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C64/Vic20 File Browser for U1541

October 19th, 2008 No comments

It was written with the U1541 user interface in mind, and I hope I have achieved the same ease of use.


  • Browsing much like the U1541 user interface.
  • It even handles more than 256 files per directory. (now I know why Gideon wants to postpone that feature)
  • Devices 8-11 are selectable.
  • Basic load address information (verrrry useful for VIC users)
  • ‘sys 320′ hook to reload browser (after a reset, or when it is overwritten by a file load)
  • Only 8 blocks.

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1541 Ultimate: the first Batch-2 small issue

October 15th, 2008 No comments

Unfortunately, the first Batch-2 units shipped have a small issue. It turns out that the order of the cartridge ROMs flashed is faulty. Therefore, the Final Cartridge 3 and the Action Replay cartridges don’t work. You can fix this by applying the official V1.5 release that can be found in the download section. Of course, cartridges that are shipping from this moment on won’t have this issue.

source: 1541ultimate

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A very nice Photo collection of Demo Party

October 15th, 2008 No comments

At a demo party, 90% of the people will be havin’ a chat / coding / photo- shopping / animating / tracking music / watching demos / tinkering with hardware… this Collection include demo Party from 1987 to 2008.


Peiselulli DTV Kernal V1.0 Release

October 12th, 2008 No comments

DTV Kernal V1.0 by Peiselulli of Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated.


  • V1.0 : renamed to TRSI kernal.
  • scratch menu can select “d64″, “usr” and “seq” files, too.
  • fast formatter removed (does not work very well)
  • ultimate functions added.
  • fill whole mem added.
  • renew function now works.
  • basic function load and save are working now in turbo mode.
  • floppy status function fixed.


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1541 Ultimate 70 boards arrived

October 10th, 2008 No comments

The shipping has started! Remaining boards from batch 2 and 3 will arrive not long after. Please do NOT ask me when yours will be shipped. I don’t have time to answer that. Rest assured, that it will be as swift as possible!

source: 1541ultimate

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xAD / nIGHTFALL on Facebulk.. Facebook

October 6th, 2008 No comments

Profile Facebook of Xad Nightfall

Click on Facebook badge for my FaceBulk Profile ;-D

SD2Iec Firmware v0.8.0 PRE1 Released

October 4th, 2008 No comments

SD2Iec LogoSD2Iec – is a hardware mass storage device using an SD/MMC card and interfacing with the IEC bus.


2008-10-02 – release 0.8.0pre1

  • Implement Dreamload emulation.
  • RTC support.
  • Dataflash support.
  • Multi-file scratch.
  • Copy command.
  • Large buffer support.
  • Final Cartridge 3 freezed file fastloader support.
  • D71/D81 disk image support.
  • Parse FSINFO sector for faster FAT32 free space calculation.
  • Partial REL file support.


source: gitweb forum thread

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1541 Ultimate Production Video & Pictures

October 4th, 2008 2 comments
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Lallafa’s DTV2Ser v0.4 Released!

September 29th, 2008 No comments

Dtv2ser is a small hardware device that bridges TLR’s dtvtrans protocol used to communicate with a DTV via a RS232 interface to your Mac or PC.

By using a serial-to-USB adapter the dtv2ser provides dtvtrans access for all modern PCs where the original dtvtrans parallel cable cannot be used.

The new dtv2ser+usb board directly integrates the USB adapter and realizes the full dtv2ser functionality on a USB-stick-like device.


Cartridge 1541 Ultimate v1.3 Beta video.

September 14th, 2008 No comments

Enjoy with this nice video of 1541 Ultimate cartridge from YouTube.

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Commodore Announces a mini-Notebook

September 3rd, 2008 No comments

No, your eyes are deceiving you.

Commodore (as in Commdore Vic 20,C-64, Amiga) is bringing a Netbook to market. The UMMD 8010/F Netbook was shown off at IDF in Berlin.

The specs sound familar to those following the scene

- 10 inch screen
- Webcamera
- 1.6Ghz C7–M CPU
- 80GB HD
- 1GB of RAM
- WiFi
- Bluetooth optional

The price is a bit on the high side for NetBooks at around $600. Maybe they are counting on a wave of nostalgia buying.

Thanks to Leo Sexad for the news.

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