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VIC20 Game: Complete Realms of Quest Trilogy

Name: Complete Realms of Quest Trilogy…and the entire System IIII Collection

Author: Ghislain

Released: April 8, 2012

Requirements: for Windows +VICE Emulator

Description: I’ve decided to publicly release my entire collection of VIC-20 games into a single zip archive. This also includes the full commercial version of Realms of Quest III that was released in 2009. Included with these is the VIC-20 VICE Emulator for convenience along with instructions.

The following games are included in the collection:

Break-Fast (1988)
Haunted House (1990)
Dunjon Master (1990)
Worm-Out II (1990)
Paratrooper (1990)
Ringside Wrestling (1990)
Realms of Quest I (1991)
Realms of Quest II: Pre Demo (1993)
Monkey Kong (1993)
Vicfall! (1993)
Ice Hockey (1996)
Meteor Zone (1996)
Ringside Boxing (1996)
Vicfall II (1996)
Dunjon I & II (2003)
Vicside Boxing (2004)
Realms of Quest II (2004)
Realms of Quest II: Special Edition (2006)
Napoleon Simulator (2006)
Realms of Quest II: Mega-Cart Edition (2007)
Realms of Quest III (2009)
Realms of Quest III: Dunjon Crawler (2009)
Theater of War I (2010)
Face VS Heel (2010)
Realms of Quest I & II: Anniversary Ed. (2011)
Theater of War II: The Pacific (2011)
Theater of War III: Western Front 1918 (2011)

Download: Complete Realms of Quest Trilogy & System IIII Collection (491)

source: sleepingelephant.com

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