TheC64 Mini Firmware Update v1.1.0

October 9th, 2018 No comments

Firmware upgrades for THEC64 Mini provide new features and/or correct any technical issues.

We always recommend that you use the latest version of the firmware.

Version 1.1.0 – Changes:

  • New File Loader functionality. Please see File Loader for full details.
  • Further improvements to response times.
  • Fixing one small issue with the German Virtual Keyboard.
  • Adding the missing help function in ‘Avenger’ to a joystick button.

Download: TheC64 Mini Firmware v1.1.0 (316)


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Ultimate-64/u2/u2p Firmware Update – v1.06 / v3.3 / v3.3 v1

October 7th, 2018 3 comments

A new version of the firmware for the Ultimate-64 / Ultimate 1541 II / Ultimate 1541 II+ by Gideon and some enhancements by Markus is released.

Changelog of Ultimate-64 / 1541 Ultimate 2+ by Gideon

    • NEW: Audio Mixer
    • 1541 Ultimate II+ only:
      • NEW: External Audio In
    • 1541 Ultimate II and II+ only:
      • Can now be used in Ultimate 64
    • Ultimate 64 only:
      • SpeedDOS Parallel Cable (needs e.g. DolpinDOS roms)
      • Interface type: Ultimate Menu picture overlay (HDMI-only)
      • USB keyboard support. Like earlier firmware, press scroll/lock to enter/exit the Ultimate menu.
      • Replacement of Charrom and BASIC.
    • Display *.64 files as a directory via FTP:
      • Every chosen FTP username enables this feature (*.d64 are shown as directory AND as *.d64 files)
      • The username “d64″ deactivates the listing of *.d64 files (*.d64 are only shown as directory)
      • The username “d642″ disables this feature completely, (*.d64 are only shown as files)

.. and there are many improvements not present in the changelog.

Note for the Ultimate 64:

You will need a kernel, basic and character rom after the upgrade. These roms are not included in the update. These roms are distributed with vice-emu, but you can also find them on

For instance, you could use these roms: 901225-01.bin (char), 901226.bin (basic) and 901227-03.bin (kernal). Roms with the .rom extension should also work.

Changelog of Ultimate-64 / 1541 Ultimate 2 / 1541 Ultimate 2+ by Markus

Changes in this release (compared to 3.3):

  • You can now flash more alternative kernals and floppy roms (1541 Ultimate II+: 2, Ultimate 64: 3).
  • Kernals and floppy roms can be loaded without flashing
  • Pressing the following keys while turning on the Ultimate 64 will change the video mode to
    • D => DVI
    • H => HDMI
    • R => RGB
    • C => Composite/S-Video
  • Fix writing to kernal via TCP Port 64 on Ultimate 64
  • Fix Fast Reset on “Original” Kernal on Ultimate 64



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Siel CMK-49 Computer Musical Keyboard

September 17th, 2018 No comments
Siel CMK-49 Computer Musical Keyboard

Many thanks to my friend Ciro of TI-99 Italian User Club for this fantastic gift.

The CMK-49 (Computer Musical Keyboard) of SIEL is a 49-key musical keyboard which connected to the C64 allows to you use like a piano musical keyboard.

This means that the CMK-49 doesn’t produce any sounds, it only communicate using the software (driver) provided with the C64. The sound is played by the SID.


Download: Siel CMK-49 Software (D64/TAP) & Manual (170)

Myarc Geneve 9640 (Replacement filter caps and voltage regulators)

September 12th, 2018 No comments
Myarc Geneve 9640 (Replacement filter capacitors and voltage regulators)

Myarc Geneve 9640 (Replacement filter capacitors and voltage regulators).

I have replaced all the voltage regulators (7805 / 7812) of 1A with the 1.5A version and all the 22uF / 35v filter capacitors.

Will also be installed the missing heat sinks in the geneve with plastic case.

Mattel Intellivision with GSOD (Grey screen of death) Repair

September 12th, 2018 No comments
Mattel Intellivision MOD 5155 (PAL) with GSOD (Grey screen of death) Repair

Mattel Intellivision MOD 5155 (PAL) with GSOD (Grey screen of death) Repair.


  • GSOD (Grey screen of death)

Components replaced:

  • 2 x wrong resistors (who has replaced ?!?) of 150 Ohm instead of 300 Ohm.
  • 1 x 74LS00 (burned because the value was wrong of the two resistors)
  • 1 x RAM GTE 3539 UCP (U19)

Gallery of the repair:

Download: Mattel Intellivision Service Manual & Datasheet (179)

C64 Big Game Pack: Paranoids +2 / Quest for Quintana Roo +6DG …

September 8th, 2018 No comments


Some new games or tools (Cracked / Trained or Unrealeased) for Commodore 64 have been released from your favorites groups.


  • Borrowed Time [scpu]
  • Borrowed Time [easyflash]
  • Borrowed Time [1581]
  • Cheeky Twins 2 [easyflash]
  • Jump Man Basic
  • Warp +5DG
  • Boray Gammon V2.23
  • Rambo: First Blood Part II +
  • Hellbound Preview 2 +2
  • Basic Lightning V1.2
  • Machine Lightning V1.2L
  • Sphinx +3DG
  • Bad Tiling
  • Stick Breaker
  • Law Of The West [easyflash]
  • Bad Tiling +
  • Rent-A-Cop Reloaded +5PD
  • Rent-A-Cop Reloaded
  • Phantom of the Blasteroids
  • Phantom of the Blasteroids +F
  • What Copies What
  • Platoon +12DFHIR [easyflash]
  • Last Ninja 2 +8D [easyflash]
  • Top 20 Preview +5DT
  • Harpo’s Castle +4HDT
  • FPRPG Preview
  • Magic Squares
  • Magisches Quadrat
  • Lights Off
  • Lights On
  • Split Second +2H [seuck]
  • Operation Metalstorm +1H [seuck]
  • Running out of RAM
  • SEUCK Compo 2018 Prize Package
  • The Mars Saga [cmd]
  • Battletech [cmd]
  • James Pond 2 [easyflash]
  • Running Out of RAM +M
  • Repton 3 +2DMP
  • NumTrap
  • Master Game +D
  • Karateka 2-Player
  • Rogue Burger One Preview 2 +4
  • Grilled Until Dead +
  • Pooyan +6DGMH
  • The Labyrinth
  • Superman – Man of Steel +1D [easyflash]
  • Das Labyrinth
  • Rogue Burger One +5
  • Pirates of the Dark Waters V3
  • Monster Hunt
  • Monsterjagd
  • Snakebird Preview
  • Quest for Quintana Roo +6DGP
  • Kangarudy 2 [cmd]
  • Kangarudy 1 [cmd]
  • Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show [easyflash]
  • Paranoids
  • Food Truck Preview
  • Paranoids +2
  • P-47 Thunderbolt [easyflash]
  • Bburago Rally [easyflash]
  • Willow [easyflash]
  • Bad Tiling +2H
  • Rambo: First Blood Part II V2 +

Download: All Games in One Archive (2094)


8bcraft RetroStone

August 31st, 2018 No comments
8bcraft RetroStone

The RetroStone is the latest device from developer Pierre-Louis Boyer at 8BCraft, and follows on from the successfully launched Raspiboy via a Kickstarter campaign last year.

The small RetroStone system is powered by a H3 processor which consists of 4 cores at 1.2GHz supported by 1GB of DDR RAM. Retrostone is compatible with Retrorangepi the Retropie distribution specially created for H3 boards. As you may already know Retropie is an awesome emulation station software.




Exelvision EXL-100

August 31st, 2018 1 comment
Exelvision EXL-100

Many thanks to my friend Ciro of TI-99 Italian User Club for this fantastic gift.

The EXL 100 was done by people who worked at Texas Instruments. It uses a lot of technologies of the TI CC40 (like the basic and the CPU for exemple).

ll the hardware is based on Texas Instruments chips. The TMS 7020 is the CPU, the TMS 7041 manages all I/O, the speech synthesizer (TMS 5220) and the infrared receiver. The keyboard and the joysticks are linked by infrared to the CPU.

Several peripherals were developped for this computer : a dot matrix printer (EXL 80) and a modem (ExelModem). This computer didn’t have a great market success. It was above all used in schools.



Arok 2018: C64 – Official demo party results

August 24th, 2018 No comments

This is the official demo party results from Araok 2018. See also the CSDB AROK 2018 section for more informations.

C64 Music:

  • 1 – Stompbox by Vincenzo
  • 2 – Absolution #13 by NecroPolo
  • 3 – Tigana by Boz
  • 4 – Kiddy by Pudva

Mixed Graphics:

  • 1 – Dragonbird by Hokuto Force, Lethargy
  • 2 – Searching for Green-Truth by Chorus, Resource, Singular
  • 4 – Safe and Sound by EXclusive ON
  • 5 – Ape Rocks In Space by Hokuto Force
  • 6 – Blue Eyes by Atlantis
  • 8 – Bird Goddess by Viza
  • 9 – Lost Empire by Nigaz
  • 10 – Cheers by Replay

Mixed Demo:

  • 3 – Go Gray by Profik
  • 5 – 4th Fundamental State by Hokuto Force
  • 6 – Petscii Guns by Viza

Download: Arok 2018 Full Party Stuff (242)


Irradio XTC-506R Repaired again

August 21st, 2018 No comments
Irradio XTC-506R -  Repaired again

Irradio XTC-506R Repaired again.

It seems this small Irradio TV/Monitor always suffers from some problem, last time there were short circuits caused by the pressure of the cathode ray tube on the PCB.

This time some cold joints on the solder would have been very sad to throw it in the garbage trash.

Gallery of the work done:

Nintendo Virtual Boy Repair

August 21st, 2018 No comments
Nintendo Virtual Boy Repair

Nintendo Virtual Boy Repair.

First of all, i thank Andrea Pierdomenico for this fantastic gift.

Below i explain how i have repaired the Nintendo Virtual Boy which show the classic display malfunction problems (both).

I have used only a pencil eraser and a SMD Rework Station to fix the connections of the ribbon cable to the Display PCB of the Virtual Boy.

The process involves heating the connection of ribbon cable to the Display and using a pencil eraser to push segments of the ribbon cable to the PCB.

I configured the hot air station to 145 Degrees and 55 of Air Pressure and i made 3 fast transition without ever stopping at a specific point, pressing between one pass and another with the pencil eraser.

It Works!

Gallery of the work done:

Atari 1020 Color Printer

August 12th, 2018 No comments
Atari 1020 Color Printer

Thanks to my friends Charlie and Gerben for this fantastic gift which adds another piece to my Atari Collection that now begins to become respectable.

UAV Video Upgrade for Atari Computers & Consoles

August 12th, 2018 No comments
UAV (Ultimate Atari Video) Video Upgrade for Atari Computers & Consoles

UAV (Ultimate Atari Video) Video Upgrade for Atari Computers & Consoles.

This circuit improves the signal video output and allow to use both output (SVIDEO and COMPOSITE). The circuit is compatible with all Atari 2600, 5200, 7800 consoles and all Atari Home Computers 400, 800, 1200 …

I thank my friend Charlie for giving me this circuit that i have immediately installed in my Atari 2600 Jr which i use with the Harmony SD Cartridge.


Don’t use the socket in place of the IC 4050 as seen in the photo. The external case of the Atari 2600Jr console is too thin and cannot be closed anymore.

Gallery of the work done:


Mean Well T-60B Power Supply for Amiga

August 12th, 2018 No comments
Mean Well T-60B PowerSupply for Amiga

Mean Well T-60B switching power supply put in a box to be used for Amiga computers.

This is a nice summer job for my friend Andry.

Gallery of the work done:

Download: Mean Well T-60B datasheet (236)

Donation of Atari things from a friend

August 12th, 2018 No comments
Many Thanks Alessandro

A couple of weeks ago had written a post on a socialSocks that i was looking for a button for my 800XL that i had repaired.

Today the missing key came to me as a gift :D

The lot that includes the missing key is the following:

  • 1 x Atari 800XL (Boxed)
  • 1 x Atari 1050 Dual Densisty Disk Drive (Italian box totally different from my box)
  • 1 x Atari XC11 (Boxed)
  • 1 x Atari 800XL Loose

I thank so much Alessandro Polito. Thanks my friend.

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