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C64 Tools: SIDPlay 64 v1.21

This is a program that can playback .SID files found in the HVSC collection on a real Commodore 64/128.

Make sure you have the most recent HVSC version for your sid files. It was designed for both PAL and NTSC computers, and will play all sid songs at correct system speed.

Versions of the program:

  • sidplay64-normal.prg – Standard version for 1541, 1571, 1581 and clones.
  • sidplay64-sd2iec.prg – SD2IEC version.
  • sidplay64-reu-1541u2cmd.prg – 1541 Ultimate II version with REU.
  • sidplay64-reu-sd2iec.prg – SD2IEC version with REU.
  • sidplay64-reu-1541u-netdrive.prg – 1541 Ultimate & Netdrive with REU.
  • sidplay64-reu-iec-cmd-ide64.prg  – CMD drives, IDE64 devices & other IEC devices, with REU.
  • sidplay64-sidfx-reu-normal.prg – Sidfx and REU version for 1541, 1571, 1581 and clones of these.

(Again : The 1541U2 software iec mode has been disabled for this build.)

SIDPLAY 64 v1.21 (15/01/2018):

  • Updated SIDFX card detection.

SIDPLAY 64 v1.20 (29/09/2017):

  • Added SIDFX card support. Software control for switching beween 6581 or 8580.
  • Sidplay64 detects the sidfx card. The sid chips. And will then ask you to center Switch 1 to allow for software control of the sid chips.
  • Added Chameleon support for two emulated sid chips.
  • Software control for switching between 6581 or 8580.
  • Sidplay64 will switch to correct sid type when you load sids.

Download: SIDPlay 64 v1.21 (355)

source: sourceforge.net

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