C64 Studio v1.9

C64 Studio is a .NET based IDE written by Georg Rottensteiner. This app supports project based C64 assembly.

The internal assembler is using the ACME syntax. In connection with Vice the IDE allows you to debug through your code and watch variables/memory locations, registers and memory.

Any other emulator can be set up as well if it’s startable via runtime arguments. C64 Studio allows you to compile to raw binary, .prg, .t64 or cartridge format (.bin and .crt for 8k and 16k). Additionally to this C64 Studio comes with a charset and sprite editor.

Version history:

07.12.2011 – 1.9:

  • Fixed bug in !bin when more bytes were requested than available in the file.
  • Fixed treatment of non document elements (source would not build if floating)
  • Added Media Manager to manipulate .T64 and .D64 files.
  • Added .d64 export.
  • Added tooltips in ASM files (plus debug info)

Download: C64 Studio v1.9 (494)

source: lemon64.com

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