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Sidplay64 v0.6 Beta by Shape

January 1st, 2010 No comments

This is a program that can playback sid files from the HVSC collection on a real c64.

SIDPLAY 64 v.06 beta (01/01/2010):

  • Corrected all text output, when loading sid files from pc dir, and when loading files over netdrive. No strange signs on screen now. ( ? )
  • Fixed to “Work” with Netdrive, but there is a but: all sid files extensions must end with “.prg” For instance “shape.sid” will only work if renamed to “shape.prg” or “shape.sid.prg” Netdrive only supports files with the .prg extension. Filenames must be equal or less than 16 letters (do not count file extension)
  • Fixed the bug with Retro Replay. According to Countzer0 it is indeed a bug that shouldnt be there.
  • Files with not enough relocation pages for siplay64 and with a built in play mode (see sid files with $0000 as play call) will now be loaded and started. Examples here are Pollytracker songs which use all memory. Other files where relocation pages doesnt leave enough memory will still give you the “out of memory error” message.
  • Speeded up the keyboard scanner. You can select things faster now.
  • Added a display number for number of files in dir.


MMC Replay vs. 1541 Ultimate Videoreview *Link Updated*

December 16th, 2009 No comments

from 1541ultimate Forum:

Videoreview about the comparison of “MMC Replay” (Individual Computers) and “1541 Ultimate” with an detailed tutorial about connecting and using.

Also it shows some very interesting additional features like using a real 1541 drive together with 1541U.

-> Video 1 – Introduction
-> Video 2 – Test: MMC Replay
-> Video 3 – Test: 1541 Ultimate 1/2
-> Video 4 – Test: 1541 Ultimate 2/2 + Fazit

source: 1541ultimate Forum

DLH’s Commodore Archive *Updated*

December 11th, 2009 No comments

DLH's Commodore ArchiveDLH’s Commodore Archive latest news:

  • 1084-P Service Manual 314890-01 (1988 July) (39 pages)
  • 1084-D PAL Service Manual (45 pages)
  • Super Snapshot V5.2 (Dutch)
  • Tech Topics Issue 29 1990 Apr-Jun (25 pages)
  • Tech Topics Issue 30 1990 Jul-Sep (12 pages)
  • Tech Topics Issue 31 1990 Oct-Dec (18 pages)

source: DLH Commodore Archive

Released EasyProg v1.4.0 for EasyFlash Cartridge

December 10th, 2009 No comments

EasyProg is a program for the C64. It is used to write (“burn”) cartridge image files (*.crt) onto an EasyFlash.


  • Support files split and compressed with EasySplit.
  • Support for xbank format.
  • Sort directory entries case-insensitive.
  • Allow 255 entries in directory dialog.

source: easyflash homepage

Cartograph V1.2 by Arkanix Labs

December 5th, 2009 No comments

Cartograph by Arkanix LabsCartograph is a native Commodore 64 application created for designing tile-based maps/levels.

This versatile tool allows you to create maps and levels for your games, matrices and data for demos and tools and much more.


  • New: “Data Types” support has been built in.
  • New: press spacebar to print a space on the screen.
  • New: top window changes color depending on which editing mode you are in.  Gray = regular edit, blue = data edit.
  • Fixed: the z-bug is fixed.  we can now load files with z in the file name.
  • Fixed: menu has been updated to American only spelling and the version # is now located in the bottom right corner (web site removed)
  • Fixed: 40×25 screenshot save was not saving the very last byte.  now it is.
  • Fixed: project loader used to abort if an error was found (ie file not found).  it now continues through and still tries to load all remaining project files.
  • Fixed: when editing in multicolour mode and then going into menu, some text would appear in multicolour instead of hires.


Berzerk Redux v1.8 by Martin Piper

November 29th, 2009 No comments

Berzerk Redux by Martin PiperBerzerk Redux for Commodore 64 is based on the classic arcade game Bezerk and is a multi-directional shooter video Arcade game from Stern Electronics.

source: wikipedia

Brain Innovations – JiffyDOS (Flashrom) Production Units

November 29th, 2009 No comments

JBrain JiffyDOSfrom Homepage:

After many months of preparation, JiffyDOS production ROM overlays are finally ready for distribution.

The system utilizes the ROM-el FLASH-based ROM emulator, allowing the units to be fully assembled before programming.  Units should be available shortly for sale in the online store.

source: JiffyDOS Documentation

Sidplay64 v0.5 Beta by Shape

November 21st, 2009 No comments

SidPlay64This is a program that can playback sid files from the HVSC collection on a real c64.

SIDPLAY 64 v.05 beta (20/11/2009):

Added a long overdue IDE64 fix. Thanks to iAN COOG and Soci.


Rob Hubbard’s Best Demo by Crypt

November 10th, 2009 No comments

robHubbardThis is a Rob Hubbard’s Demo by Crypt, one of My Favorite Musicians.


Working in progress for the new 1541U-II

November 7th, 2009 No comments

1541 Ultimatefrom 1541 Ultimate homepage:

It is about time to release some news about the 1541U-II. I think some of you must be really curious about the extra features and possibilities that the 1541U-II give, and about the progress on production and firmware. To start off with the 1541U-II features, I can tell you that it differs from the ‘standard’ 1541U Plus/Ethernet that:

  • the board itself is about 30% smaller than the 1541U;
  • it has a MicroSD connector, instead of a full-size SD;
  • it has a real-time-clock function, for correct file time and date;
  • it has a larger FPGA, which enables the implementation of more features;
  • it has a USB Host port, which can be used to connect USB-sticks;
  • it is targeted to have a suitable case for the device.

Some of you have written in the forums, that the MicroSD connector is not much of an improvement. But the rationale behind going to MicroSD is mainly the available space on the board is less, and that with the addition of a USB-A port, the average user will use the usb-stick rather than the SD-card.

So the MicroSD-card does not need to be removed from the cartridge very often. However, because at the moment that I announced the 1541U-II, the USB port was not yet tested, I could not reveal this feature as I did not want to make promises that I can’t keep.

1541U-IIThe USB turns out to be quite a bit of work to get it to work, but I can now announce that I managed to implement enough of a host-controller function to be able to talk to USB devices and send the most basic commands to access a mass-storage device. I am quite close to have implemented the ‘read-block’ and ‘write-block’ functions, which is the interface level that the file system module uses. In other words, I expect to be able to access the (FAT) file-system on the USB stick quite soon!

How will it work for the user? My objective is to have one ‘directory’ level above the current root of the SD-card, where you can select which partition you want to browse. There the USB flash drive becomes visible, as well as the MicroSD card, if present.


EasyFlash Cartridge Tools Collection by

November 6th, 2009 No comments

Easyflash ToolsThat’s an CRT image with some C00L C64 Utility for the EasyFlash cartridge.

source: noname.c64 org

The shop of the website for8Bits is Open

October 31st, 2009 No comments

for8bits HomepageThis shop offers selected open-source projects in kit form for the classical computers
Commodore C64 and VIC-20.


  • C-64 EasyFlash.
  • VIC-20 Final Expansion.


Commodore 64 DiskMagazine – Vandalism News #52

October 31st, 2009 No comments

Onslaught / Wrath Designs / Vandalism new stuff, bring you the 52th Vandalism News, released at the Syntax DemoParty 2009.


EasyFlash Cartridge SID Collection by Mactron

October 22nd, 2009 No comments

EasyFlash Sid Tunez CollectionsThat’s an CRT image with some C00L Sid Tunez for the EasyFlash cartridge.

source: noname.c64 org

Released EasyProg v1.3.5 for EasyFlash Cartridge

October 22nd, 2009 No comments

EasyProgEasyProg is a program for the C64. It is used to write (“burn”) cartridge image files (*.crt) onto an EasyFlash.


  • Workarounds for 1541U SD-IF bugs.
  • Fix hex viewer, it got broken in 1.3

source: easyflash homepage