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DiskMagazine – Vandalism News #50

January 29th, 2009 No comments

After many months and a lot of work. Onslaught & Wrath Designs bring you the 50th Vandalism News called The Gold Edition. Four disk sides, 12 exclusive SIDs, a bonus disk and two disk covers.

download magazine:
download disk cover:

SD2Browse v0.5 – File Browser for sd2iec

November 8th, 2008 No comments

SD2Browse by Hannu Nuotio. Changelog: v.0.5 – 8.11.2008

  • bugfix: load end address was ignored.
  • using kernal screen clear to save some bytes.


  • sd2brwse*.prg – precompiled versions (see “Versions”)
  • sd2brwse.a – the main source file
  • config.def – configuration file
  • Makefile – for easier development
  • readme.txt – this file

download: sd2browse05 (1147) - 14.94 kB

The new name for the project is: CBM FileBrowser

source: Petscii Forums