Commodore CBM 8050 Cleaning and Repair

This gallery shows some stages of cleaning the Commodore CBM 8050 Dual Drive Floppy Disk. Below the defects and replacement parts.


  • Died – Status LED: RED (5 Flash) Zero page error.

Replacement parts:

  • 1 x 6502
  • 1 x 6532
  • 1 x 6522
  • The connectors of write enable sensors are inserted incorrectly.
  • Missing +5v on the PCB of the sensor circuit.
  • Dirtiness in the write enable sensor drive 0
  • Cleaning floppy drive heads.
  • Cleaning belt of the floppy drive.
  • Removing the filter capacitor.
  • The Analog PCB of the Floppy Drive is not fixed properly.
  • The Locking screws of the external box are not original.
  • Lost the felt which push the Floppy Disk vs the head.
  • Disk is present (Switch Motor) dirty.
  • General Cleaning.

Test formatting floppy disk:

  1. April 6th, 2018 at 23:19 | #1

    I have an 8050 dual disk drive for CBM 8032SK. Appears all logic boards are good and passes initial bootup self-test. But when do some DOS command to drives (HEADER command, for example) the motor of R/W head are not move forward. Appears looks like move but don’t rotate properly.

    Appears something wrong about steppermotor sequence?

    Thanks for advance