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ZOO 2017: C64 – Official demo party results *UPDATED*

This is the official demo party results from ZOO 2017. See also the CSDB ZOO 2017 section for more informations and download.

C64 Demo:

  • Beertime One by Dekadence
  • Double Trouble by Siesta
  • Gorilla    
  • Toka kerta pohjalla by Wide Load    
  • Tribute to Twin Peaks by Grue

C64 Music:

  • Night Ride by Juzdie
  • El Corazon Segundo by Zardax
  • Yes by Flex
  • Disco Inferno by Apollyon
  • Cosmic Interstate by Warlord
  • Al Gore Rythm by Fegolhuzz
  • Advection 1 by Jangler
  • Filtterikokeilu by Yzi
  • Dreaming High by Rock
  • Kikkomen by Ferrara    
  • Raveloop14.xm by Deetsay
  • Run and They’ll never find you by Uneksija
  • A simple day by Uctumi
  • Moncholo by Los Pat Moritas
  • Random Bed by Agemixer
  • Fall is on its way by Spider Jerusalem
  • Such6strday by Barracuda
  • Dance it by Technotron
  • Dancer by Spiikki
  • Juhon Faijan Kupla by Laserboy
  • A Stroll in The Woods by naavis

C64 Graphics:

  • Sovjet Sentrifug by Duce
  • Rastermind by Electric
  • The Eye of Shlarm by ptoing
  • Nootka sound is not for sale by Jok
  • Post Singularity by ptoing
  • Dance of the Technowitches by MekaSkull
  • Nightriders by Electric
  • Infestation by Dr. TerrorZ
  • Patricia by Edi
  • Pond life by Fedja
  • Skrolli by Bass Cadet
  • Spaceman by Fabs
  • Road to Ranua by iLKke/Animal Bro
  • कमलम् by Rail Slave
  • Imogen – Aria by Rail Slave
  • HolyHarrows by Fabs
  • Zoo’17 compopic by Aomeba
  • Tyttö ei tykkää painovoimasta by Matteus
  • Zoo Runner by naavis
  • Genie by Debris
  • And what are you by Mirsku
  • I see you by visy
  • Guardian of the Crimson Sphere by cos
  • Cyberjudas by Codise
  • Are you keeping up with the… by Thihi        
  • Raf timez ahead by Haluttu maksullinen nainen

WiLD Demo:

  • Star Wars Petscii by Debris, Deetsay
  • Synthesis by Mixer
  • Analoque by ocean, phObos team

C64 Basic Demo:

  • Back to Basics
  • Here by New Basic Group
  • Whatchamacall-it by Terwiz
  • 2 Fingers by Dr. TerrorZ

C64 Disk Cover:

  • Elementary Zoo by Electric
  • Spice Up Your Sketchlife by Duce
  • Zoo Manboobs by Junkie
  • Croc by Sweetdisasterr
  • Cranberry Sour Mocktail Made Me Do It by Scapegoat

Mixed Graphics:

  • Hairy by Electric
  • Strindberg by Electric
  • Intercourse by Exotic Men
  • Nallukka by b
  • Fly Agaric by Shine
  • Pennywise by Terwiz
  • Paradrone by Dr. TerrorZ
  • To judge and execute by H7    
  • Eye Can CU by Debris
  • Tehkää omat hunajanne hibzzterit by Fit
  • Konversiooh by Terwiz
  • Taideteos
  • Left and Right by Fit

Productions released outside compos:

  • Modular Sounds 10 by Artstate (Music Collection)
  • Murphy’s Law by Mayday! (One-File Demo)


source: zooparty.org

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