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32nd European TI Treffen in Rome (September 29 till October 1)

June 22nd, 2017 No comments

For those who don’t know. The TI Treffen  is a historic European gathering of TI-99/4A  enthusiasts  from  all  over  the  world,  has  taken  place  since  1986  and  is organized every year in a different city.

This year, for the second time, it is Italy’s turn to  host  this  beautiful  and  long-awaited  event. The TI-99 Italian User Club is organizing this event in the Italian capital! The TI-99/4A will be the protagonist of this full immersion.

The live auction and competition section with available TI-99 material must  not  be  missed.  And  see  also  the  presentation  of  new  hardware  and  mini-conferences-on-topics-concerning-the-TI-99.


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Revision 2017 – C64 Party results

April 18th, 2017 No comments

This is the official demo party results from Revision 2017. See also the CSDB Revision 2017 section for more informations.


  • 1 – A Mind Is Born by Lft (256b Intro)
  • 2 – Beertime Lite by Dekadence (4K Intro)
  • 6 – Peak 4k by Fairlight (4K Intro)    
  • 8 – Elvis Copper by Rabenauge (4K Intro)
  • 9 – The Outer Limits by Trope (4K Intro)

Mixed Graphics:

  • 6 – Clearwater by Level 64, Onslaught
  • ?? – On My Way by Digital Demolition Krew
  • ?? – Poo.Bus 2K17 by Bryface, cTrix

Mixed Music:

  • 1 – Just One Life [2sid] by Unreal
  • 3 – Toy Rocket by Lft
  • 4 – Jesus Fistus by Dekadence    
  • 10 – Funkfisch by The Dreams
  • 14 – Crossing Norway Express by Genesis Project    

Mixed Demo:

  • 3 – Reluge by Padua
  • 7 – SidRok by SIDRIP Alliance
  • 8 – Asimov by Level 64

Productions released outside compos:

  • Convertron3000 (Other Platform Tool)
  • Modular Sounds 7 by Artstate (Music Collection)

Download: Revision 2017 Party stuff (521)


Datastorm 2017: C64 – Official demo party results

February 12th, 2017 1 comment

This is the official demo party results from Datastorm 2017. See also the CSDB DATASTORM 2017 section for more informations.

C64 Demo:

  • Neon by Triad
  • 2  The Shores of Reflection by SHAPE
  • 3  The Last Hope by Atlantis
  • 4  Zoo 2017 Invitation by Artline Designs, Extend, Triad
  • 5  Göteborg Tower by Active
  • 6  Surdataströmming 99% by Elysium
  • 7  Dansa med DNS by Dinasours

C64 4K Intro:

  • Belong by Mahoney
  • 2  NP Complete by Rabenauge

C64 Music:

  • Bait & Switch by Stinsen
  • 2  Intertwined by Dane/Lft
  • 3  I Just Had Hex on My Wavetable by Fegolhuzz        
  • 4  Savers by Zabutom
  • 5  Smokish by Kristian Røstøen        
  • 6  Too Little Time by Qdor        
  • 7  Sculpting the Data by ZZAP69

C64 Graphics:

  • Rear View by ilesj
  • 2  Spring Gate by Leon
  • 3  Incarnations by Twoflower            
  • 4  Winter Girl by Hammerfist
  • 5  Time to Waste by Malmix        
  • 6  Mononkel by hedning
  • 7  A Dragon by Sharakmir
  • 8  Monster in My Cookie Jar by OhLi        
  • 9  Vad är en riktig dator?

Mixed Graphics:

  • Grönsaksmördaren by Fatzone        
  • 2  Pollygon Wants a Crackfix by Divine Stylers        
  • 3  Treasure Trove by PETSCIIBerlin        
  • 4  Mr Roboto by Rabenauge        
  • 5  Norwegian Barbecue by Darklite, Hoaxers        
  • 6  Scrolling Kitchens by Silicon Limited        

Productions released outside compos:

  • Argentine Songbook Vol. 1 by PVM (Music Collection)
  • Blackbird 1.0 (Tool)
  • Jupiler Dance by Genesis Project (Music)
  • Modular Sounds 5 by Artstate (Music Collection)
  • Neon poster by Triad (Misc.)
  • Ohnesorg by Triad (One-File Demo)
  • Spring Gate by Resource/Chorus/Singular (Graphics)
  • Suburbia Sprawling by Triad (Graphics)
  • T.P.C.T.S. by Bonzai (One-File Demo)

Download: Datastorm 2017 Full Party Stuff (500)


X-2016: Official demo party results & Downloads

November 1st, 2016 No comments

This is the official demo party results from X-2016 (Top 3 Entries only). See also the CSDB X2016 section for more informations and downloads.

C64 Demo Competition:

  • The Phoenix Code / Bonzai
  • Lunatico / lft
  • Wonderland The 13th / Censor Design

Demo Competition (Onefilers Only):

  • Bobs By Censor / Bob/Censor Design
  • Shezzboard / Scan/House Designs
  • Bonfire! / Viscid/Neoplasia

C64 Graphics Competition:

  • Song For The Dead / Duce/Extend
  • Them Apples / ptoing
  • No Shit! / redcrab & Mermaid/G*P

PETSCII Competition:

  • We are all ejected / Archmage/SHAPE
  • Pipe of Picard / Electric/Extend
  • Bosse / redcrab/G*P

C64 Music Competition:

  • Rastaline Dub / LMan/MultiStyle Labs
  • High Roller / Flex/Artline Designs
  • The Ugly Arpling / Stinsen/G*P



Photo Gallery update of my Retro Collection / Retro Trash

September 7th, 2016 3 comments
Photo Gallery update of my Retro Collection / Retro Trash

Photo Gallery update of my Retro Collection / Retro Trash.

Many things in the photos are not visible because are in hidden places or deliberately hidden.

I seem to have accumulated a lot of things in these long years and this is a good time to meditate what to do and what not to do, absolutely do not sell anything or donating, but also not continue to accumulate, in fact from a few months i’m moving just on repairs and modding and i must say that i feel much better.

Photo Gallery:

X-2016: Demo Party (28-30 October 2016)

August 1st, 2016 No comments

The 13th X party will be held from October 28th until October 30rd 2016. The party will be at the location: De Hoof 18, Someren – the Netherlands. Competitions: C64 Demo, C64 Music and C64 Graphics.

source: x-2016 homepage

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Gubbdata 2016 – C64 Party results

July 6th, 2016 No comments

This is the official demo party results from Gubbdata 2016 (Top 3 Entries only). See also the CSDB GUBBDATA 2016 section for more informations.

C64 Demo:

  • 1 – Nothing but PETSCII by Genesis Project
  • 2 – Classics by Booze Design
  • 3 – Monochrome by Triad

C64 Music:

  • 1 – Nothing Compares 2 EU by Fegolhuzz
  • 2 – Ruins by X-jammer
  • 3 – 2 Days by Magnar Harestad

C64 Graphics:

  • 1 – Cock Picture by ilesj
  • 2 – Korvsatan by Razorback
  • 3 – Elsewhere by Mermaid

C64 Mixed Graphics:

  • 1 – Glad Gubbe by Genesis Project, Vision
  • 2 – Duelling Invaders by Genesis Project
  • 3 – Green Falcon by PVM

Download: Gubbdata 2016 Party stuff (537)


Revision 2016 – C64 Party results

March 29th, 2016 No comments

This is the official demo party results from Revision 2016 (Top 3 Entries only). See also the CSDB Revision 2016 section for more informations.

C64 4K Intro:

  • 1 – The Best Intro Ever by Razor 1911.

Mixed Graphics:

  • 6 – Vote EvilBot by Laxity.

Mixed Music:

  • 4 – 8-bitburgers by Panda Design.
  • 5 – A Computer in My Backpack by Lft.
  • 9 – Remembrance by Genesis Project.

Mixed Demo:

  • 1 – We Are Demo by Fairlight, Noice, Offence.
  • 6 – Watch My Balls in Action! by Singular.
  • 7 – Decrunch 2016 Invite by DreamWeb.

Download: Revision 2016 Party stuff (552)


1541 Ultimate-II website down (under attack and overloaded)

October 31st, 2015 No comments

This is what we read on the homepage of the 1541 Ultimate-II:


C64SD V3 Princess FLC available on stock

October 30th, 2015 1 comment

Available on stock the new version of the V3 C64SD Princess by Manosoft. For more information please visit the Manosoft website.


Bidding ended to €22.827,00 for the Commodore 65 on

October 21st, 2015 No comments

source: wikipedia

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Xad/Nightfall goes to Rome for a meet with some friends

June 30th, 2015 No comments
The Happy Family ;-D

In this short article (i don’t like to writing long articles that nobody reads) i share with you the three days spent with some dear friends.

Thursday 25th June at 6:45am i took the train to Rome/Termini, the journey is went well without a hitch on the times. I’m arrived in Rome/Termini at 12:20pm where i met Andrea, from Rome/Termini we took another train that took us to Nettuno.

Arrived in Nettuno we went to eat a sandwich, i was starving :-D, then we went to the “den” of Andrea and we immediately put to work, my initial idea with Andrea
it was to repair more computers possible in three days. In the afternoon we heard at the phone Paolo and Ciro. Thursday evening we went to the Andrea house for the dinner where i have known the wife and the daughter.

Friday morning wake up at dawn and we are back to the “den” to continue the repairs and half morning it came Paolo, could not resist one more day to see me ;-D
the appointment for the barbecue together was scheduled for Saturday, the day after. Friday Afternoon came Ciro and we spent the afternoon together to talking and in the meantime we have made repairs and  testing of computers turned off for over 30 years, we never stopped to work. Friday evening with Andrea and Ciro we went out to eat, the photos of the three dishes speak for themselves :-D

Saturday morning with Ciro we are moved from Anzio to Nettuno where we have continued to do repairs and talk. Saturday afternoon/evening they arrived Paolo and Carlo, i had never met Carlo in person, but it’s as if i knew him always, we write and hear at the phone often. The evening is ended with a large barbecue where we talked not only of “Retro” until around the midnight. i had to go to sleep, the next day there was the train from Rome/Termini at 8:45am to back home.

I have spent three wonderful days with a friends which sharing the same passion. Thanks again to all.

Below a gallery of the photos taken in these three days.

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Revision 2015 – C64 Party results

April 8th, 2015 No comments

This is the official demo party results from Revision 2015 (Top 3 Entries only). See also the CSDB Revision 2015 section for more informations.

C64 4K Intro:

  • 3 – Aura by Fairlight.
  • 4 – The Empress Awakens by Lft.

Mixed Graphics:

  • 4 – Battle of Ilona by Made.
  • 6 – This world is so fucked, let’s end it tonight by Panda Design.
  • 7 – Dude – Got Your Dosage? by Elko, Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated.

Mixed Music:

  • 4 – Space Cheddar by Genesis Project.
  • 5 – New Sids on the Block by Panda Design.
  • 7 – Loose Teeth – Crisp Bacon by Darklite.

Mixed Demo:

  • 3 – GoatLight by Fairlight, Noice, Offence.
  • 5 – $777 by Razor 1911.
  • 9 – Timeline by Scandinavian Allstars.

Download: Revision 2015 Party stuff (828)


Gubbdata 2015 – C64 Party results

March 31st, 2015 No comments

This is the official demo party results from Gubbdata 2015 (Top 3 Entries only). See also the CSDB GUBBDATA 2015 section for more informations.

 C64 Demo:

  • 1 – Requiem by Vision.
  • 2 – Stereophonik [2sid] by Mahoney.
  • 3 – The Butterfly Effect by Offence.

C64 Music:

  • 1 – Amen, Bigbeat Brother! by Jammer.
  • 2 – Northern Star by Dane.
  • 3 – Obsession by Flex.

C64 Graphics:

  • 1 – Disconnect by Joe.
  • 2 – Dragonslayer by Mermaid.
  • 3 – Beetlephant by redcrab.

Download: Gubbdata 2015 Party stuff (799)


Forever 2015 – Back to the Cyberspace – C64 Party results

March 17th, 2015 No comments

This is the official demo party results from Forever 2015 (Top 3 Entries only). See also the CSDB FOREVER 2015 section for more informations.

C64 Demo:

  • 1  -  Rainy Days by Singular.
  • 2  -  Shadows of the Cyberspace [party version] by Nah-Kolor.
  • 3  -  GXAdvert by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group.

C64 Music:

  • 1  -  Hexadragon by Factor6.
  • 2  -  Preludium by Sad.
  • 3  -  2xperiment by Gaetano Chiummo.

C64 Graphics:

  • 1  -  Fish & Wish by Leon.
  • 2  -  Walking on the Moon by Mermaid.
  • 3  -  Voima Laulaa by Reekol.

C64 1K Intro:

  • 1  -  Rotzom01 by Busy, Noro.
  • 2  -  Last Place by Coine.
  • 3  -  1k Forever by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group.

Download: Forever 2015 Party stuff (804)

source: party photo #1 party photo #2