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C64 Big Game Pack: Iceblox Plus +4HD / Blok Copy RX +3D …

January 19th, 2018 No comments


Some new games or tools (Cracked / Trained or Unrealeased) for Commodore 64 have been released from your favorites groups.


  • Captain Cloudberry – Episode IV: “Helium”
  • Athena +7DG
  • Megatanoi Preview V2 +D
  • Starfysh
  • Starfysh +6HD
  • Boray Gammon V2.21
  • Sam’s Journey +2 Trainer
  • Pullout +3H
  • Pullout
  • Space Crumpets [seuck]
  • Delta Run RX [seuck]
  • Dark Destroyer 2117 RX [seuck]
  • Silkworm 64K CRT
  • Swords and Sorcery
  • Monster Combat
  • Dungeon of Htam
  • Subterranea +4DH
  • Spooky Preview +2
  • Hektik! Preview
  • Frantic +2
  • Sentence +3
  • Comic Bakery +1FD
  • Black Thunder USA +2P
  • Delta Patrol +
  • Tom and Jerry USA
  • Thing on a Spring USA +D
  • Express Raider USA +
  • Rambo: First Blood Part II USA +1D
  • Sanxion USA +
  • Jetboys USA +1P
  • Skate Crazy USA +1D
  • Retaliate Preview +2
  • Microwave64 Preview +D
  • Viljo +3FT
  • Astex 64 +3TD
  • Blok Copy RX +3D
  • Blok Copy RX +
  • Blok Copy RX
  • Future Knight USA +1D
  • Shackled USA +1D
  • The Games Winter Edition
  • Space Conquest +3TD
  • Squad 1 +6HF
  • McDonald Land
  • Instant Music
  • Lunar Lander
  • Iceblox Plus
  • Iceblox Plus +
  • Interlox
  • Pullout +4H
  • Iceblox Plus +3H
  • The Castles of Doctor Creep +2 (IDE64 Release)
  • Impossible Mission (IDE64 Release)
  • Sydney Hunter Preview
  • Sydney Hunter Preview +
  • Lunari +3F
  • 8192 V0.3 alpha
  • Iceblox Plus +3HF
  • Pengo(+) +2D
  • Minecave
  • Iceblox Plus +4HD
  • Zulp Preview
  • Mindshadow [1581]
  • Ski or Die [REU]
  • 8192 Preview 2
  • Cauldron USA +1D
  • Death Sword +1PD
  • Budokan +3D
  • Minecave +4M
  • Space Crumpets +2DH [seuck]
  • Iceblox Plus [update 2018-01-16]
  • Jake the Snake V2.1
  • Budokan +3D
  • Tor Cars Preview +1DF
  • Tetris MP
  • Tetris MP 1.1

Download: All Games in One Archive (2997)


C64 Tools: SIDPlay 64 v1.21

January 18th, 2018 No comments

This is a program that can playback .SID files found in the HVSC collection on a real Commodore 64/128.

Make sure you have the most recent HVSC version for your sid files. It was designed for both PAL and NTSC computers, and will play all sid songs at correct system speed.

Versions of the program:

  • sidplay64-normal.prg – Standard version for 1541, 1571, 1581 and clones.
  • sidplay64-sd2iec.prg – SD2IEC version.
  • sidplay64-reu-1541u2cmd.prg – 1541 Ultimate II version with REU.
  • sidplay64-reu-sd2iec.prg – SD2IEC version with REU.
  • sidplay64-reu-1541u-netdrive.prg – 1541 Ultimate & Netdrive with REU.
  • sidplay64-reu-iec-cmd-ide64.prg  – CMD drives, IDE64 devices & other IEC devices, with REU.
  • sidplay64-sidfx-reu-normal.prg – Sidfx and REU version for 1541, 1571, 1581 and clones of these.

(Again : The 1541U2 software iec mode has been disabled for this build.)

SIDPLAY 64 v1.21 (15/01/2018):

  • Updated SIDFX card detection.

SIDPLAY 64 v1.20 (29/09/2017):

  • Added SIDFX card support. Software control for switching beween 6581 or 8580.
  • Sidplay64 detects the sidfx card. The sid chips. And will then ask you to center Switch 1 to allow for software control of the sid chips.
  • Added Chameleon support for two emulated sid chips.
  • Software control for switching between 6581 or 8580.
  • Sidplay64 will switch to correct sid type when you load sids.

Download: SIDPlay 64 v1.21 (387)


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GIG Leonardo Composite Mod

January 16th, 2018 No comments
GIG Leonardo Composite Mod

Video Composite modding:

  • Removed the RF modulator.
  • Removed one pin of the 3 resistors (see photo) for the video composite output, you can get a better image (contrast and color) (see photo)
  • I have used the same hole of the RF cable for the composite video and audio cable.

Gallery of the Video Composite mod:


Gotek HxC Firmware v3.1.1.1a

January 15th, 2018 No comments

Jean-François DEL NERO (who’s behind the HxC SD Floppy Emulator) recently has released a version of the HxC emulator firmware that is compatible with the STM32 chip used in the Gotek floppy emulators.

This means that the great functionality of the HxC SD emulator is now available on cheaper and more widely available hardware.

The bootloader to convert the Gotek floppy drive in HxC compatible must be purchased on the website HXC 2001 by sending an email to Jean-François DEL NERO. The price of the bootloader is one-off 10 Euro per Gotek that you want to update. Future updates of the software are free and can be made from a USB stick

The HXC Usb (Gotek) firmware supports: + many more….

Release notes Firmware USB HxCFloppyEmulator v3.1.1.1a:

  • Fix broken Rotary support in normal mode. (Connection points reminder : Clock -> J7 pin 2,Direction -> J7 pin 1)

This is only a little part of the changelog. The original one is very long and you can read it here.

Download: USB Stick STM32 (Gotek) HxC Firmware v3.1.1.1a (303)


CBM prg Studio v3.12.0 released

January 13th, 2018 No comments

CBM prg Studio Version 3.12.0 is released. There are a lot of new features in this version. I’d really appreciate it if you report any bugs you find or have any suggestions/comments.

CBM prg Studio allows you to type a BASIC or Machine Code program in using a nice Windows environment and convert it to a ‘.prg’ file which you can run on an emulator, or even a real C64 / VIC20 or PET if you’re feeling brave and have the right kit.

CBM prg Studio is the result of merging C64PrgGen and VIC20PrgGen. Adding new features and fixing bugs in two apps which were 95% similar was a bit of a nightmare so merging them made sense.

It was also a good opportunity for a face lift and to add some new features, such as:

  • Programs are project based, meaning all related source files, sprite files etc. are kept in one place and multiple source files can be linked more easily.
  • Tabbed MDI.
  • Syntax highlighting.

What CBM prg Studio isn’t is a front-end for tok64, cbmcnvrt, bastext or any other tokeniser / detokeniser / assembler. It’s all been written completely from scratch.

New features in v3.12.0:

  • Assembler:
    • SaveBlock directive.
    • Repeat..EndRepeat directive.
    • Improved “IfDef” directive.
    • Start address can be a label.
  • Screen Editor:
    • New export options for assembly and BASIC programs.
  • General:
    • “Go to” dialog can now use BASIC line numbers.
    • Cursor colour can be changed.
    • Cursor blinking can be turned on/off.
  • Debugger:
    • Variables can be watched.
    • Separate windows for the stack, breakpoints and watches.
    • Stack pointer shown in stack window.
    • Support for the “C64 Debugger”. See here for details of this debugger.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Assembler:
    • A comma in quotes as a text or byte directive was not being generated.
    • Reformatting text issues.
    • Global variables appearing twice in the autocomplete list.
    • Forward references for local labels in macros not assembling.
  • BASIC:
    • Incorrect ‘Jump to destination’ and ‘return from jump’ with ‘similar’ line numbers.
  • Screen Editor:
    • Screen mode not being saved/recalled properly.
    • Binary file export problems.
  • General:
    • Crash when using certain mono fonts.
    • Bad formatting of output from data generator tool.

See the help for a complete list of new features and fixed bugs.

Note In this version, each target machine can have its own default project directory. If you are upgrading from a previous version (before version 2.5.1) of CBM prg Studio you may be asked to set up your project directories again. Your current projects will not be affected.

Download: CBM prg Studio v3.12.0 (356)


SNDH Atari ST YM2149 Archive v4.7 released.

January 7th, 2018 No comments

SNDH archive v4.7 released – 323 new/updated SNDH files (1209 subtunes) – (total 10238 tunes)

Ever since the birth of the Atari ST, different chip music formats have had different ways to use them. If you are coding a chip music player for the Atari ST you would have to use dozens and dozens of special ways to replay music.

But in the mid 90′s, BDC of Aura crew became tired of this inelegant system and decided to fix the issue once and for all. He then created the ‘SNDH’ file format. SNDH is actually the original songfile and replaycode with a header bolted on top of the music and replayer. The header has a unified calling interface no matter what type of chip music is hidden beneath it, and it has extended datas about the music.

Download: SNDH Atari ST YM2149 Archive v4.7 (508)


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Hoxs64 Commodore 64 Emulator Updated v1.0.9.6

January 2nd, 2018 No comments

Hoxs64 written by David Horrocks is a Commodore 64 emulator for Microsoft Windows 2K/XP/Vista/Seven (DirectX 9+)

The emulator substantially reproduces this legacy machine in minute detail.


  • CIA old timer B bug timing fixes for Wilfred Bos’s alternate version of the dd0dtest.
  • Updated 8580 SID combined wave with slightly improved samples from a real C64C CSG 8580R5.
  • Added a new joystick setting to enable the use all fire buttons.
  • Added separate VBL sync or line sync options for both Direct X full screen and windowed mode.
  • Fixed the “Stretch with border clip” in some resolutions to provide a more optimal zoom.



Sega Game Gear (Boxed) Full Recap

January 1st, 2018 No comments
Sega Game Gear (Boxed) Full Recap

Sega Game Gear (Boxed) Full Recap.


  • Dead but the Power LED is turned ON.


  • Replaced all capacitors (Main / DC-DC / Audio)

Gallery of the repair:

Commodore 64C (ASSY 250425) Repair

January 1st, 2018 No comments
Commodore 64C (ASSY 250425) Repair

Commodore 64C (ASSY 250425) Repair.


  • Basic Screen without text and prompt.

Replaced parts:

  • 1 x MT 4264-20 RAM (U24)

Gallery of the repair:


Texas Instruments TI-99-4A Repair

January 1st, 2018 No comments
Texas Instruments TI-99-4A Repair

Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Repair.


  • Cartridges port doesn’t work.


  • Cleaning the cartridge connector (computer side) with one pin oxided.

Gallery of the repair:


Texas Instruments Modulator PHA2036 Repair

January 1st, 2018 No comments
Texas Instruments  Modulator PHA2036 Repair

Texas Instruments Modulator PHA2036 Repair.


  • After a few seconds of use the image becomes dark until it disappears completely.


  • The problem was inside the RF modulator. After removed the problem is gone. If you made the composite mod i always recommend to removing the Modulator.

Roland MT-80s Repair

January 1st, 2018 No comments
Roland MT-80s Repair

Roland MT-80s Repair.


  • Working good but without sound.


  • Fixing the two solder pads broken of the bridge rectifier for the 13v.

Gallery of the repair:

Download: Roland MT-80s Service Manual (226)

Video Test:

Commodore VIC-20 (ASSY 250403) Repair

December 28th, 2017 No comments
Commodore VIC-20 (ASSY 250403) Repair

Commodore VIC-20 (ASSY 250403) Repair


  • Black Screen.

Replaced parts:

  • Replaced CPU 6502 (UE10)

2 x Commodore Amiga 1200 Recap

December 28th, 2017 No comments
2 x Commodore Amiga 1200 Recap

2 x Commodore Amiga 1200 Recap.



Osborne 1 Replaced Capacitors (PSU)

December 28th, 2017 No comments
Osborne 1 Replaced Capacitors (PSU)

This computer did not present the defect described, but knowing well the power supply stage of the osborne, very similar if not the same as the computer series Kaypro, i have preferred to replace the two capacitors that usually present problems.

The real problem came out as soon when i have connected the keyboard, the screen started to flash and the keyboard did not work.

Several pins of the keyboard connector are in short-circuit, i have disassembled the keyboard, unplugged the flat connector and checked the continuity of all pins and everything was perfect.

The problem is the membrane broken in more parts and probably they are some residues inside the keyboard, shaking the keyboard it sounds almost like a maracas.

The membrane of this keyboard can not be replaced because the switches that press the membrane are “hot welded” by melt the plastic, however the membrane is not available as a spare part.

I have tried with the keyboard of my Osborne One (version 1 and 2) and everything works perfectly.

Gallery of the repair: