fpgaSID (Stereo 6581/8580 Replacement) by andi6510

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fpgaSID (Stereo 6581/8580 Replacement) by andi6510

I could not resist the temptation to try also this “we hope it will be the last one!” FPGA implementation of the SID (Sound Interface Device) MOS 6581 / 8580, i’m talking about the fpgaSID by andi6510.

Probably this is the best implementation using an FPGA of the sound chip of the Commodore 64. If we make a quick comparison with the implementation made by Gideon for the Ultimate-64, both are the best ever.

It remains however understood that the audiophiles and purist of the sound generated of a original SID will never accept any implementation of the SID via FPGA.

andi6510 also wrote a software for the Commodore 64 (ConfiGuru) to configure the various fpgaSID options and for upgrade the firmware.

fpgaSID (Stereo 6581/8580 Replacement) by andi6510

Below some information taken from the fpgaSID site.

Accurate replication of the original SID MOS6581 and MOS8580:

  • Exact reproduction of the digital sound generation part
  • Spice simulation of the analog filters
  • Advanced models for all 6581 non-linearities

Many extra features on top of the original SID:

  • FPGASID includes two fully functional SIDs for 6-voice stereo sound
  • Perfect audio quality – much better than the original SID!
  • Pseudo stereo mode mixes traditional tunes or game sounds to stereo
  • Digitize the analog input to 8-bit samples (in your own software)
  • Sample playback of 8-bit samples (in your own software)
  • Nice light organ effect visible when mounted in transparent case
  • Paddles readout even more accurate than the original SID

High compatibility:

  • Works in any C64/SX64 or C128
  • Works with any software written for standard single SID computers
  • Works with large existing software base for dual SID stereo tunes
  • Paddle and 1351 Mouse support
  • Analog input EXTIN fully supported

Easy configuration with the software tool ConfiGuru:

  • Individual configuration of every SID
  • Easy- and Expert configuration modes
  • Save up to two configuration sets permanently in flash memory
  • Easy update to new firmware directly on your C64
  • Flexible address allocation of the second SID
  • Diagnostic function to troubleshoot hardware problems

Easy installation:

  • Installation done in 20 minutes
  • No soldering required for all main features (except external configuration switch, when needed)
  • Much smaller than traditional stereo boards thus avoiding installation trouble



source: fpgasid.de

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HxC Floppy Emulator file selector v1.89

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New update : HxC Floppy Emulator file selector version 1.89.

Amiga -> Better multitasking/Workbench compatibility/support:

  • Don’t “overtake”/hand-initialize the screen anymore : Let the system initialize the bitplane and just use it.
  • Don’t reboot anymore the system but just exit the file selector if we are not track-loaded.
  • Don’t lockup the system anymore in case of error if we are not track-loaded.

With these modifications the file selector is now more “Workbench-friendly”.

Amiga Workbench tips and tricks :

  • Press Left-Amiga+N keys to switch to the Workbench.
  • Press Left-Amiga+M keys to switch back to the HxC File selector.

Download: HxC Floppy Emulator file selector v1.89 (110)

source: github.com

C64 Big Game Pack: Mazinger Z Preview V2 / Slalom +3DMGH …

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Some new games or tools (Cracked / Trained or Unrealeased) for Commodore 64 have been released from your favorites groups.


  • Mashed Turtles V2 +F
  • Moonshadow 2 Preview
  • Guardian II +5HD
  • Portal +2
  • Overhead Racer Preview
  • Portal V1 +
  • Portal V1
  • Mashed Turtles 64 V2
  • Super Hyperzap +2F
  • CNC Simulationen
  • El Loco Challenge Preview
  • Rolling Ronny +H
  • Maze of Death
  • Hermetic +
  • Portal +5D
  • Lady Tut +7DGH
  • Argos DX +2T
  • CNC-Simulation “Fräsen”
  • Super Hyperzap
  • Super Hyperzap +2
  • Super Hyperzap +
  • Super Hyperzap +F
  • CNC Simulationen
  • Tank Blasta [seuck]
  • Super Hyperzap +2F
  • Mountain King +8DF
  • Di’s Baby +2DH
  • Draughts
  • Dama
  • Ornament Man +
  • The Sky Is Falling Basic Preview
  • Supernova 0.2 Preview
  • Demon Blues +
  • Batman – The Caped Crusader +1D
  • Ornament Man
  • Dragon’s Lair
  • Aviator Arcade +4
  • Cybex Escape [dutch]
  • Maze of Death +
  • Tank Blasta +2H [seuck]
  • Cybex Escape +1T
  • 8bit-Slicks
  • Fire Breath V1.1 +2
  • Ski or Die [supercpu]
  • Stercore 64
  • Stercore 64 +
  • Paradoxon Basic [cartridge]
  • Coil Cop +1D
  • O-Pat-Ko-No +DF
  • Spiderbot +1D
  • Slalom +2DMGH
  • Killer Bees
  • Killer Bees +2H V2
  • Killer Bees +2 V1
  • Slalom +3DMGH
  • Digiloi
  • Killer Bees +2H V3 OK
  • Digiloi +
  • Death in the Caribbean 101% +DS MAP
  • The Innuh’s Pyramid &DSM
  • Cauldron II +4 GOLD
  • Mazinger Z Preview V2 +2D

Download: All Games in One Archive (714)

source: csdb.dk

Hoxs64 Commodore 64 Emulator Updated v1.0.16.0

December 28th, 2018 1 comment

Hoxs64 written by David Horrocks is a Commodore 64 emulator for Microsoft Windows 2K/XP/Vista/Seven (DirectX 9+)

The emulator substantially reproduces this legacy machine in minute detail.

Changelog ( ->

  • Prevent memory buffer overflow error when mounting G64 disk files that contain tracks that are longer than 7928 bytes. Allow arbitrary length G64 track data to be scaled to the emulated disk.
  • Fixed G64 file header track size sanity check.
  • Added VIA6522 shift register emulation to support raw captured VMAX4 loaders.
  • CIA Time Of Day emulation accuracy improvement.


source: hoxs64.net

TheC64 Mini Firmware Update v1.2.0

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Firmware upgrades for THEC64 Mini provide new features and/or correct any technical issues.

We always recommend that you use the latest version of the firmware.

Version 1.2.0 – Changes:

  • Adds a complete new game for free to the GAMES CAROUSEL! Galencia for the Mini is licensed from Jay Aldred and is the winner of the Reset64 Magazine 2017 Commodore 64 Game of the Year Award
  • Introduces the Virtual Joystick. You can now select all options on THEC64 Mini and even play games just using a USB keyboard. See Virtual Joystick for further information
  • Improves the File Loader to allow multiple programs to be configured at once. See Setting a Default Configuration for Multiple Programs for further information
  • Remembers the mute state of the CAROUSEL music between reboots
  • Improves the general performance of THEC64 Mini screens and menus


Galencia is the winner of the Reset64 Magazine 2017 Commodore 64 Game of the Year Award. It is a colourful, highly polished, Galaga inspired single-screen shoot-em-up.

Jay has worked really hard to produce a special version of Galencia just for THEC64 Mini and its 720p display, and it makes maximum use of the upper and lower borders for graphics, right up to the edge of the screen! Be aware however, that some HD TVs might crop some of these border graphics when displaying the 720p image. This is not a fault with Galencia or the Mini and we recommend that you refer to your TV settings.

Please be aware there is currently a 256 item limit (files and/or folders) to assist improved USB memory stick performance.

Download: TheC64 Mini Firmware v1.2.0 (127)

source: thec64.com

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2 x Texas Instruments TI-99-4A Repair

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Texas Instruments TI-99-4A Repair

Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Repair (1 of 2)


  • Black Screen and deafening sound in background.

Replaced parts:

  • 1 x TMS 4732/2532 ROM (U611)

Gallery of the repair:

Texas Instruments TI-99-4A Repair Texas Instruments TI-99-4A Repair



Texas Instruments TI-99-4A Repair

Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Repair (2 of 2)


  • Garbage Screen.

Replaced parts:

  • 1 x TMS4116-20 RAM (U103).

Gallery of the repair:

Texas Instruments TI-99-4A Repair Texas Instruments TI-99-4A Repair Texas Instruments TI-99-4A Repair



DownloadTI99 Technical Manual (66)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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SD2Snes Firmware v1.9.0 released (SA-1 support)

December 18th, 2018 No comments

Ikari has released a new firmware for the SD2Snes Flash Cartridge (Super Nintendo/Famicom). The upgrade instructions can be found here.


  • SA-1 support by RedGuy! Big thanks to RedGuy again :) This was a really tight fit for the FPGA so there’s a little catch – MSU1 is not available for SA-1 games.
  • Also from RedGuy comes partial SRAM detection for some known games (SuperFX & SA-1). This calculates a ROM CRC and chooses to monitor only specific regions in cartridge RAM for changes. This enables automatic saving without having to resort to periodic saving, reducing wear on the SD card.
  • SNES CPU <-> PPU clock phase alignment. This is a long standing issue on a sub-CPU-cycle base inside the SNES. HDMA to certain registers can cause flickering sprite slabs to appear when CPU and PPU are out of phase after a cart-side reset (which does not reset the PPUs). This fixes the notorious flickering of characters with the giant frog attack in Chrono Trigger, sprites in Kirby Super Star, characters behind the text box in Star Ocean, and probably more. See https://github.com/RedGuyyyy/sd2snes/issues/6 for technical details.
  • Added an option to always go back to menu on reset, regardless of whether it’s a short or long reset.
  • LED brightness setting (16 levels)
  • Added an option to choose whether you want to start a game with or without cheats enabled (of those that are marked as enabled in the YAML file). You can enable / disable them later using the L+R+Start+A / L+R+Start+B button combinations if you have in-game buttons enabled.
  • Disable Satellaview emulation when a real Satellaview base unit is detected to avoid bus fighting and facilitate Satellaview development.
  • System Information now shows the currently effective video mode (50 or 60 Hz).
  • Fixes:
    • Control signal edges are detected a bit earlier, improving stability on some consoles (Github Issues)
    • Fix timing of auto region patching. This should solve cross-issues with Super Scope games because they rely on the same register that is also used to read the console region.
    • Fix brightness patching / limiting for games that use HDMA to alter the brightness register. (e.g. Star Fox)
    • Fix an occasional imaginary access cycle carried out by the FPGA after reconfiguration. This fixes lockups when loading games with dedicated FPGA files, i.e. SuperFX, SA-1, OBC-1.
    • Fix SuperCIC pair mode entry for consoles with ≤ 3.072MHz CIC clock (notably GPM revisions). (Github Issue)
    • S-RTC register state is reset when the console is reset.


source: sd2snes.de

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Atari SAP Music Archive online repository

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Atari SAP Music Archive (ASMA) is a Atari XL-XE music collection. It is one of the largest and most accurate computer music collections known.

ASMA archive now uses an online repository, where it is constantly updated.

source: ASMA Repository

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Commodore Amiga 600 which has seen better dayz

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Commodore Amiga 600 which has seen better dayz

This Commodore Amiga 600 is arrived in laboratory in immaculate state still with the warranty sticker.

Immediately after the disassembly i have immediately noticed that were are several problems of acid released from the capacitors and dirty that affected this poor Amiga 600 and its Floppy Drive.

A decoupling capacitor it’s exploded with a pit on the PCB side, solved this problem i started to replace all the electrolytic capacitors and to clean the pcb with specific products.

After the replacement of the electrolytic capacitors, i have tried to turn on the amiga that apparently worked, shame about the distorted sound and the floppy drive that read 1 time of 100.

I had to replace the electrolyte capacitor on the Floppy Drive and soon after i looked for the fault of the audio problem that 99% is always the usual LF374.

In this case it was not only LF374 but also a 10ohm resistor that did not let the +12v to the LF374 and a short-circuited ceramic decoupling capacitor.

Components that have been replaced:

  • IC LF374 substituted with a fully compatible TL084C (U15)
  • 10Ohm resistor (R301)
  • 330nF capacitor (C301)
  • 330nF capacitor (C41)

Unfortunately the welding of the LF374 did not come very well how i like to do it but the pad are destroyed and corroded by the acid and they were about to detach, indeed the pad of the pin 2 of the LF374 was really detached, that’s why the pin 1 and 2 of the IC LF374 are connected together, they were connected via the pad.

I leave you to the photos and the video.



Commodore SX-64 Keyboard Repair & Cleaning

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Commodore SX-64 Keyboard Repair & Cleaning

The Commodore-SX64 keyboard after some time isnt’t responding anymore (all or some keys). In this case, the keyboard needs some cleaning and repair.

First of all you have to disassembly the keyboard housing, pay particular attention to the screws, this plastic is very old and not of a good quality, it breaks only if you look it.

Gently remove the membrane and clean with alcohol all the metal contacts on the keyboard pcb and also clean all the contact pads on the membrane without alcohol.

Next i took some graphite in cream (Keypad Fix) to reconstruct the pads on the membrane by simply applying a very fine layer of graphite on the contacts.


Philips Monitor VS0080 without Audio Repair

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Philips Monitor VS0080 without Audio Repair

This monitor although fully functional in the video section, was missing audio. The integrated circuit of amplifying sound (TDA 2611A) was not powered.

The problem was a broken pcb track (see photo), solved this problem the sound is back.


Video Intercom vintage monitor recycled

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Video Intercom vintage monitor recycled

I received this small Black and White CRT monitor from a friend, Ciro Barile of TI-99 Italian User Club, this monitor was used as a video intercom and i didn’t know the power supply voltage, the pinout but especially if it worked.

Found the pinout and the power supply voltage i saw the image turned upside down, this because the monitor could be hooked both from top and from bottom, nothing could be easier it was enough to change the deflection yoke connector on the motherboard to flip the image.

I drilled two holes on the back of the case to facilitate access to the composite video input and power supply (12v 2A).


  • RED (Video)
  • GREEN (Ground)
  • BLACK (Positive)
  • BROWN (Ground)


UK1541 (Ultimate Killer) Firmware Update

December 4th, 2018 No comments

Firmware upgrade for the UK1541 a real time drive emulator with cycle-exact 6502 instructions execution and VIA’s emulation just by tiny MCU, LCP1114, Cortex M0, 48Mhz (0,84 DMIPS/Mhz) developed by Krzysztof Switajski aka Kisiel/ICON.


  • Core6502 update with major improvements for VIA emulation.


source: wiki.projekt64.filety.pl

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Hoxs64 Commodore 64 Emulator Updated v1.0.12.0

December 3rd, 2018 No comments

Hoxs64 written by David Horrocks is a Commodore 64 emulator for Microsoft Windows 2K/XP/Vista/Seven (DirectX 9+)

The emulator substantially reproduces this legacy machine in minute detail.


  • Allow game device axes to be unselected in the joystick settings.
  • Experimental support for game devices with more than 32 buttons and up to 128 buttons.
  • Fix to broken save state.


source: hoxs64.net