Commodore 116 Keyboard Restoration and Repair

Like we know well the keyboard of the Commodore 116 may NOT be fixed because you can’t open it without break it.

The only way is break the plastic pins that hold the keyboard PCB and find the right way to close the whole thing, i leave you the right way for do this.

Once you have open it, we realize that this keyboard is a colossal shit, the conductive material of the keys is ridiculous a thin layer that is consumed very briefly.

The only way before you throw it is use the “Kontakt Chemie Graphit 33” but without spraying directly on the tiny conductive part of the key but first try on a plastic surface and then with a very fine brush take the graphite to paint the conductive part of the key.

The “Kontakt Chemie Graphit 33” with the days/months or years tends to dry, this solution make a new life to the keyboard, but not for always.

Another classic failure and is the FPC Connector (18 pins) for the keyboard flat that can be easily replaced if you find an FPC connector with 18 pins ;-D

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