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Fidelity CM14 Colour Monitor (RGB/Composite)

Fidelity CM14 Colour Monitor (RGB/Composite)

This Monitor was usually sold in combination with the ZX Spectrum 128 (models with RGB output) or Sinclair QL but it works with any RGB source.

I have already an identical model in my collection but is rebranded PRISM QL14 and without protection glass.

My friend Gerben wanted to give me this model in good condition with the protection glass intact. Thanks Gerben for the excellent packaging, as you can see the glass has not broken :D

The operation test was performed with a Ultimate-64 with a RGB cable. I have also performed a video image calibration and i share the trimmer positions on the motherboard.

Fidelity CM14 Colour Monitor (RGB/Composite)


source: worldofspectrum.org

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