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Ultimate-II+: New firmware update v3.1 rev 474

A new version of the firmware for the interface Ultimate II+ is released. This version runs ONLY on the Ultimate II+ cartridge.

Release notes Ultimate-II+ v3.1 rev 474:

  • USB fixes:
    • support for sticks that do not reliably reply to the ‘inquiry’ command
    • Byte alignment issue fixed when writing. This caused corrupted G64s to be written sometimes
    • Support for composite devices added
    • Added support for USB keyboards, to navigate the Ultimate browser menu
  • Incorporated patches from Markus & Henning, including, but not limited to:
    • Audio squeal fix, speaker volume addition
    • Ultimate DOS V1.1 with added commands
    • Added Home Directory support
    • Added support for GeoRAM
  • IEC fixes:
    • IEC now operates properly on the bus, when it is alone (disabled 1541 drives)
    • IEC filename fixes; saving a file to IEC adds the right extension and also removes the extension when loading directory
    • IEC should now work with JiffyDOS  (not yet supporting the JiffyDOS protocol)
  • UltiCopy is working again!
  • Small fix in TCP support (TCP hangup on retransmission)
  • Other small fixes:
    • Save disk twice bug fixed
    • Fixed load errors on tape adapter cable with some USB 3.0 cables
    • Keyboard “racekeys” fixed
    • Reduced Link Up time for the Ethernet port
    • Ultimax mode ROMs now allow video data in ROM

How to update?

  • Browse to the U2P firmware file on the USB storage and run it from the context menu.

Download: Ultimate-II+ Firmware v3.1 rev 474 (331)

source: facebook.com 1541ultimate.net

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