby the Aardvark [1581]
  • Cold Dead Hands Preview
  • Gauntlet – The Deeper Dungeons +3FD
  • Gauntlet +3FD
  • Reaction Race +
  • Hammerfist [1581]
  • Monopoly Retro Preview &D
  • Kami +1F
  • Kami
  • Runman Construction Set +3TD
  • Boulder Dash Construction Kit +2PD
  • PSI 5 Trading Company +FMD
  • Boulder Dash Junior +2
  • Minimike Preview
  • Oil Imperium [1351]
  • Warball Preview

Download: All Games in One Archive (372)