DiagROM is now OpenSource

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DiagROM is now OpenSource and is avaible at: https://github.com/ChuckyGang/DiagROM

source: diagrom.com

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Commodore 64C that has seen better days (Recovery Components)

April 19th, 2017 1 comment
Commodore 64C that has seen better days (Recovery Components)

Commodore 64C that has seen better days (Recovery Components)

The external case is broken and the keyboard pcb is completely rusty, the rest you can see from the photos.

I recover what remains, very little.


Amiga 500+ that has seen better days (Recovery Components)

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Commodore Amiga 500+ that has seen better days (Recovery Components)

Commodore Amiga 500+ that has seen better days (Recovery Components)

Components Recovered:

  • All custom amiga chip.
  • Some screws not rusty.
  • Chinon Floppy Drive.
  • Membrane + Keyboard Controller.
  • Springs and keyboard contacts.
  • Amiga External Case.


Gift received: Commodore Amiga 500+ / TI-99/4A / 2 x C64C

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Gift Commodore Amiga 500+ -  TI-994A - 2 x Commodore 64C

Gift received: Commodore Amiga 500+ / TI-99/4A / 2 x Commodore 64C


  • 1 x Commodore Amiga 500+ (Spare Parts)
  • 1 x Texas Instruments TI-99/4A
  • 2 x Commodore 64C (One for Spare Parts)

I thank my dear friend Paolo Cognetti.

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Revision 2017 – C64 Party results

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This is the official demo party results from Revision 2017. See also the CSDB Revision 2017 section for more informations.


  • 1 – A Mind Is Born by Lft (256b Intro)
  • 2 – Beertime Lite by Dekadence (4K Intro)
  • 6 – Peak 4k by Fairlight (4K Intro)    
  • 8 – Elvis Copper by Rabenauge (4K Intro)
  • 9 – The Outer Limits by Trope (4K Intro)

Mixed Graphics:

  • 6 – Clearwater by Level 64, Onslaught
  • ?? – On My Way by Digital Demolition Krew
  • ?? – Poo.Bus 2K17 by Bryface, cTrix

Mixed Music:

  • 1 – Just One Life [2sid] by Unreal
  • 3 – Toy Rocket by Lft
  • 4 – Jesus Fistus by Dekadence    
  • 10 – Funkfisch by The Dreams
  • 14 – Crossing Norway Express by Genesis Project    

Mixed Demo:

  • 3 – Reluge by Padua
  • 7 – SidRok by SIDRIP Alliance
  • 8 – Asimov by Level 64

Productions released outside compos:

  • Convertron3000 (Other Platform Tool)
  • Modular Sounds 7 by Artstate (Music Collection)

Download: Revision 2017 Party stuff (332)

source: 2017.revision-party.net

Released the latest version of DiagROM v0.9

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What is DiagROM?

DiagROM is a diagnostic tool for the amiga computers.

And it is to be used on defective machines, trying to help no-boot situations etc.

You simply replace the Kickstart roms in the Amiga with the DiagROM. and when poweron. your Amiga will start a diagnostic software. It will try to dump info on the serialport (and actual menus etc aswell) while also trying on the screen.


  • A lot of internal changes.
  • But changed keyboardhandling in “Manual Edit” mode, hopefully keyboard works better now.
  • Chipmemdetect at startup does more tests to capture more biterrors.
  • Also added tests if CPU can do odd/eveb reads and writes. Request by Terriblefire.
  • Added a testpicture as GFX Test
  • Added test for RTC Chip, reads both types you have to know what chip is in your machine.
  • Added a experimental Autoconfig support for Zorro II boards and memory, Remember that you can only run this ONCE.
  • Autoconfigcode is based on Terriblefires code with addons by me.
  • Audiotest now includes several notes and waveforms and also a module.


  • 2017-04-15: Added Support for OKI Chipset in RTC Test
    • Added (somewhat experimental) support for Autoconfig for Z2 boards.
    • Must say thanx to Terriblefire for autoconfig code. (with some changes by my)
    • Added test at startup to see if CPU can do odd/even byte read and writes
    • Bumped version to V0.9 – Next Stable release
    • Released while being at the Revision demoparty.
  •  2017-02-25: Moved mainmenu alternatives to make space for more maintest-menus. also added some for future use.
    • Started on Others tests/RTC Test for the moment only showing ricoh RTC chip (A4k etc)
    • Removed temprary debugfunction added the 18:th.
  • 2017-02-18: Minor changes. sometimes when exiting a testscreen you got to the mainmanu instead of the submenu. cleaned up now.
    • also added a fakefastmem allocation at the boot so you can run stuff in fakefast by pressing LBM at poweron if needed.
    • TEMPORARY DEBUGFUNCTION: while dumping serialport at beginnning, screen also flickers while doing a serial timeout.
    • this is to figure out if machine still runs to veryfy I can do serialstuff (and detect failures) if paula is missing.
    • will be removed soon as it screws up onscreen colorcodes.
  • 2017-02-15: Added a testpicture, testscreen is moved in menu and will still bug. this will be reworked soon.
  • 2017-02-04: Simple audiotest is now improved, it now plays different waveforms, I have checked the frequencys with my Rigol scope.
    • But 20.6Hz in my headphones sounds weird, maybe should remove it in the test. the only thing not working there now is setting volume.
  • 2017-01-30: In Manual edit: added when using “goto memoryaddress” when pressing x it clears the string totally. Also hopefully fixed keyboardbug making
    • it more or less impossible to use keyboard on some machines.
    • Fixed bug showing strange flickering spritebugs random
    • Changed that in initial chipmemdetecting it checks more combinations of bits, this will make detect slower (due to serial output) but will detect more
    • biterrors.
    • TEMPORARY function: pressing fire/mousebutton in joystickport while poweron will totally disable serialoutput. this is to be able to run with broken
    • Paula. Will look into a better solution. so function will maybe be removed.
    • Added a testmodule, A groupmember will make a chipmodule for me later to have here. Now using the classic “Echoing”
  • 2017-01-06: Long time since last update.  Hollidays etc.  Anyway some minor internal fixes and a basic low-res testscreen added.

Download: DiagoROM v0.9 Stable (303)

source: diagrom.com

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C64 Big Game Pack: Frogs +KD / Guzzler +8DH / RobotLand …

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Some new games or tools (Cracked / Trained or Unrealeased) for Commodore 64 have been released from your favorites groups.


  • Alien +6DG
  • C64 Slicks Preview
  • Equinox +4
  • Outpost +1D
  • Soda Shop +4
  • Think Twice +TD
  • Bigdance &DMT
  • Colour Blox
  • Clash of Wills &D
  • Super Marioahner Sisters
  • Zap Fight 2 – Special Edition +4H [seuck]
  • Slipstream +2
  • Bomb Run 64
  • GPAC Dementia Defender +3CD
  • Hockey 64 +D
  • Bomb Run 64 +
  • CRX Race +4F
  • Frank Bruno’s Boxing +6DGH
  • RobotLand +2M
  • Wizball Preview +7
  • RobotLand
  • RobotLand +
  • The Tunnel of the Birds +2T
  • Breakout +
  • RobotLand +2MF
  • The Bard’s Tale – Tales of the Unknown +2TD [easyflash]
  • Sum-Ka V2 +TFD
  • Bomb Run 64 +
  • Zahlenraten
  • Bomb Run 64 +2H
  • The Adventures of Blackbeard +MD
  • Guzzler +8DH
  • Ninja +2MDS
  • Apple Cider Spider +4D
  • Nero [seuck]
  • Frogs
  • Frogs +KD
  • Row Man Preview 2 +3
  • Jetpac Wars Preview
  • Madam Psychic
  • Lunar Lander +2
  • Gunfright V1.00
  • Pong 1.0
  • Break Free!
  • Frogs [c128 fix] +KD
  • Frogs [c128 fix]
  • Sound Expander +FD

Download: All Games in One Archive (534)

source: csdb.dk

Silcom Telegioco / Otron / Inno-Hit – Pong style games

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Silcom - Otron - Inno-Hit - Pong style games

I thank Luca, a reader of our blog for the donation of these consoles of the 70′s years.


  • Silcom Telegioco (RE-EL / REggiana-ELettronica) [1977]
  • Otron Gamatic 7606 [1977]
  • Otron Gamatic Programmable Videogame 8600 + 3 x Cartridges [1978]
  • Inno-Hit Sportron GT66C [1977/1978]


CBMXfer v1.00 (Front-End for CBM4Win/CBMLink/ZoomFloppy)

April 9th, 2017 No comments

CBMXfer is a front-end to several command-line utilities for transferring files and working with disk images. CBMXfer makes using those utilities easy by providing a familiar windows interface that removes the need to learn the commandline syntax of each program. CBMXfer also includes a multi-format file and picture viewer.

The commandline utilities are:

  • OPENCBM – transfers files/images to/from a real CBM drive connected via an ‘X-cable’ on the parallel port.
  • CBMLINK – transfers files/images to/from a real CBM drive connected to a real CBM computer connected to the PC via a serial cable.
  • C1541 – a utility from VICE that works with CBM Image Files (ie: D64,D71,D81 files).
  • NIBTOOLS – Utilities to transfer images via parallel port. Supports protected disks.
  • IMGCOPY – Utility to image IEEE and 1581 disks.

What can I do with it?

  • Transfer files to or from real CBM drives
  • Create D64 and other images files from real CBM disks
  • Write D64 and other files back to real CBM disks
  • Transfer files from WITHIN Image Files
  • View Commodore files (BASIC, SEQ, Binary, ML, Chr Sets, and Images). Supports all all machine types
  • ML viewer is a full two-pass symbolic disassembler!
  • Simple file operations like copy, delete, rename
  • Launch VICE and attach disk images plus autorun
  • Zoom Floppy supported.
  • Supports 1581 partitions with OpenCBM
  • Format disks
  • Supports IEEE drives with Zoom Floppy
  • Supports reading/writing/viewing P00 files.

Download: CBMXfer v1.00 (399)

source: Steve J. Gray Homepage

Nintendo Famicom Mini

April 6th, 2017 No comments
Nintendo Famicom Mini

I have already the Nintendo Classic Mini, but i wanted to have both models.

Commodore bag available during the mid-1980s

April 6th, 2017 No comments
White Commodore bag available during the mid-1980s.

Commodore bag available during the mid-1980s.

Many thanks to my friend Ralf.

Javatari.js v4.0.1 – Atari 2600 emulator designed for the Web

April 3rd, 2017 No comments

Javatari is a new cross platform Atari 2600 emulator designed for the Web.

It’s great for displaying games running inside webpages. You can launch the emulator and load ROMs with a single link. And now you can play Atari 2600 games with touch controls on your Android/iOS device, even when offline!

New in Version 4.0:

  • Support for mobile iOS and Android devices
  • Finally enjoy Atari 2600 games on your iPhone/iPad!
  • Customizable Touch Controls, with Haptic feedback
  • Install as a WebApp on iOS/Android/Desktop, then run offline!
  • Open files from local storage, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, web links
  • Higher resolution GUI for high-density displays, Retina displays
  • Menu navigation by keys. Easy GUI switches for most used options


  • Cross platform HTML5/JS. Runs in any Browser, tested in Chrome/Firefox/Safari
  • Finally enjoy Atari 2600 games on your iPhone/iPad
  • Customizable Touch Controls for mobile devices (iOS, Android)
  • Real Atari 2600 Console panel for a nostalgic feel!
  • Install as a WebApp, then run offline
  • Put Atari 2600 games in webpages easily
  • Show games running with a single link to the Javatari page
  • Drag & Drop system for loading files
  • Savestates support. Export and share Savestate files
  • Fully customizable Joysticks, Joykeys and Touch controllers
  • Adjustable speed, Pause and Frame-by-frame advance
  • Screen Capture and Debug modes
  • Resizable Screen, Full Screen mode
  • Javascript API for loading ROMs and Console control

Download: Javatari.js v4.0.1 (262)

source: javatari.org

Relaunch64 V3.3.7 – C64/65xx cross-development IDE

April 3rd, 2017 No comments

Relaunch64 is an IDE (text-editor) for C64 assembler-coding on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Relaunch64 has a clean and intuitive user interface, yet it offers many features that make coding faster and easier.

Java 7 or higher is required to run Relaunch64. The program is licensed under the GNU GPL 3 (or higher) and free for private and professional use.

This editor works together with common cross assemblers like Kick Assembler, ACME, or 64tass. Other assemblers might work as well, but syntax highlighting may not be 100% correct.

Download: Relaunch64 v3.3.7 (Windows/OSx/Linux) (243)

source: popelganda.de

Ultimate-II+: New firmware update v3.1 rev 474

March 26th, 2017 No comments

A new version of the firmware for the interface Ultimate II+ is released. This version runs ONLY on the Ultimate II+ cartridge.

Release notes Ultimate-II+ v3.1 rev 474:

  • USB fixes:
    • support for sticks that do not reliably reply to the ‘inquiry’ command
    • Byte alignment issue fixed when writing. This caused corrupted G64s to be written sometimes
    • Support for composite devices added
    • Added support for USB keyboards, to navigate the Ultimate browser menu
  • Incorporated patches from Markus & Henning, including, but not limited to:
    • Audio squeal fix, speaker volume addition
    • Ultimate DOS V1.1 with added commands
    • Added Home Directory support
    • Added support for GeoRAM
  • IEC fixes:
    • IEC now operates properly on the bus, when it is alone (disabled 1541 drives)
    • IEC filename fixes; saving a file to IEC adds the right extension and also removes the extension when loading directory
    • IEC should now work with JiffyDOS  (not yet supporting the JiffyDOS protocol)
  • UltiCopy is working again!
  • Small fix in TCP support (TCP hangup on retransmission)
  • Other small fixes:
    • Save disk twice bug fixed
    • Fixed load errors on tape adapter cable with some USB 3.0 cables
    • Keyboard “racekeys” fixed
    • Reduced Link Up time for the Ethernet port
    • Ultimax mode ROMs now allow video data in ROM

How to update?

  • Browse to the U2P firmware file on the USB storage and run it from the context menu.

Download: Ultimate-II+ Firmware v3.1 rev 474 (304)

source: facebook.com 1541ultimate.net

CBM prg Studio v3.10.0 released

March 25th, 2017 No comments

CBM prg Studio Version 3.9.0 is released. There are a lot of new features in this version. I’d really appreciate it if you report any bugs you find or have any suggestions/comments.

CBM prg Studio allows you to type a BASIC or Machine Code program in using a nice Windows environment and convert it to a ‘.prg’ file which you can run on an emulator, or even a real C64 / VIC20 or PET if you’re feeling brave and have the right kit.

CBM prg Studio is the result of merging C64PrgGen and VIC20PrgGen. Adding new features and fixing bugs in two apps which were 95% similar was a bit of a nightmare so merging them made sense.

It was also a good opportunity for a face lift and to add some new features, such as:

  • Programs are project based, meaning all related source files, sprite files etc. are kept in one place and multiple source files can be linked more easily.
  • Tabbed MDI.
  • Syntax highlighting.

What CBM prg Studio isn’t is a front-end for tok64, cbmcnvrt, bastext or any other tokeniser / detokeniser / assembler. It’s all been written completely from scratch.

New features in v3.10.0:

  • Assembler:
    • Increased sprite include limit to 256.
    • ‘Memory overwrite’ error is now a warning.
    • Use CTRL+[ and CTRL+] to go to previous/next label definition.
  • Sprite Editor:
    • Added new functionality to scratchpad.
    • Functions can act over a range.
  • Character Editor:
    • Rotate character 90 degrees.
  • General:
    • Option to load last edited project automatically.

Bugs Fixed:

  • General:
    • Using space(s) with screen code builder.
    • Wrong menu after creating a project.
    • Occasionally throws an exception when closing and opening the project explorer, project information and output windows.
    • ‘User’ palette settings not saved/used.
    • ‘User’ tools menu not created properly.
    • Generate and launch could use wrong filename.
    • VIC 20 memory configuration not set properly in emulator.
    • Tabs with different zoom levels would crash when changing tabs.
  • Assembler:
    • Uppercase PETSCII chars not generated properly.
    • IncBin wrongly reporting file too large.
    • Floating point value 0.0 not generated correctly.
  • BASIC:
    • Renumber not working for certain uppercase keywords.
    • Character code multiplier limited to 255.
    • Compress should ignore comment lines.
  • SID Tool:
    • Incorrectly reporting that the tool was still open when quitting CBM prg Studio.

See the help for a complete list of new features and fixed bugs.

Note In this version, each target machine can have its own default project directory. If you are upgrading from a previous version (before version 2.5.1) of CBM prg Studio you may be asked to set up your project directories again. Your current projects will not be affected.

Download: CBM prg Studio v3.10.0 (282)

source: ajordison.co.uk