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Osborne 1 Replaced Capacitors (PSU)

Osborne 1 Replaced Capacitors (PSU)

This computer did not present the defect described, but knowing well the power supply stage of the osborne, very similar if not the same as the computer series Kaypro, i have preferred to replace the two capacitors that usually present problems.

The real problem came out as soon when i have connected the keyboard, the screen started to flash and the keyboard did not work.

Several pins of the keyboard connector are in short-circuit, i have disassembled the keyboard, unplugged the flat connector and checked the continuity of all pins and everything was perfect.

The problem is the membrane broken in more parts and probably they are some residues inside the keyboard, shaking the keyboard it sounds almost like a maracas.

The membrane of this keyboard can not be replaced because the switches that press the membrane are “hot welded” by melt the plastic, however the membrane is not available as a spare part.

I have tried with the keyboard of my Osborne One (version 1 and 2) and everything works perfectly.

Gallery of the repair:

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