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MultiColor v0.1.1 (Win32/Linux/OSx) released by Skoe

MultiColourMultiColor is an image manipulation tool for Commodore 8-bit computers’ graphics formats. It is an old-school painting program for graphicians but not an image converter. Currently VIC-II multicolor bitmap is the only supported image format.


  • Written in C++, so it’s quite fast and no special runtime is required.
  • Can be compiled for many platforms, because it uses wxWidgets.
  • Can load Koala and Amica, file type is detected independently from file name.
  • Behaviour when hitting the color-per-cell-limit can be selected.
  • Undo/redo.
  • Tools with realtime preview (e.g. Line)
  • Basic TV emulation.
  • Zoom, with grid at higher zoom factors.

source: multicolor.berlios.de

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