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Kaypro 4/84 – Powersupply Hack / Video PCB Fix / KayPlus / Battery

I have found a Kaypro 4/84 in a non working state and some days ago i have decided to open it and i have realized that some components of the power supply are exploded and the video pcb was cracked.

I have not repaired the power supply because some components like the two burned transistors (Motorola W30 and V30) are not on the market, if you have more information about these components please leave me a message.

I had to fix the video pcb and i have installed a 200w Slim ATX power supply inside the Kaypro. I have made also other improvements to the computer, replaced the battery, totally exhausted and installing the KayPlus rom that offers some enhancements to this computer.

Below you can find the image of the Floppy Disk CP/M 2.2F 62k patched + Tools KayPlus in IMD format (ImageDisk) for the Kaypro 4/84.

Download: Kaypro 4/84 CP/M 2.2F 62k + Tools KayPlus (751)

  1. June 13th, 2018 at 22:23 | #1


    I’m troubleshooting a Kaypro II and the power supply and noticed it has Motorola T30 transistors, so I wondered if you found anything on your W30 and V30 transistors. I, too, may go the route of subbing a power supply.

  2. June 14th, 2018 at 08:38 | #2

    @John Evans

    Hi John , nothing , after 6 years i don’t have good news :(