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Philips VG-8235 (MSX2) Upgrading & Restoration

Philips VG-8235 (MSX2) Upgrading & Fixing

This poor computer was given to me in year 2015 but unfortunately it arrived at destination destroyed.

In these days i have decided to fix it and make some upgrades to make it more usable.

Upgrading & Restoration:

  • General cleaning of external case and motherboards.
  • Fixed the ventilation grid as the best i could do.
  • Glued the pins where the screws lock the keyboard.
  • Cleaning and Belt replacement of the 360k Floppy Drive.
  • Replaced MASKROM MSX VG-8235 (U7) with an EPROM 27C512 with the firmware of the MSX VG-8245 to use 720k floppy disk on the internal drive.
  • Replaced the original Floppy Drive with the GOTEK (HXC).
  • Removed the battery for the system clock.
  • Bypassed the impedance L1 on the power supply stage (solves video noise if the original Floppy Drive is not used)
  • Rerouted Floppy Drive cable to make it compatible with a standard Floppy Drives.
  • Fix for the missing signals of the Internal Floppy Drive but present on the external Floppy Drive (you need to solder 2 wires)

Gallery of the work done:

Download: MSX 8245 50hz Rom [27512] (158)

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