Nightfall Retro Collection Virtual Tour

September 16th, 2012 18 comments

Nightfall Retro Collection Virtual Tour

Nightfall Retro Gallery

Clicking on the photo will download the highest resolution version available (10708 x 5137).

Updates of the Nightfall Retro Collection:

You can see my Retro collection with a Virtual Tour, we hope one day to be able to expose my things to the public.

Many thanks to Andrea Schillani and Freddy Anselmo for the photos and graphic support.

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Commodore Dual Drive Floppy Disk Model 4040 Repair

October 30th, 2014 No comments

Commodore Dual Drive Floppy Disk Model 4040 Repair


  • Completely dead with all LEDs lit up like a christmas tree.

Replaced parts:

  • Replaced 1 x LM340K (7812) Voltage Regulator (VR1)
  • Replaced 1 x 7406 Hex Inverter Buffers/Drivers (UJ6)
  • Replaced 1 x 6522 (VIA) Versatile Interface Adapter (UM3)
  • Replaced 1 x 6504 8-Bit CPU (UH3)
  • Replaced 1 x 6502 8-Bit CPU (UN1)


The cause of many problems was the previous repair. It was replaced the voltage regulator LM340K (7812) with a LM338K (Adjustable Regulators). The two components are not compatible and have a different pinout.


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CBM prg Studio v3.2.0 released

October 29th, 2014 No comments

CBM prg Studio Version 3.2.0 is released. There are a lot of new features in this version. I’d really appreciate it if you report any bugs you find or have any suggestions/comments.

CBM prg Studio allows you to type a BASIC or Machine Code program in using a nice Windows environment and convert it to a ‘.prg’ file which you can run on an emulator, or even a real C64 / VIC20 or PET if you’re feeling brave and have the right kit.

CBM prg Studio is the result of merging C64PrgGen and VIC20PrgGen. Adding new features and fixing bugs in two apps which were 95% similar was a bit of a nightmare so merging them made sense.

It was also a good opportunity for a face lift and to add some new features, such as:

  • Programs are project based, meaning all related source files, sprite files etc. are kept in one place and multiple source files can be linked more easily.
  • Tabbed MDI.
  • Syntax highlighting.

What CBM prg Studio isn’t is a front-end for tok64, cbmcnvrt, bastext or any other tokeniser / detokeniser / assembler. It’s all been written completely from scratch.

New features:

  • PTEXT and NULL directives.
  • NULL added to GenerateTo directive.
  • Colour printing.
  • Source overview.

Bug Fixed:

  • Assembler:
    • Reformatting code.
    • Some arithmetic problems with variables.
  • Basic:
    • Some screen code fixes.
    • Renumbering TRAP keyword (BASIC 3.5 & 7)
    • Mixing upper/lower case in DATA statements.
    • Wrong load address for some C128 BASIC projects.
  • General:
    • Better support for Turkish language.
    • Wrong toolbar shown after start-up page.
    • Case sensitive auto-complete
    • Problems with the build events.

Download: CBM prg Studio v3.2.0 (21)


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Considerable donation of retro things for my Repair Laboratory

October 28th, 2014 No comments

I must thank my friends which have contributed to the growth of my Repair Laboratory with donations of spare parts.

For this donation i thank: Andrea Pierdomenico, Paolo M.R, Paolo Cognetti.

The items listed below are in poor condition and they are not working.

Donated items:

  • 2 x Atari 800 XL
  • 1 x Amstrad CPC 464
  • 1 x Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2
  • 2 x Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k
  • 3 x Commodore 6499
  • 1 x Joystick Spectravideo
  • 1 x Joystick Suncom Slik Stik
  • 1 x Joystick Competition Pro deluxe version (PC)
  • 1 x Commodore VIC-20 RF Modulator
  • 1 x Commodore VIC-20
  • 1 x Philips MSX VG-8020
  • 3 x Commodore 64 Power Supply
  • 1 x Commodore Amiga 500 Power Supply
  • 1 x Philips NMS 800 Data Recorder
  • 1 x SVI Spectravideo 904 Data Cassette
  • 1 x SVI Spectravideo 728 MSX Home Computer
  • 1 x Commodore 16
  • 1 x Commodore Floppy Drive 1541
  • 1 x Apple IIc
  • 6 x Sinclair Spectrum Microdrive (only the drive)
  • 1 x Motherboard XT Clone
  • 1 x Motherboard XT IBM 5150
  • 1 x Power Supply Clone XT 5150
  • 1 x MDA Graphics Card ISA
  • 1 x Floppy Controller ISA
  • 1 x Motherboard Amiga 600
  • Some Floppy Disk.
  • Some Tape Cassette.
  • Some cables.
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X-2014: Official demo party results & Downloads

October 27th, 2014 No comments

This is the official demo party results from X-2014 (Top 3 Entries only). See also the CSDB X2014 section for more informations and downloads.

C64 Demo Competition:

  • Comaland / Censor & Oxyron
  • The Booze Demo / Booze Design
  • RGB / Fairlight & Offence & Prosonix

C64 Graphics Competition:

  • Duck It / PAL / Offence
  • Tentacles / Redcrab / G*P
  • Fakers Home Boobs Palace / Yazoo / Oxyron / Censor

C64 Music Competition:

  • 64 Forever / Linus / Viruz
  • Featuring Daft Punk / Randall / MSL
  • Title Needed / GRG / Shape




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SD2Snes Firmware v0.1.7 (Beta/Preview 3) released

October 19th, 2014 No comments

Ikari has released a new firmware for the SD2Snes Flash Cartridge (Super Nintendo/Famicom). The upgrade instructions can be found here.

Full Changelog:

A minor update, mainly in the name of stability. This hopefully eliminates glitches unrelated to the in-game buttons on some consoles, e.g. Seiken Densetsu 3 rebooting intermittently or graphical glitches in DKC 2+3, that had been introduced with v0.1.7 preview 1.

  • Reintroduce more aggressive filtering for control and address lines from the SNES, previously removed after v0.1.6
  • Unify and centralize signal edge detection for all sub-units (e.g. S-RTC, MSU1, BSX, DSP etc.) instead of each unit having its own (slightly different) edge detection.
  • In-game controller scan has become slightly more time effective under certain circumstances (Auto Joypad Read enabled but no NMIs).
  • In-game hooks are now disabled for 10 seconds after loading or resetting a game to help certain games get past their boot screens. This will be configurable in the final.
  • Reconfigure the FPGA only when necessary on warm reset, speeding up “reset to sd2snes menu” by a couple hundred milliseconds.
  • Fix an MMIO access priority bug for DSPx.
  • Fix BS-X ROM detection for games with 2 startups left.
  • Fix directory browsing being broken after setting the clock.

Download: SD2Snes Firmware v0.1.7 Beta/Preview Rev 3 (21)


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Commodore CBM 4040 Dual Drive Floppy Disk

October 19th, 2014 No comments
Commodore CBM 4040 Dual Drive Floppy Disk

I must thank Davide M. for the donation.


The Commodore 4040 is the replacement for the previous models 2040 (USA) and 3040 (Europe). It’s a dual drive 5¼” floppy disk subsystem for Commodore International computers. It uses a wide case form, and uses the IEEE-488 interface common to Commodore PET/CBM computers.

These drive models use a similar single density, single side floppy data storage format to that used by the Commodore 1541 drive, but with a slightly different data marker indicating which model originally formatted the disk. The low-level disk format was similar enough to allow reading between models, but different enough that one series of drive models could not reliably write to disks formatted with one of the other model series.

Download: CBM 2040-3040-4040-8050 Disk Drive Manual (32)

Testing the Floppy Drive with the ZoomFloppy interface:

source: wikipedia

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Amstrad CPC 6128/664 Power Supply (Cisco 34-0874-01)

October 16th, 2014 No comments

I have adapted a power supply Cisco (P/N 34-0874-01) to be used with the Home Computer Amstrad CPC 6128/664 that use two voltages +5v and +12v (pinout). If you want to use this computer without the original monitor the only way is use a external power supply.

The photo speak for themselves, the modification is very simple. The only thing that i want to say, maybe not everyone knows it, the Cisco power supplies uses the STANDBY remotely, you need to connect together the ROF line with the one of two RTN (GND).

I have also added a third cable in case you want to use an external Floppy Drive.


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C64 Game: Wizball USA +2 / Up’n Down +23D [crazy hack] …

October 16th, 2014 No comments

Some new games or tools (Cracked / Trained or Unrealeased) for Commodore 64 have been released from your favorites groups.


  • Robin of the Wood +12DG +PIC +MAP
  • Camelot Warriors +8DG +Pic +Map
  • Wizball USA +2 [ntsc/pal]
  • Sergeant Seymour Robotcop +25D
  • Tazz HS
  • Rasdumje +1D
  • Robin of the Wood +33D
  • City Champ Preview
  • Mario Clone Preview
  • Blopp +1ED
  • Fireblaster Preview
  • Crystal Chamber Preview
  • Ciphoid 9 +6DIH 101%
  • Tales of the Arabian Nights +32D
  • Air Sea Battle
  • UFO Attack +J
  • Looter 100% +1J
  • Air Sea Battle +J
  • Looter +
  • UFO Attack
  • Head-On +2D [onefiled]
  • Invader Alert +ED 101%
  • Savage Island 101% +1S
  • Centipede Junior +1J
  • Up’n Down +23D [crazy hack]

Download: All Games in One Archive (52)

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X-2014: Demo Party (24-26 October 2014)

October 13th, 2014 No comments

The 12th X party will be held from October 24th until October 26rd 2014. The party will be at the location: De Hoof 18, Someren – the Netherlands. Competitions: C64 Demo, C64 Music and C64 Graphics.

source: x-2014 homepage

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HxC Floppy Emulator: Software v2.0.26.0

October 7th, 2014 No comments

The HxC Floppy Drive Emulator is a software and hardware system created by jfdn aka Jeff.

The aim of this project is to replace the floppy disk drive by an electronic device emulating the floppy disk drive (list of supported Computer/Hardware).

There are two differents emulators:

  • A USB version which allows to connect the floppy disk drive interface of the computer to a PC via a USB cable.
  • A SDCARD version which allows to emulate floppy disks which images are stored in a SDCARD.

Release notes for the HxCFloppyEmulator software v2.0.26.0:

  • New Loader : PC Magazine (FLP) file format support added.
  • GUI – Track viewer window : Track editing functionality added, internal sanity check added.
  • libhxcfe : Casio FZF loader -> non sector-aligned file image size issue corrected.
  • libhxcfe : Generic flux stream analyzer enhanced – Track encoding & RPM correctly reported.
  • Batch converter : Now use the folder name for the output filename while converting KF stream files (raw).
  • FAT12 Disk Browser:  PC98 FAT disk support enhanced, free space reporting corrected.
  • Raw Loader – Predefined raw formats added (XML) :
    • Logical Interchange Format (LIF) 3″1/2 264KB (single side).
    • Logical Interchange Format (LIF) 3″1/2 616KB (double side).
    • Logical Interchange Format (LIF) 3″1/2 1232KB (HD).
    • Logical Interchange Format (LIF) 5″1/4 264KB.



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Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Data Terminal (DT-1)

October 7th, 2014 No comments

The Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 DT-1 is a video terminal. It is ideally suited for communications with the TRS-80 Model 16 Multi-User Office System or with other host computers. With a low-cost Tandy acoustic coupler it can also access time-sharing information networks.


State-of-the-Art Design:

Unlike many terminals, you can easily set up and change the configuration on your DT-1 from the keyboard. A revolutionary non-volatile memory that retains your terminal configuration even with power off and without battery backup!

Multiple Emulation Modes:

The DT-1 is completely code compatible with four standard terminal protocols.

  • Televideo 910
  • Lear Siegler ADM-5
  • ADDS 25
  • Hazeltine 1410

The 30.5 cm diagonal CRT displays 24 lines of 80 upper and lower case characters per line. Special single-character symbols are used to display control characters.

Dual-Speed Repeat:

Any character can be repeated by merely holding down the desired key. After several characters are repeated, the DT-1 will automatically repeat the characters at a faster rate.

Two Printer Ports:

The TRS-80 DT-1 can be equipped for hardcopy output by connecting a printer to the built-in RS-232C serial interface or parallel interface.

Special Features:

A local monitor mode lets you enable printer ports and position the cursor using local control and escape modes. The carrige return key can be programmed with or without a line feed. Control key termination codes are also user programmable. An electronic bell is standard.

TRS-80 DT-1 Highlights:

  • Data Transfer: 75,110,150,300,600,1200,2400,4800,9600,19200
  • Cursor: Four keyboard-selectable types: Steady, Blinking Block, Steady or Blinking Underline.
  • Video Attributes: Normal, reverse, Invisible, Blink, Underline and Half-Intensity Video.



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Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Data Terminal (DT-1) Repair

October 7th, 2014 No comments

Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Data Terminal (DT-1) Repair.


  • Some keys are dead (X – Z – DEL – ])
  • Sometimes the characters typed are uppercase and sometimes lowercase.
  • The DT1 Terminal doesn’t turn on the first try.
  • Horizontal scan problem. The right side of the image is rolled up on itself.
  • Outside ground of the CRT disconnected.

The jobs that have been made:

  • Replaced 1 x 74LS138 Demultiplexer (U1)
  • Replaced 1 x 74LS240 Octal Buffer/Line Driver (U23)
  • Replaced almost all capacitors on the power supply side with the wrong ESR/Capacitance.
  • Cleaning keyboard switches. Fortunately these switches can be opened.
  • Removed the filter capacitor (RIFA)
  • CRT Linearity adjustment.
  • Restored the outside ground of the CRT.
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Data Terminal (DT-1) Repair Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Data Terminal (DT-1) Repair
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A new donation from Simone B.

September 29th, 2014 No comments

I thank Simone B. for the donation. The donation was made through the Blog.

Donated item:

  • Sinclair Spectrum 128k +2a – Boxed (Black version)
  • Sinclair Spectrum 128k +2  – Boxed (Grey version)
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Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1 Repair

September 29th, 2014 No comments

Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1 (#2) Repair.


  • Black Screen.

Replaced parts:

  • Replaced 1 x CD4069 HEX Inverter (Z6)
  • Replaced 1 x CD4069 HEX Inverter (Z57)
  • Replaced 1 x 74LS00 QUAD 2-INPUT NAND GATE (Z5)
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Everdrive N64 – OS Update v2.05 released (v2.00 rev only)

September 28th, 2014 No comments

It was released a new OS Update for the Everdrive N64 Flash Cartridge (Nintendo 64) by Krikzz. The upgrade instructions can be found here.


  • After reset, file browser returns where you was before than run the game, instead of just go to the root.
  • Users can change default save type in save_db.txt
  • ED64-V3 support.
  • Fixed default save type for some games.
  • Changed save memory initialization, it fix the problems with some games.
  • Fixed possible problems with sram and flash ram saves.
  • Fixed ramnom hangs after reboot.
  • Self test function. Cart stability diagnostic.
  • Improved eeprom implementation.

Download: Everdrive N64 - OS Update v2.05 (42)


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