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Dragon32/Coco2 Multi-Cartridge with Extensions (Odyssey 2/Vectrex)

Dragon32-Coco2 Multi-Cartridge with Extensions (VideoPac-Vectrex)

The Multi-cart by Rolo was designed to to hold a variety of Dragon 32-64/CoCo 2 rom cartridge based programs, which are running directly from the eprom at address range $c000 to $ff00.

The cart holds up to 64 8k-roms. It can play roms with a size of 1k to 16k. You simply select a memory slot from 00 to 63, press RESET on your Dragon, and the program launches.

This enables you, to use your Dragon simply without further hardware setup: no cables, no drives, no extra PSUs, no controller-carts.

The Dragon/CoCo 2 Multi-cartridge now can also be used for other systems.

Currently there are three Extension Cartridges (adapters) available:

  • Odyssey 2/PHILIPS G7000/G7200/G7400.

A compilation of rom-files for all four systems can be burned on a single eprom (27C4001), adding versatility to the device.


source: archive.worldofdragon.org atariage.com

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  1. Ivo
    September 6th, 2017 at 23:38 | #1

    Where’s the link to buy this cartidge? Even the documentation on the wiki at worldofdragon.org mentions it’s available for purchase, but not where exactly!

  2. Rolo
    December 9th, 2017 at 17:51 | #3

    just send me a PM on AtariAge.com or worldofdragon.org.
    That’s all. I’ll come back to you. It’s just a little hobby project, so there is no selling platform or something like that.