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YMT-Player v1.01 + Source by Peter Jørgensen (aka: Fedepede)

YMT-Player is a player that allow you to play Project-Ymer YMT files (Windows) on the Atari ST. The program is made by Peter Jørgensen aka. fedepede.

What is Project-Ymer YMT files ?

YMT files are like the YM/AY files. Music files where you sampled data from the sound chip register (YM2149/AY8910) in a certain interval, instead of having a dedicate player. Up to now (to my knowledge), there have only been YM/AY player that could play tune/score files, that was sampled at 50HZ, but the YMT player can play files up to 300hz (there are some 50hz+ tunes/scores include in the examples)

The advantaged of AY/YM/YMT format, is that to replay these tunes/scores cost very little CPU power, so if you need a lot power for a eg. a 3D demo, when it could be a wise choice to use it, because it leaves most of the CPU power for 3D calculations and the graphic etc, and the disadvantaged is that it use a lot of memory, and also that it is nearly impossible to make a routine that can capture and use the SID sound and Samples etc. It is also why those files need to be hand made, that is the reason why YMT-Player only support pure YM2149 sound.

The zip archive contains the Floppy/HD version and Sources.


Ymt-Play Ver 1.01 Release Date 16.Jan.2015

  • Reactivate the clear screen function when the program start.. I deactivate it ,  so I could tested the program, but I forgot to turned on it again.

Download: YMT-Player v1.01 + Sources (629)

The Program in action on Youtube.

source: fedepede04.dk

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