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Dick Smith System 80 MK I (aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Dick Smith System 80 (aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Video Genie (or simply Genie) was a series of computers produced by Hong Kong-based manufacturer EACA during the early 1980s. They were compatible with the Tandy TRS-80 Model I computers and could be considered a clone, although there were hardware and software differences.

The computers making up the series were:

  • Video Genie System (EG3003 – first version, early/mid 1980)
  • Video Genie System (EG3003 – second version, late 1980)
  • Genie I (EG3003 – third version, late 1981)
  • Dick Smith System 80 MK I (EG3003)
  • Genie II (EG3008 – late 1981)
  • Disk Smith System 80 MK II (EG3008)
  • Genie III (EG3200 – mid 1982) – a more business-oriented machine with CP/M-compatibility.

Although Video Genie was the name used in Western Europe, the machines were sold under different names in other countries.

In Australia and New Zealand they were known as the Dick Smith System 80 MK I (EG3003) and System 80 MK II (EG3008), and in North America they were sold as the PMC-80 and PMC-81. In South Africa the Video Genie was sold as the TRZ-80, a name similar to its rival.

In early 1983, the related Colour Genie machine was released by EACA.


  • CPU: Zilog Z80, at 1.76 MHz
  • Video: Monochrome
    • 64×16 / 32×16 uppercase text
    • 128×48 block graphics
    • Composite video output, cable included
    • RF TV signal output, cable included
  • 16 KB RAM, expandable to 48 KB
  • 12 KB ROM containing Microsoft LEVEL II BASIC
  • Storage: Built in 500 baud cassette deck
    • Cable for using an external cassette deck included
  • Built in powersupply


source: wikipedia

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