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Commodore Vic 20 Games di Jeffrey Daniels

VIC<20 Denial LogoWebpage con molti giochi per Commodore VIC-20 scritti da Jeffrey Daniels.


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A old website with 328 C64 Games in M2i format

27 October 2009 1 commento

M2I C64 GamesClicca qui per raggiungere il sito con i giochi C64 in formato M2i. Il formato M2i e’ proprietario dell’interfaccia SD2Iec.

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400+ C64 Cartridges Roms,Cover scan….

2 November 2008 1 commento

An old but a very great website.

source: direct link to c64 cartridges, mayhem in monsterland homepage

A very nice Photo collection of Demo Party

At a demo party, 90% of the people will be havin’ a chat / coding / photo- shopping / animating / tracking music / watching demos / tinkering with hardware… this Collection include demo Party from 1987 to 2008.


Chronology of Personal Computers.

23 September 2008 Nessun commento

This document is an attempt to bring various published sources together to present a timeline about Personal Computers.

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