Nightfall Retro Collection Virtual Tour

September 16th, 2012 23 comments

Nightfall Retro Collection Virtual Tour

Nightfall Retro Gallery

Photo Gallery update of my Retro Collection / Retro Trash

Clicking on the photo will download the highest resolution version available (10708 x 5137).

Updates of the Nightfall Retro Collection:

You can see my Retro collection with a Virtual Tour, we hope one day to be able to expose my things to the public.

Many thanks to Andrea Schillani and Freddy Anselmo for the photos and graphic support.

C64 DiskMagazine: Vandalism News #68

November 11th, 2018 No comments

Onslaught / Offence / Vandalism News Staff, bring to you the 68th issue of the Vandalism News.



ARMSiD (6581/8580 Replacement) by Nobomi

November 6th, 2018 1 comment
ARMSid (6581/8580 Replacement) by Nobomi

ARMSid (6581/8580 Replacement) by Nobomi.

I could not resist the temptation to try also this emulation of the SID 6581/8580 with the STM32F410 ARM Cortex M4, i’m talking about the ARMSid by Nobomi.

The fast shipping and the courtesy of Nobomi are certainly very well but also the packaging, the ARMSid is shipped in a plastic case to avoid any problem with the shipping.

The sound and the “audio” feeling are good like the SwinSID Ultimate but better, personally i would place the ARMDSid between the Original SID and the SwinSID Ultimate, Nobomi you have made a very good job. Congratulations.

Nobomi also wrote a software for Commodore 64 to configure the various ARMSid options and another software to update the Firmware.

Some information taken from the Nobomi site:

What is it ?:

  • A new replacement of the MOS6581 and MOS8580 used in the Commodore C64. It is minimalistic (in simplicity of circuit and use, not in function and power).
  • Real “plug & play” solution. Just insert instead of the original SID into the slot and it’s done.
  • It determines (through supply voltages) which chip it replaces and starts the appropriate emulation (it can be changed later in software).
  • No need to switch the PAL / NTSC version, the circuit uses directly the clock from the computer bus, always synchronous with the C64.
  • It also emulates analog inputs (joysticks, mouse, etc. – POTX and POTY inputs)
  • Analog output is sufficiently buffered, it is not necessary to change anything on the computer board for proper operation.
  • Output sampling frequency is 1/16th bus clock of C64 (approx. 62kHz), real 12bit D/A converter, no pwm.
  • Filters completely transferred to digital form, emulated by float point arithmetic.
  • Significantly lower noise level and less interference from the power supply than the original :)
  • Lower power consumption than the original.
  • Firmware update possible inside the C64.
  • Emulates all waveforms, and even “samples” (at least some of them, Ghostbusters laugh, Chimera screams at you).
  • Full support of analog filters (LowPass, BandPass, HighPass, combination, Q quality control).
  • Emulation of OSC3 and ENV3 registers (little delay, approximately 16 clocks of the C64 bus).
  • Joysticks and mice work.

What is inside ?:

  • A few resistors, capacitors, one stabilizer, one opamp and a processor. That’s all, parts only from one side.
  • The only programmable circuit is the STM32F410, ARM Cortex M4 with HW float point arithmetic at 100MHz.
  • Analogue output amplified via the AD8515 opamp.
  • Stabilizer for the 3.3V processor, the processor itself has 5V tolerance inputs.


  • New features in FW 2.6:
  • Optimization for speed again (approx. 10ns more faster response to read registers, faster processing of writing registers).
  • New features in FW 2.5:
  • Again faster interrupt (approx. 10ns more faster response to read registers).
  • New features in FW 2.4:
  • Further optimization of the interrupt (approx. 20ns faster response to read registers).
  • New features in FW 2.3:
  • A part of source code (interrupt routine) has been rewritten in assembler and manually optimized.
  • It makes a possibility to control the bus only through the CS signal (no need for O2 clock synchronization, so it can run on systems with a different CPU than MOS6502 now).
  • Low frequency limit and filter strength settings and saving settings to permanent flash memory.



ARMSiD Video:

source: ARMSiD Homepage

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Hoxs64 Commodore 64 Emulator Updated v1.0.10.0

November 5th, 2018 No comments

Hoxs64 written by David Horrocks is a Commodore 64 emulator for Microsoft Windows 2K/XP/Vista/Seven (DirectX 9+)

The emulator substantially reproduces this legacy machine in minute detail.


  • SID envelope timing fixes to accommodate VICE test programs in testprogs\SID\env_test\
  • Also improved is the timing of gate attack during release and gate release during attack as measured by own test programs.



X-2018: Official demo party results & Downloads

November 5th, 2018 No comments

This is the official demo party results & Downloads from X-2018. See also the CSDB X2018 section for more informations.

Demo Competition:

  • 1 The Star Wars Demo – All of Censor to all of…
  • 2 Unboxed – Bonzai
  • 3 C= bit ’18 – Performers
  • 4 X Marks the Spot – Genesis Project
  • 5 Old Men In Used Cars – Fossil
  • 6 Xcusemo – Atlantis
  • 7 Frantic4BHF – Hoaxers
  • 8 Rewind – TempesT
  • 9 Drinking Buddies – Super Larsson Brothers
  • 10 C64 – Hear 64 – Desire
  • 11 Hi Five – Siesta
  • 12 Pixels 35 – F4CG
  • 13 Crystal Gazer – Chorus
  • 14 F600 – Hokuto Force and PVM
  • 15 Ukiyo – Samar
  • 16 HelloWorld – dyme
  • 17 Nightcrawler – Almagest
  • 18 Bits Please Example Intro – Abyss-Connection
  • 19 TRSi 90s intro – Abyss-Connection^TRSi
  • 20 Ladekast – poo-brain
  • 21 Black hole – deFEEST

4K Competition:

  • 1 Screw It! – Icon/TRIAD
  • 2 ZXQL3000 – lcf/scstrc
  • 3 Dubious – Trasher/Fairlight
  • 4 3935 happy bytes party… -  Pex Mahoney/Mahoney & K…
  • 5 Funky Punky – Samar
  • 6 CIIIIID – acidbrain/pvm

Music Competition:

  • 1 SYS64738 Days – Linus/MultiStyleLabs
  • 2 Whiplash – Flex/Artline Designs
  • 3 My Life – LMan/MultiStyle Labs
  • 4 lazy bytes – 6R6/Shape
  • 5 Elvendance – Lft
  • 6 Someren Groove – psycho8580/MultiStyle L…
  • 7 Danger Dawg – Steel & Stinsen/Genesis…
  • 8 Beatswax – Jangler/Artline Designs
  • 9 Quietus – Toggle/Padua
  • 10 Jihad me at hello – fegolhuzz/Panda Design
  • 11 I Beg U Pardon – Aki
  • 12 Guardians of the Wind – Magnar/Censor Design
  • 13 Specksternchen – vincenzo/Singular Crew…
  • 14 Still Here – Apollyon/Artline Designs
  • 15 Sceners of the Skillcore – Dave/SIDNIFY
  • 16 Doctor Help me! I’m sick. – Spider Jerusalem/MYD
  • 17 Unoptimixed – Hein/Vision
  • 18 Miracle Room – Uctumi/PVM
  • 19 Sockerbeat – Qdor/Panda Design
  • 20 Dare teen in a dough sign – Mr.Mouse/XeNTaX
  • 21 Pensioner Jam – da Blondie/Resource
  • 22 Miss You! – Juzdie/Artline Designs
  • 23 Liberación Animal – Los Pat Moritas/PVM
  • 24 taco =gutti= – Raf/Vulture
  • 25 Pernilles Blomster – Roly/Mayday
  • 26 Stargazer – F7sus4/Samar Productions
  • 27 Thumb Mitten – ZZAP69/Onslaught

PETSCII Competition:

  • 1 Ernie – redcrab/genesis project
  • 2 Inhale Xhale – Vent/Extend
  • 3 No Tobacco – TheRyk/Mayday!
  • 4 In the Details – Terwiz/Alumni ^ Damones
  • 5 Bait and switch – Lft
  • 6 Weee ! Cheese ! – Capt’n Obvious
  • 7 Hipno X Soap – Arlequin/PVM
  • 8 Big SID – Aki
  • 9 The Dream – Nodepond/Level90
  • 10 Pungas – Micabot/PVM
  • 11 dont be a dick – Bordeaux/Excess

Graphics Competition:

  • 1 no country for old men – jok/elysium
  • 2 A mature amateur – Duce/Extend
  • 3 Back to Neon – Jamon/Tempest
  • 4 Technomancer (A Murder…  – Mucky/Almagest
  • 5 LOBO – Facet/Genesis Project
  • 6 Gleis 9 3/4 – elko/Oxyron ^ TRSi
  • 7 They’ll never catch me! – Leon/SGR^Chorus^RSC
  • 8 Into the void – Vent/Extend
  • 9 Tree Dragon – Capt’n Obvious
  • 10 Phantasy Nature – Almighty God/Excess
  • 11 The Cyan Goddess – ptoing
  • 12 Sabotage – Lobo/Atlantis
  • 13 Myst Take – Alakran/PVM
  • 14 Mega Ukulele – Nith/Triad
  • 15 The fool – NiM/Censor Design
  • 16 fear and loathing in de… – blackwine/dreamweb
  • 17 Kinda Sketchy – Grip/Istari
  • 18 Tiny Ninja – Lzwerch
  • 19 Fake yourself – XynnM/Fake
  • 20 Giggling_stars – Rare_Candy
  • 21 Caves of Kryrion – Nodepond/Level90

Download: X-2018 Full Party Stuff (106)


Released the latest version of DiagROM v1.1 for Amiga

October 28th, 2018 No comments

What is DiagROM?

DiagROM is a diagnostic tool for the amiga computers.

And it is to be used on defective machines, trying to help no-boot situations etc.

You simply replace the Kickstart roms in the Amiga with the DiagROM. and when poweron. your Amiga will start a diagnostic software. It will try to dump info on the serialport (and actual menus etc aswell) while also trying on the screen.


  • New memory-detection routine that hopefully finds more memory.
  • A600/1200/4000 IDE detection.
  • Some bugfixes. (look at releasedata for more info)
  • Powerup extras:
    • press left mousebutton at power on, Screen will be disabled and IF there is fastmem present, fastmem will be used instead of chipmem.  Serial console is only option.
    • if you press right mousebutton at poweron. Computer will use the beginning of detected ramblock instead of end.
    • (you can combine both buttons at boot)
  • fire on joystick at power on:
    • Serialport output is disabled. this to make the machine to start with broken Paula.  DiagROM also tries to detect broken paula at start and will disable serial if detected. (this detection is far from 100%)

Download: DiagoROM v1.1 Stable (67)


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SNK NeoGeo Mini (40th Anniversary) JAP Version

October 23rd, 2018 1 comment
SNK NeoGeo Mini (40th Anniversary) JAP Version

SNK Neo Geo Mini (40th Anniversary) JAP Version.

The Neo Geo Mini is an all-in-one system designed like a mini arcade cabinet with 40 classic games on board.

The 3.5-inch 4:3 screen isn’t going to deliver amazing viewing angles or contrast, but it looks fine head-on and, critically, it displays everything in a crisp, native resolution, which is essential for the art of these games.

There’s a pleasingly substantial power button on the back as well as three USB-C ports — two for controllers, one for power. The back panel also houses a Mini HDMI port and a headphone jack.

The selection of games is not going to be for everyone, but then neither is SNK’s history in general.

Twenty-five of the 40 games are 2D fighters, including all 10 King of Fighters titles that ran on Neo Geo arcade hardware, three Samurai Shodown games, the first Art of Fighting, and four Fatal Fury games, including the eternal classic Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

Elsewhere, you’ll find side-scrolling shooters like Metal Slug 1 through 3, along with shmups like Blazing Star and Twinkle Star Sprites.

I took unpretentious photos, if you are interested in photos with a excellent quality of the neogeo mini just search on the net, also you can see i have not yet attached the stickers that are supplied as standard.

Now you can also insult me because I bought an object like that, saying the usual and banal phrase: but it’s a raspberry! you know that i couldn’t care less.



C64 Big Game Pack: Third Planet From Altair / Tower of Rubble 64 …

October 18th, 2018 No comments


Some new games or tools (Cracked / Trained or Unrealeased) for Commodore 64 have been released from your favorites groups.


  • Bad Tiling +2H
  • XXV
  • Snow Strike [easyflash]
  • Bad Blood [easyflash]
  • XXV +H
  • The Legend of the Amazon Women +4MFGD
  • Zenji +3HD
  • Enforcer +11 [easyflash]
  • Scuttlebutt 64 +5
  • Walliball +4HF
  • Lerppu game
  • Wolfling Preview V2 +
  • Tinyrinth Escape Preview
  • Dan Dare Trilogy [easyflash]
  • Walliball +H
  • Giana Sisters 30th Anniversary Preview 2 +7
  • Tinyrinth Escape Preview +2
  • Giana Sisters 30th Anniversary Preview 2 +C
  • Enforcer +11DGI
  • Wolfling Preview V2
  • Shadow Switcher
  • Shadow Switcher +5C
  • Exterminator [reu]
  • Scuttlebutt 64
  • Street Defender V1.5 [VR64]
  • Wolfling Preview V2
  • Mashed Turtles
  • Mashed Turtles +F
  • Fantasia
  • Street Defender V1.5 +4D
  • Barriers
  • Cruising on Broadway Preview +
  • Crank Crank Revolution – Gubbdata Edition +1F
  • The Bear Essentials +3DP (Special Edition 2018)
  • Tini-Mini +
  • Cruising on Broadway +2H
  • Vizawrite 64D – PXLfont88665b-RF2.0
  • Mad Race
  • Mad Race +
  • Startexter 64 [german]
  • Knight Lore +D
  • Knight Lore +D (Ons)
  • Knight Lore +D (Excess)
  • Knight Lore +D (Raiders)
  • Star Rank Boxing +5D
  • Tower of Rubble 64
  • Familiada 2018 [polish]
  • Tower of Rubble 64 +1D
  • Combat Crazy +7H
  • Brush up your English [1581, CMD]
  • Knight Lore
  • Diskmag Creator [german]
  • Multi Man 64 Preview
  • The Third Planet From Altair

Download: All Games in One Archive (391)


TheC64 Mini Firmware Update v1.1.4

October 14th, 2018 No comments

Firmware upgrades for THEC64 Mini provide new features and/or correct any technical issues.

We always recommend that you use the latest version of the firmware.

Version 1.1.4 – Changes:

  • Corrects a recent firmware issue that prevented joysticks like the Logitech F710 from being detected.

Please be aware there is currently a 256 item limit (files and/or folders) to assist improved USB memory stick performance.

Download: TheC64 Mini Firmware v1.1.4 (59)


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Multi-Cartridge Arcadia 2001 / GIG Leonardo Extension (Adapter)

October 12th, 2018 1 comment
Multi-Cartridge Arcadia 2001 / GIG Leonardo / Hanimex HMG-2650 Extension (Adapter)

Very nice adapter designed by Rolo that allows you to use the Rolo Multi-Cartridge also on the Emerson Arcadia 2001 / GIG Leonardo and Hanimex HMG-2650 console.

The Eprom need to be installed in the Multi-Cartridge and contains 64 games all fully working.

This is a good alternative for those who don’t want to spend an important amount of money for the Multicart Arcadia 2001.

Thanks Rolo for this great extension (Adapter) for the Multi-Cartridge.




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Another 2 x Gotek (HXC) with some Enhancements

October 12th, 2018 No comments
Another 2 x Gotek (HXC) with some Enhancements

Another 2 x Gotek (HXC) with some Enhancements.


  • OLED Display (light blue version)
  • Piezo Buzzer.
  • Rotary Encoder with knob.
  • Firmware HxC by J.F. Del Nero.


Credits for the best firmware Jean-françois Del Nero.

Alternative Cleaner for Floppy Disk 5¼

October 12th, 2018 No comments
Alternative Cleaner for Floppy Disk 5¼

Why throwing away a Commodore Floppy Disk Drive with a broken head it could become a great gadget to clean Floppy Disks.

How to do ? just disassemble the entire part that controls the movement of the head including the head itself.

The power supply used is 12v with at least 1A, you can see the connection in the photo.

Good Cleaning.



TheC64 Mini Firmware Update v1.1.2

October 10th, 2018 No comments

Firmware upgrades for THEC64 Mini provide new features and/or correct any technical issues.

We always recommend that you use the latest version of the firmware.

Version 1.1.2 – Changes:

  • Fixes an issue where some USB directory layouts result in an empty file list.
  • Amended USB behaviour to help resolve issues users experienced with some USB memory sticks when using the File Loader.

Please be aware there is currently a 256 item limit (files and/or folders) to assist improved USB memory stick performance.

Download: TheC64 Mini Firmware v1.1.2 (55)


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TheC64 Mini Firmware Update v1.1.0

October 9th, 2018 No comments

Firmware upgrades for THEC64 Mini provide new features and/or correct any technical issues.

We always recommend that you use the latest version of the firmware.

Version 1.1.0 – Changes:

  • New File Loader functionality. Please see File Loader for full details.
  • Further improvements to response times.
  • Fixing one small issue with the German Virtual Keyboard.
  • Adding the missing help function in ‘Avenger’ to a joystick button.

Download: TheC64 Mini Firmware v1.1.0 (57)


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Ultimate-64/u2/u2p Firmware Update – v1.06 / v3.3 / v3.3 v1

October 7th, 2018 3 comments

A new version of the firmware for the Ultimate-64 / Ultimate 1541 II / Ultimate 1541 II+ by Gideon and some enhancements by Markus is released.

Changelog of Ultimate-64 / 1541 Ultimate 2+ by Gideon

    • NEW: Audio Mixer
    • 1541 Ultimate II+ only:
      • NEW: External Audio In
    • 1541 Ultimate II and II+ only:
      • Can now be used in Ultimate 64
    • Ultimate 64 only:
      • SpeedDOS Parallel Cable (needs e.g. DolpinDOS roms)
      • Interface type: Ultimate Menu picture overlay (HDMI-only)
      • USB keyboard support. Like earlier firmware, press scroll/lock to enter/exit the Ultimate menu.
      • Replacement of Charrom and BASIC.
    • Display *.64 files as a directory via FTP:
      • Every chosen FTP username enables this feature (*.d64 are shown as directory AND as *.d64 files)
      • The username “d64″ deactivates the listing of *.d64 files (*.d64 are only shown as directory)
      • The username “d642″ disables this feature completely, (*.d64 are only shown as files)

.. and there are many improvements not present in the changelog.

Note for the Ultimate 64:

You will need a kernel, basic and character rom after the upgrade. These roms are not included in the update. These roms are distributed with vice-emu, but you can also find them on

For instance, you could use these roms: 901225-01.bin (char), 901226.bin (basic) and 901227-03.bin (kernal). Roms with the .rom extension should also work.

Changelog of Ultimate-64 / 1541 Ultimate 2 / 1541 Ultimate 2+ by Markus

Changes in this release (compared to 3.3):

  • You can now flash more alternative kernals and floppy roms (1541 Ultimate II+: 2, Ultimate 64: 3).
  • Kernals and floppy roms can be loaded without flashing
  • Pressing the following keys while turning on the Ultimate 64 will change the video mode to
    • D => DVI
    • H => HDMI
    • R => RGB
    • C => Composite/S-Video
  • Fix writing to kernal via TCP Port 64 on Ultimate 64
  • Fix Fast Reset on “Original” Kernal on Ultimate 64



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Siel CMK-49 Computer Musical Keyboard

September 17th, 2018 No comments
Siel CMK-49 Computer Musical Keyboard

Many thanks to my friend Ciro of TI-99 Italian User Club for this fantastic gift.

The CMK-49 (Computer Musical Keyboard) of SIEL is a 49-key musical keyboard which connected to the C64 allows to you use like a piano musical keyboard.

This means that the CMK-49 doesn’t produce any sounds, it only communicate using the software (driver) provided with the C64. The sound is played by the SID.


Download: Siel CMK-49 Software (D64/TAP) & Manual (95)