Repair Commodore Amiga 600 in a very bad conditions

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Repair Commodore Amiga 600 in a very bad conditions

The motherboard conditions are not good, very badly. All capacitors have released acid, some are gone and the same for other components like the transistor Q233 2N3904 SMD amplifying for the video signal BLUE RGB. The Decoder U12 CXA1145 Sony has the pins eaten by the acid of the capacitors.

Poor Amiga …

Work to do:

  • Solder resistance from E232R that is disconnected because the acid of the capacitors has leaked and corroded..
  • Solder the transistor Q233 that is disconnected because the acid of the capacitors has leaked and corroded.
  • Rebuilding a dozen pf pcb track between the IC U12 and the rest of the PCB and rebuilding also the through holes of the PCB.
  • Replacing electrolytic capacitors, probably due to the state of the pitches i don’t use SMD capacitors.
  • Replacing the male Harddisk connector some legs are broken at the base because the acid of the capacitors has leaked and corroded.

Gallery of the repair & cleaning:

I start to saying that this type of repair should NOT be made, are not good although the repair can succeed, these damaged motherboards are good for spare parts.

It took me 10 hours to repair and if i ask 15,00 euro per hour like a housekeeper, would be 150,00 euro excluding components and cleaning case … but who pays 150,00+ euro ? no one in the world. :-D

This is one of the reasons because do not exist anymore electronic repairs or there are very few people can do it, nobody is willing to pay.

Works that have been made:

Foreword almost all pcb pads are leaked of the acid, although i have cleaned more times so as not to heat the electrolyte liquid that is worsening the situation, unfortunately the pcb pad could not resist to a new solder and they are broken.

  • Soldered the E232R resistor, it’s no a good soldering because the pad are in a badly state but working.
  • Soldered a transistors Q233 (2N3904) not SMD, the pitches are gone when i have tried to solder the SMD version.
  • Rebuilt 10 x connections doing a horrible jumpers in bizarre places.
  • Replaced the electrolytic capacitors.
  • Replaced the male connector for the Harddisk.

It’s a shit … but it works!

Commodore Amiga 600 Gallery (Before & After):

Yet another Commodore 64 (USA-NTSC) repaired.

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Yet another Commodore 64 (USA-NTSC) repaired.

Yet another Commodore 64 (USA-NTSC) repaired.


  • Garbage screen / Black screen.


  • Replaced 1 x PLA 906114
  • Replaced 1 x MOS 7708 (74LS257)


  • The first time the Garbage Screen was in Black & White and then after replacing the PLA 906114 a new Garbage Screen is back with some colors :-D (see photo)

Gallery of the repair:

2 x Texas Instruments TI-99/4a Repair

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Texas Instruments TI-99-4A Repair #1

Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Repair (#1)


  • Wave/Raster Lines.

Replaced parts:

  • 1 x Capacitor 12 pF (C101).

Gallery of repair:


Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Repair (#2)

I should point out that someone has already tried to repair, without success.


  • Black Screen (no raster, no sync) short circuit between 12v and 5v . . . and then . . .
  • Wave/Raster Lines.
  • Blue Screen with tiny Vertical lines and deafening sound.
  • Garbage Screen.

Short Circuit Note:

  • The short circuit was due to a malfunction of the IC: TIM9904ANL (U601)

Replaced parts:

  • 1 x Capacitor 12 pF (C101).
  • 1 x TIM9904ANL (U601)
  • 2 x MCM 6810P RAM 128×8 (U608 – U609)
  • 1 x 74LS245 (U614)
  • 1 x TMS9929 (U100)

Gallery of the repair:

Commodore PET 2001 Chiclet (1978) Fixed.

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Commodore PET 2001 Chiclet (1978) Fixed

Commodore PET 2001 Chiclet (1978) Fixed.


  • Garbage screen.


The problem of this computer was caused by the oxide on all pins of the RAM and inside of the sockets as you can see from the photos.

To clean the pins of the IC i always use the same way, gently with a rasp nail on the ic pins and then spray a bit of air, see photo.

For cleaning the socket i scraping with a fine tip gently the contact inside the socket.

I have tested all with the ROM/RAM board and simulating the various BASIC and configurations of RAM and loaded some software, including my demo with the PET MicroSD by Dave Curran (Tynemouth Software)

Everything worked perfectly.

As you can see from the photos i have now a complete workstation for repair PET 2001 out of the box, avoiding to have on the table the computer that takes a lot of space.

Gallery of the repair:

Grundy Newbrain repaired

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Grundy Newbrain repaired

Grundy Newbrain repaired


  • Dead.


  • The acid of the capacitors has corroded some pcb tracks and pitches of the main pcb.
  • One of the two flat cable (main pcb -> keyboard/vfd pcb) previously repaired cause short circuits and doesn’t work.
  • Removing the Filter capacitor “RIFA” in the external PSU (removal made 7 months ago)

Repair # 1:

  • Replaced all the electrolytic capacitors.
  • Rebuild the PCB tracks corroded by the acid of the capacitors.
  • Replaced the flat between the main PCB and the keyboard/vfd pcb.

The computer now turns on but the VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) displays weird characters and the composite video signal is dead.

Repair # 2:

I have used a Z80 NOP generator that i have made some years ago for repairing ZX Spectrum/Sinclair and that causes the Z80 to process only “NOP” instructions
and consequently on the address lines we can see with a oscilloscope a perfect square wave.

With this simple “trick” i have immediately found the faulty component that break one of the address lines of the CPU (A1). The exact same fault was found by Thomas Gutmeier.

  • Replaced 1 x 74LS257 (IC 412)

The computer now works perfectly.

Gallery of the repair:

Download: Grundy NewBrain Schematics (227)

Zenith Data System Monitor ZVM-122-EA (Amber Phosphor)

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Zenith Data System Monitor ZVM-122-EA (Amber Phosphor)

Zenith Data Systems (ZDS) was a division of Zenith Electronics founded in 1979 after Zenith acquired Heathkit, which had, in 1977, entered the personal computer market.

Headquartered in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Zenith sold personal computers under both the Heath/Zenith and Zenith Data Systems names.


Laboratory Bench Transformer for repair Commodore CBM/PET series

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Laboratory Bench Transformer for repair Commodore CBM-PET series

Laboratory Bench Transformer for repair Commodore CBM/PET series 2001/30xx/40xx(not fat – 8032 motherboard)

Transformer Pinout:

  • PIN: 4 – 6 = ~16VAC
  • PIN: 4 – 5 = ~8VAC
  • PIN: 5 – 6 = ~8VAC
  • PIN: 7 – 8 = ~16VAC
  • PIN: 9 – 10 = ~16VAC


Thanks to Andrea Pierdomenico for this great donation made some years ago.

C64 Big Game Pack: Nightshade +3DFH / Scare Bear +4DGH …

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Some new games or tools (Cracked / Trained or Unrealeased) for Commodore 64 have been released from your favorites groups.


  • Split Second [seuck]
  • Matador ’16 [seuck]
  • The Uni-Games Preview
  • Super Monaco GP +6DG
  • QuarxProbe
  • Voidrunner +4DH
  • Space-Games +
  • Oligofrenico +2T
  • Rock Star Ate My Hamster +2DG
  • R.I.O.T. Preview +
  • Knightshift Preview
  • Polar Pierre +2D
  • Toddlerplane Preview
  • Slavia 2
  • TasWord 64 [dutch]
  • Pickle’s Pod Patrol +7H
  • QWAK +4HF
  • Icicle Race +2M
  • Platman +7H
  • Granny’s Garden &DGIS
  • Xenophobe +3DFR
  • Donald Duck’s Playground [dutch]
  • Psytron [dutch]
  • Shotgun +
  • Shotgun
  • Pentagram
  • You Go Squish Now! 003 – Barney the Dinosaur
  • The Happiest Days of Your Life +3DM &Map
  • KGB Agent +4DH
  • Workman +5H
  • Here & There with the Mr. Men &D
  • Nightshade +3DFH
  • QWAK +3
  • Warp Drive +3
  • Pentagram V1.10
  • Ski or Die [1581]
  • Scare Bear +4DGH

Download: All Games in One Archive (351)


Hoxs64 Commodore 64 Emulator Updated v1.0.8.9

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Hoxs64 written by David Horrocks is a Commodore 64 emulator for Microsoft Windows 2K/XP/Vista/Seven (DirectX 9+)

The emulator substantially reproduces this legacy machine in minute detail.


  • Fix VIC where a write to the raster compare register was causing a raster IRQ to occur one clock too soon. This fixes “Vandalism News #64″



DirMaster v3.1.1/Style

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DirMaster is a Windows-based GUI application designed to help Commodore enthusiasts explore and manage their disk image collections.

DirMaster supports common (and uncommon) emulator disk image formats (such as .d64, .d81, .d2m, etc), almost every native Commodore archival format (such as .arc, .sda, .lnx, etc), and many native graphic formats (such as koala, doodle, amica, etc).

DirMaster was designed to give users a perfect blend of familiar appearance (e.g. natural looking disk image contents using the PETSCII character set) and modern GUI functionality (e.g. drag and drop, opening multiple disk images at once). The first version of DirMaster was released in 2006.

v3.1.1 addresses a few bugs reported by users:

  • Issue opening NAT partitions (.dhd)
  • .dhd performance (no md5, .dhd BAM)
  • Horizontal BAM display (.d71)
  • Disk initialization when unzipping a 1-4! zipcode set when dragged from Explorer.

Download: DirMaster v3.1.1 (553)


Commodore 64 DiskMagazine – Scene World #26

Scene World is a C64 magazine on disk dedicated to various activities of both C64 scenes.

“Both” means, that we are supplying information and texts of both scenes; NTSC and PAL.

Download: Scene World #26 (248)


SD2Snes Firmware v0.1.7b released

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Ikari has released a new firmware for the SD2Snes Flash Cartridge (Super Nintendo/Famicom). The upgrade instructions can be found here.


  • SD2Snes folder is always hidden again.
  • Fixes:
    • Fix garbled time on initial clock setting (new unit or battery replacement)
    • Fix BS-X not booting/booting incorrectly after soft reset.
    • Fix OBC1 being always disabled.
    • Fix firmware crash when saving after using the serial command line.

Download: SD2Snes Firmware v0.1.7b (223)


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C64 Tools: SIDPlay 64 (SP64) v1.10

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This is a program that can playback .SID files found in the HVSC collection on a real Commodore 64/128.

You will find different versions of SP64 in this package, most of themwill work on all devices. But I suggest you use the correct version for for your device, since they might contain special commands.

Versions of the program:

  • sidplay64-reu-1541u2cmd.prg – 1541 Ultimate II version with REU.
  • sidplay64-reu-sd2iec.prg – SD2IEC version with REU.
  • sidplay64-reu-1541u-netdrive.prg – 1541 Ultimate & Netdrive with REU.
  • sidplay64-reu-iec-cmd-ide64.prg – CMD drives, IDE64 devices & other IEC devices, with REU.
  • sidplay64-reu-normal.prg – REU version for 1541, 1571, 1581 and clones of these.
  • sidplay64-1541u2cmd – 1541 Ultimate II version.
  • sidplay64-normal.prg – Standard version for 1541, 1571, 1581 and clones.
  • sidplay64-1541u-netdrive.prg – 1541 Ultimate & Netdrive.
  • sidplay64-iec-cmd-ide64.prg- CMD drives, IDE64 devices & other IEC devices.
  • sidplay64-sd2iec.prg – SD2IEC.

(The 1541U2 software iec mode has been disabled for this build.)

Changelog SIDPLAY 64 v1.10 (17/04/2016):

  • Added: IEC/CMD/IDE64: ClrHome key loads more filenames while reading directory.
  • Added: IEC/CMD/IDE64: Joystick RIGHT loads more filenames while reading directory.
  • Behaviour: BASIC sid’s that stops on its own can be exited by pressing CBM.
  • Added: Songs with BASIC start support.
  • Added: REU: Remembers previous dir positions when you go back.
  • Added: REU: File size are displayed in kilobytes. (Not for 1541u2)
  • Behaviour: Restore : resets variables and reloads dir.
  • Behaviour: RunStop+Restore : exit BASIC sid’s or sid’s using $0000 as play call.
  • Fixed: 1541U2: shortened dir read routine.
  • Fixed: One of the color skins used dark grey for border.

Download: SIDPlay 64 (SP64) v1.10 (247)


(Italian) Jurassic News numero #58

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

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SD2Snes Firmware v0.1.7a released

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Ikari has released a new firmware for the SD2Snes Flash Cartridge (Super Nintendo/Famicom). The upgrade instructions can be found here.

Here’s what’s new since preview 4:

  • Configuration menu. All settings are now available through the menu. Changes take effect immediately after confirming a setting with the A button. It can use some polish but should work fine. Note that the Video Mode settings are only effective on SuperCIC modded consoles.
  • SRM files (save files) are now stored in sd2snes/saves/<romname>.srm – existing save files will be moved upon save, there is no batch migration.

Game fixes:

  • DMA de-initialization has been reintroduced and changed from $00 to $ff. This reflects a real SNES better and hopefully finally fixes sprite corruption with SGnG and SSF2, AND title screen glitches/crashes with Pocky&Rocky US.

MSU1 enhancements:

  • MSU1 volume boost: In case MSU1 audio is too quiet you can now increase volume in several steps. Available via Configuration->Chip Options.
  • Interpolation filter to reduce aliasing, resulting in cleaner sound.
  • Fixed a bug where volume calculation introduced DC offset to the waveform output. This eliminates clicking or humming on volume changes/fades.
  • Changed MSU1 audio playback rate to exactly 44100Hz to match bsnes/higan implementation. Sound that syncs on bsnes should now also sync properly on sd2snes.
  • MSU1 resume feature implemented (Thanks to Michaël Larouche!)


  • Missing ROM files are automatically removed from the “Recent Games” list. (Thanks to borti4938!)
  • Background text is now properly greyed out in the SPC player.
  • Ultra16 awareness (mostly thanks to borti4938!):
    • Ultra16 serial number and autoboot setting is displayed in the System Information screen.
    • Exiting from the SPC player doesn’t crash the menu anymore on Ultra16 consoles.
    • Soft reset is prolonged a bit on Ultra16 consoles so you have the opportunity to release the controller buttons, not entering the Ultra16 menu by accident.
    • Auto region patching is disabled on Ultra16 consoles so it doesn’t interfere with the Ultra16’s own facilities.

Critical & Minor bugs:

  • Firmware locked up when loading Zelda 3 after soft-reset. I am surprised that it actually worked so well with all other games.
  • Auto Region Patch setting wasn’t saved properly.
  • Satellaview custom time had a garbled default value (year 1035). The default has now been fixed. If you’d like to apply it you can delete your config.yml or just the “BSXTime” entry from it to load the new default.

Download: SD2Snes Firmware v0.1.7a (212)


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