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Tonel PC (Lambda 8300) + 16k/32k Expansion Module (Boxed)

Tonel PC (Lambda 8300) + 16k & 32k Expansion Module (Boxed)

The TONEL PC is basically a ZX-81 clone. Made in Hong-Kong (by Lambda Electronics LTD? DEF?), it was designed as a cheap computer for initiation and was licenced to many companies throughout the world. This explains why the same computer can be found under many different brands and names (DEF 3000, Power 3000, Basic 2000, Basic 3000, PC 2000, PC 8300, Marathon 32K, IQ 8300, Futura 8300, Your Computer, etc.). But on all mainboards is written a generic “PC 8300″, which explains why 8300 or 3000 are often used in licenced names.

The system is thus a cloned ZX-81 with a modified ROM (to avoid legal problems), a better keyboard, more RAM (2 KB), sound features, a composite video output and even a joystick connector (Atari compatible). These represent in fact all the upgrades ZX-81 users usually wanted to add first to their system, but all bundled for a cheaper price.

With its modified ROM, the Tonel PC was only ZX-81 compatible with Basic programs. But soon, a ZX-81 ROM was available to turn your system into a real Sinclair ZX-81 machine, being able to run all software including machine code.

Different addons were available : 16 KB and 32 KB RAM upgrades, color (and high resolution graphics ?) expansion, joysticks, printers… The expansion bus is supposed to be compatible with the ZX-81 one (to be confirmed).


Tonel PC (Lambda 8300) Loading Game (GIF)

Download: Some Tools/Emu/Games for Tonel PC (Lambda 8300) (60)

source: old-computers.com

  1. Tom Gordon
    June 3rd, 2019 at 05:03 | #1

    Interesting. It’s almost like a transition between a ZX81 and a C64.

    And Lambda’s memory expansion packs look identical to Sinclair’s: did they exhibit the same machine-crashing connector problems?