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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

December 24th, 2012 1 comment

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

December 24th, 2011 No comments

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hidden Power BBS is Back online

December 18th, 2011 No comments

Hidden Power with FlashTermAfter several problems caused by the moving house to my new home, Hidden Power BBS is back online after 2 years of enforced closure.

You can connect to Hidden Power clicking on the widget on the right of the web page “Connect to Hidden Power”

Some old VideoTel Screenshots

December 8th, 2011 No comments

I have found some old files on my Amiga harddisk saved in presetel format. I have used an Amiga program called PrestelView v3.3 to view it, and IrfanView on PC side for capture it in JPG format.

The original screenshots (videotel format) are made by me in 1993.

Atari arcade stick for Apple iPad

September 6th, 2011 No comments

Atari has recently updated their Atari’s Greatest Hits iOS app to include support for an upcoming “Atari Arcade — Duo Powered” joystick.

The design appears to support both landscape and portrait orientations. No details are provided, but it’s likely the device also uses Bluetooth rather than going straight into the dock connector. This is how the iCade works as well, by emulating a Bluetooth keyboard. This system also makes it easier for 3rd party developers to build in support for the accessories.

Atari’s Greatest Hits offers 100 classic Atari games for the iPad and iPhone. It was the first app to provide support for the iCade with several others following. No word on when Atari’s joystick will be available, just “soon”.


Pirate’s Portal is back online

August 20th, 2011 No comments

Pirate’s Portal is a website that offers over 3000 files for: Commodore, Amiga, Spectrum, Atari, MSX, Amstrad, Nintendo and Sega computers.

You can also find Demo’s, Magazines, Tools and information about people from the retro computer community.


iPhone: 8BIT Studio

July 1st, 2011 No comments

8Bit Studio – the only circuit bent 8bit SID synth for your iphone!

Customize your patterns using the built in step sequencer or play live on the retractable keyboard then bend and distort the sound using the touch contacts!


  • 128 Steps of memory.
  • 8 Keyboard patches.
  • 13 Drum sounds.
  • Sampled from the Commodore 64 SID Chip.


Sip (Telecom) Italian Telephone Credit Card & Italcable card

April 13th, 2011 2 comments
Sip Italian Telephone Credit Card & Italcable card

This is a old Italian Telephone Credit Card by SIP (Società Italiana per L’Esercizio delle Telecomunicazioni p.a.) now Telecom Italia and a Itacable Countrydirect card.

Modo – Computer Music Player v1.3

April 5th, 2011 No comments

This is a great 8/16 Bit music player for Android OS.

Plays music from:

  • Amiga tracker files (.mod .xm .it. .s3 .med)
  • C64 (SID Player, HVSC #54 Songlength DB integrated)
  • Nintendo SNES / NES / Gameboy
  • Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) / Master System
  • Amstrad CPC / ZX Spectrum / Atari Pokey


  • Sleep timer.
  • Volume boost.
  • Shuffle.
  • Direct seek within tracker formats.
  • Fast forward for other formats.
  • Not overloaded, just plays.


Dreamhost Network outage: website down for 12+ hours!

March 14th, 2011 No comments

from Dreamhost Status blog:

We’re sorry for the lack of updates on this issue. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any updates here because we don’t have any new information. Our network admins have been working non-stop since this morning to fix these problems, but we’re still not sure when it will be resolved.

This post is just meant to let you know that we are doing everything we possibly can to restore our system to normal and that we are not ignoring the situation. If you have already submitted a support ticket regarding this, you will receive updates by email as soon as we have them. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and thank you for your patience as we try to get things back to normal.

Only One Word Comes to Mind: Dreamhost sucks cocks big time!


TeleKbd64 for iPAD

January 19th, 2011 No comments

TeleKbd64 is a app for iPAD. TeleKbd64 displays a virtual keyboard that looks like an old Commodore 8 bit computer and let you control an emulator running on a PC on the same network.

Emulated keyboards: Compatible emulators:
  • Commodore 64
  • Commodore VIC 20
  • Commodore 16
  • Commodore 64 C and G
  • Commodore SX-64
  • VICE 2.2 x64
  • VICE 2.2 xVic
  • VICE 2.2 xPlu


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

December 24th, 2010 No comments

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a happy new year.

A working Commodore 64 under water

December 10th, 2010 No comments

The team from has demonstrated a Commodore C64 on the “Hobby und Elektronik 2010” in Stuttgart.

Demonstrating a C64 is not so special but this time the C64 was under water! They submersed a C64 circuit-board in water, connected it to a power supply and a monitor and the C64 work without problems for 1 hour.


Dreamhost Network Maintenance: website down for 6 hours!

November 6th, 2010 No comments

from Dreamhost Status blog:

We will be completing the fixes to our Core infrastructure.  This will include abandoning HSRP, restructuring our internal LAN routing domain and pruning unnecessary vlans from our border routers.

Only One Word Comes to Mind: Dreamhost sucks cocks big time!


Dreamhost MySQL issues: I want to kill them *fixed*

October 13th, 2010 No comments

from Dreamhost Status blog:

A backup machine is having issues at the moment, which is adversely affecting multiple MySQL machines.

The root problem has been resolved, and most of the cleanup is done…however, if you’re still noticing any lingering MySQL issues, let us know, and we’ll be happy to address them as needed.

Again, sorry for the downtime.