Nightfall Retro Collection Virtual Tour

16 September 2012 24 commenti

Nightfall Retro Collection Virtual Tour

Nightfall Retro Gallery

Aggiornamento fotografico della mia Retro Collezione / Retro Pattume

Clicca sulla foto per scaricare l’immagine in alta risoluzione (10708 x 5137).

Aggiornamenti del Nightfall Retro Collection:

Fatevi un giro Virtuale nella mia collezione di oggetti Retro sperando un giorno di poter esporre le mie cose anche ad un pubblico Non virtuale.

I miei ringraziamenti vanno a Andrea SchillaniFreddy Anselmo per le foto e il supporto grafico.

UK1541 (Ultimate Killer) Firmware Update

Aggiornamento firmware per l’interfaccia UK1541 l’emulatore di Floppy Drive 1541 per Commodore 64 ed emula perfettamente la CPU 6502 e VIA utilizzate nel Floppy Drive 1541. L’interfaccia e’ stata progettata da Krzysztof Switajski aka Kisiel/ICON.


  • Core6502 update with major improvements for VIA emulation.



Hoxs64 v1.0.12.0. Nuovo aggiornamento per l’emulatore di C64

Hoxs64 scritto da David Horrocks e’ un’ottimo Emulatore di Commodore 64 per Microsoft Windows 2K/XP/Vista/Seven (DirectX 9+).


  • Allow game device axes to be unselected in the joystick settings.
  • Experimental support for game devices with more than 32 buttons and up to 128 buttons.
  • Fix to broken save state.



Nice gift from my friend Federico di Dato

3 December 2018 1 commento
Nice gift from my friend Federico di Dato

…nella foto:

  • Atari CX50 – Keyboard controllers (Boxed e in ottime condizioni)
  • Joystick Cheetah – The Bug (Boxed)
  • ROM/Eprom cartridges for Commodore 64.
  • Commodore 1571 without Floppy Drive (Mobo/PSU working)

C64 Big Game Pack: Caverns of Khafka +10D / Blastopia +6HD …

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E’ stato rilasciato del nuovo Software per Commodore 64.


  • The Third Planet From Altair (RPL)
  • The Last Ninja [1581]
  • DX-7 Sounddesign
  • Combat Crazy +7H (EasyFlash)
  • Rogue Burger One +5F
  • Laura64 Preview V2 +2T
  • Infernal Runner +1DT
  • DX-7 Support
  • (Super) Bonkey Kong +2HD
  • Demons Castle 2 [english]
  • Cow & Chicken Preview (TRIAD/PROTOVISION)
  • Combat Crazy +7H
  • Limbo Preview
  • Hibernated 1: This Place is Death (R17)
  • Drugwar 64
  • Hibernated 1: This Place is Death (R17) +D
  • Zombie Calavera Prologue – Hokuto Force
  • Zombie Calavera Prologue – Hardstyle
  • Rush Preview +2
  • The Scroll of Akbar Khan +1DMW
  • Drugwar 64 V1.05
  • Terminator 2 +H (EasyFlash)
  • Brainway +DCM
  • Blastopia
  • Ill Savior Preview 2
  • CETI 21 – Special Edition +2 [seuck]
  • Blastopia +6HD
  • Aviator Arcade II Preview V2 +3
  • Illsavior Preview 2
  • Fizz +1F
  • Austro-Comp E1+E2 [german]
  • Aviator Arcade II Preview [sd2iec]
  • Bomberland 64k [sd2iec]
  • Spider Maze +3D
  • Spider Maze
  • Highnoon +6DGMH
  • GameTro +
  • Get Off My Garden! +5H
  • LumberJack Basic
  • Four in a Row Master +T
  • Caverns of Khafka +10D
  • Street Gang +7DH

Download: All Games in One Archive (202)


USB Stick STM32 (Gotek) HxC Firmware v3.1.32.1a

20 November 2018 Nessun commento

Jean-François DEL NERO (la persona che sta dietro lo sviluppo dell’emulatore Floppy HxC SD) ha recentemente rilasciato una versione del firmware HxC compatibile con il chip STM32 utilizzato nel Floppy Drive Gotek.

Questo significa che possiamo godere di quasi tutte le features che il firmware HxC supporta anche per l’economico Floppy Drive Gotek.

Il bootloader per convertire il floppy drive Gotek in HxC compatibile va acquistato sul sito di HXC 2001 inviando un’email a Jean-François DEL NERO. Il prezzo del bootloader e’ di 10 euro una tantum per ogni Gotek che si vuole aggiornare/convertire. Gli aggiornamenti successivi del software sono gratuti e possono essere fatti da chiavetta USB.

The HXC Usb (Gotek) firmware supports: + many more….

USB Stick STM32 (Gotek) HxC Floppy Emulator Firmware v3.1.25.1a -> v3.1.32.1a cumulative changelog:

  • Menu subsystem refactored.
  • Smaller code size with more features.
  • Menu OLED and sound parameters (Video Inverse, contrast, step sound) are now taking effect immediately.
  • Code optimizations.
  • CPC DSK : Write cache flush timeout set to 2 seconds.
  • Once again more code size optimizations!
  • More code size optimizations.
  • STM32 startup / init functions refactored (WIP).
  • Flash memory code size reduced.
  • Inversed Floppy Ribbon detection at power-up : “rib” (7 segments display) or “Floppy ribbon reversed !” (LCD/OLed display) message printed at power-up if the floppy ribbon is not connected properly.
  • Fix a regression introduced into the v3.1.28.1a : Fix normal and indexed mode possible browsing issues (unexpected wrap to index 0). Please update !
  • OLED screen : Standby/screen saver mode – The screen is now dimmed to a minimal level. The standby delay can be changed into the setting menu.
  • OLED screen : New Menu entry – “Video” Polarity mode (Normal/Inverse).
  • Files Browser : All Files/Folders with the hidden attribut set are not shown anymore… (Hide Windows/MAC system folders).
  • Push buttons Auto-repeat : Better/Smoother rate changes. Rate changes delays adjusted.
  • Thomson *.FD file support : Faster Loading (sectors interleave factor fixed).
  • Fix the “clear settings”/reset factory function.

This is only a little part of the changelog. The original one is very long and you can read it here. (instruction manual here)

Download: USB Stick STM32 (Gotek) HxC Firmware v3.1.32.1a (47)


U64/Ultimate-64 Aggiornamento Firmware – v1.0B

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E’ stato rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento firmware per l’ultimate-64 di Gideon.

Differences with previous official release V1.06:

  • SID has been improved quite a bit:
    • The internal SID is now consistently referenced as “UltiSID”, to avoid confusion with other SID products.
    • Various bugs, like the phase of the filters, and the routing of Voice 3 when the VOICE3OFF bit was set have been corrected.
    • A number of SID filter curves have now been implemented and can now be chosen from the configuration menu.
    • The resonance can be changed to two different settings.
    • Combined waveforms can now be selected between 6581 and 8580.
    • Internal bus charge in the SID is now emulated.
  • The 6502 core has been improved. All ‘stable’ illegal instructions are now fully operational:
    • SLO $07 $17 $03 $13 $0F $1F $1B
    • RLA $27 $37 $23 $33 $2F $3F $3B
    • SRE $47 $57 $43 $53 $4F $5F $5B
    • RRA $67 $77 $63 $73 $6F $7F $7B
    • SAX $87 $97 $83 $8F
    • LAX $A7 $B7 $A3 $B3 $AF
    • DCP $C7 $D7 $C3 $D3 $CF $DF $DB
    • ISC $E7 $F7 $E3 $F3 $EF $FF $FB
    • ANC $0B
    • ANC $2B
    • ALR $4B
    • ARR $6B (including decimal mode!)
    • SBX $CB
    • SBC $EB
    • LAS $BB
    • LAX $AB is stable with constant 00.
  • U64 settings are now restored when the machine resets. This resets the SID settings after using Auto Config + internal SID player.



Hoxs64 v1.0.11.0. Nuovo aggiornamento per l’emulatore di C64

19 November 2018 1 commento

Hoxs64 scritto da David Horrocks e’ un’ottimo Emulatore di Commodore 64 per Microsoft Windows 2K/XP/Vista/Seven (DirectX 9+).


  • SID envelope timing fixes. SID sustain register cycle accurate response to changes. Update to the SID noise write back behaviour.



C64 DiskMagazine: Vandalism News #68

11 November 2018 Nessun commento

E’ stata rilasciata la 68° edizione del Diskmagazine Vandalism di Onslaught / Offence / Vandalism News Staff.



ARMSiD (6581/8580 Replacement) by Nobomi

6 November 2018 1 commento
ARMSid (6581/8580 Replacement) by Nobomi

ARMSid (6581/8580 Replacement) by Nobomi.

Non ho resistito alla tentazione e ho voluto provare anche questa nuova emulazione del SID 6581/8580 con l’STM32F410 ARM Cortex M4, sto parlando dell’ARMSid di Nobomi.

La spedizione veloce e la cortesia di Nobomi sono sicuramente il punto forte, ma anche la confezione, l’integrato ARMSid viene spedito in un contenitore di plastica onde evitare qualsiasi problema con la spedizione.

Il suono e il feeling “sonoro” sono buoni come lo era per lo SwinSID Ultimate ma meglio, personalmente collocherei l’ARMSid come fedelta’ di emulazione tra il SID Originale e il SwinSID Ultimate, Nobomi sei stato molto bravo, complimenti.

Nobomi inoltre ha scritto un software per Commodore 64 per configurare le varie opzioni dell’ARMSid e un’altro software per aggiornare il Firmware.

Alcune informazioni prese dal sito di Nobomi in Inglese:

What is it ?:

  • A new replacement of the MOS6581 and MOS8580 used in the Commodore C64. It is minimalistic (in simplicity of circuit and use, not in function and power).
  • Real “plug & play” solution. Just insert instead of the original SID into the slot and it’s done.
  • It determines (through supply voltages) which chip it replaces and starts the appropriate emulation (it can be changed later in software).
  • No need to switch the PAL / NTSC version, the circuit uses directly the clock from the computer bus, always synchronous with the C64.
  • It also emulates analog inputs (joysticks, mouse, etc. – POTX and POTY inputs)
  • Analog output is sufficiently buffered, it is not necessary to change anything on the computer board for proper operation.
  • Output sampling frequency is 1/16th bus clock of C64 (approx. 62kHz), real 12bit D/A converter, no pwm.
  • Filters completely transferred to digital form, emulated by float point arithmetic.
  • Significantly lower noise level and less interference from the power supply than the original :)
  • Lower power consumption than the original.
  • Firmware update possible inside the C64.
  • Emulates all waveforms, and even “samples” (at least some of them, Ghostbusters laugh, Chimera screams at you).
  • Full support of analog filters (LowPass, BandPass, HighPass, combination, Q quality control).
  • Emulation of OSC3 and ENV3 registers (little delay, approximately 16 clocks of the C64 bus).
  • Joysticks and mice work.

What is inside ?:

  • A few resistors, capacitors, one stabilizer, one opamp and a processor. That’s all, parts only from one side.
  • The only programmable circuit is the STM32F410, ARM Cortex M4 with HW float point arithmetic at 100MHz.
  • Analogue output amplified via the AD8515 opamp.
  • Stabilizer for the 3.3V processor, the processor itself has 5V tolerance inputs.


  • New features in FW 2.6:
  • Optimization for speed again (approx. 10ns more faster response to read registers, faster processing of writing registers).
  • New features in FW 2.5:
  • Again faster interrupt (approx. 10ns more faster response to read registers).
  • New features in FW 2.4:
  • Further optimization of the interrupt (approx. 20ns faster response to read registers).
  • New features in FW 2.3:
  • A part of source code (interrupt routine) has been rewritten in assembler and manually optimized.
  • It makes a possibility to control the bus only through the CS signal (no need for O2 clock synchronization, so it can run on systems with a different CPU than MOS6502 now).
  • Low frequency limit and filter strength settings and saving settings to permanent flash memory.



ARMSiD Video:

source: ARMSiD Homepage

Hoxs64 v1.0.10.0. Nuovo aggiornamento per l’emulatore di C64

Hoxs64 scritto da David Horrocks e’ un’ottimo Emulatore di Commodore 64 per Microsoft Windows 2K/XP/Vista/Seven (DirectX 9+).


  • SID envelope timing fixes to accommodate VICE test programs in testprogs\SID\env_test\
  • Also improved is the timing of gate attack during release and gate release during attack as measured by own test programs.



X-2018: Risultati ufficiali del Demo Party & Downloads

Questi sono i risultati ufficiali  & Download del Demo Party X-2018. Per maggiori informazioni o aggiornamenti visita il sito CSDB nella sezione X-2018.

Demo Competition:

  • 1 The Star Wars Demo – All of Censor to all of…
  • 2 Unboxed – Bonzai
  • 3 C= bit ’18 – Performers
  • 4 X Marks the Spot – Genesis Project
  • 5 Old Men In Used Cars – Fossil
  • 6 Xcusemo – Atlantis
  • 7 Frantic4BHF – Hoaxers
  • 8 Rewind – TempesT
  • 9 Drinking Buddies – Super Larsson Brothers
  • 10 C64 – Hear 64 – Desire
  • 11 Hi Five – Siesta
  • 12 Pixels 35 – F4CG
  • 13 Crystal Gazer – Chorus
  • 14 F600 – Hokuto Force and PVM
  • 15 Ukiyo – Samar
  • 16 HelloWorld – dyme
  • 17 Nightcrawler – Almagest
  • 18 Bits Please Example Intro – Abyss-Connection
  • 19 TRSi 90s intro – Abyss-Connection^TRSi
  • 20 Ladekast – poo-brain
  • 21 Black hole – deFEEST

4K Competition:

  • 1 Screw It! – Icon/TRIAD
  • 2 ZXQL3000 – lcf/scstrc
  • 3 Dubious – Trasher/Fairlight
  • 4 3935 happy bytes party… – Pex Mahoney/Mahoney & K…
  • 5 Funky Punky – Samar
  • 6 CIIIIID – acidbrain/pvm

Music Competition:

  • 1 SYS64738 Days – Linus/MultiStyleLabs
  • 2 Whiplash – Flex/Artline Designs
  • 3 My Life – LMan/MultiStyle Labs
  • 4 lazy bytes – 6R6/Shape
  • 5 Elvendance – Lft
  • 6 Someren Groove – psycho8580/MultiStyle L…
  • 7 Danger Dawg – Steel & Stinsen/Genesis…
  • 8 Beatswax – Jangler/Artline Designs
  • 9 Quietus – Toggle/Padua
  • 10 Jihad me at hello – fegolhuzz/Panda Design
  • 11 I Beg U Pardon – Aki
  • 12 Guardians of the Wind – Magnar/Censor Design
  • 13 Specksternchen – vincenzo/Singular Crew…
  • 14 Still Here – Apollyon/Artline Designs
  • 15 Sceners of the Skillcore – Dave/SIDNIFY
  • 16 Doctor Help me! I’m sick. – Spider Jerusalem/MYD
  • 17 Unoptimixed – Hein/Vision
  • 18 Miracle Room – Uctumi/PVM
  • 19 Sockerbeat – Qdor/Panda Design
  • 20 Dare teen in a dough sign – Mr.Mouse/XeNTaX
  • 21 Pensioner Jam – da Blondie/Resource
  • 22 Miss You! – Juzdie/Artline Designs
  • 23 Liberación Animal – Los Pat Moritas/PVM
  • 24 taco =gutti= – Raf/Vulture
  • 25 Pernilles Blomster – Roly/Mayday
  • 26 Stargazer – F7sus4/Samar Productions
  • 27 Thumb Mitten – ZZAP69/Onslaught

PETSCII Competition:

  • 1 Ernie – redcrab/genesis project
  • 2 Inhale Xhale – Vent/Extend
  • 3 No Tobacco – TheRyk/Mayday!
  • 4 In the Details – Terwiz/Alumni ^ Damones
  • 5 Bait and switch – Lft
  • 6 Weee ! Cheese ! – Capt’n Obvious
  • 7 Hipno X Soap – Arlequin/PVM
  • 8 Big SID – Aki
  • 9 The Dream – Nodepond/Level90
  • 10 Pungas – Micabot/PVM
  • 11 dont be a dick – Bordeaux/Excess

Graphics Competition:

  • 1 no country for old men – jok/elysium
  • 2 A mature amateur – Duce/Extend
  • 3 Back to Neon – Jamon/Tempest
  • 4 Technomancer (A Murder… – Mucky/Almagest
  • 5 LOBO – Facet/Genesis Project
  • 6 Gleis 9 3/4 – elko/Oxyron ^ TRSi
  • 7 They’ll never catch me! – Leon/SGR^Chorus^RSC
  • 8 Into the void – Vent/Extend
  • 9 Tree Dragon – Capt’n Obvious
  • 10 Phantasy Nature – Almighty God/Excess
  • 11 The Cyan Goddess – ptoing
  • 12 Sabotage – Lobo/Atlantis
  • 13 Myst Take – Alakran/PVM
  • 14 Mega Ukulele – Nith/Triad
  • 15 The fool – NiM/Censor Design
  • 16 fear and loathing in de… – blackwine/dreamweb
  • 17 Kinda Sketchy – Grip/Istari
  • 18 Tiny Ninja – Lzwerch
  • 19 Fake yourself – XynnM/Fake
  • 20 Giggling_stars – Rare_Candy
  • 21 Caves of Kryrion – Nodepond/Level90

Download: X-2018 Full Party Stuff (167)


Rilasciata la nuova versione delle DiagROM v1.1 per Amiga

Cosa sono le DiagROM?

Le DiagROM sono delle ROM diagnostiche per gli Home Computer della serie Commodore Amiga. Queste ROM tornano molto utili in alcune sistuazioni, tipo quando il computer non esegue correttamente il boot o si blocca.


  • New memory-detection routine that hopefully finds more memory.
  • A600/1200/4000 IDE detection.
  • Some bugfixes. (look at releasedata for more info)
  • Powerup extras:
    • press left mousebutton at power on, Screen will be disabled and IF there is fastmem present, fastmem will be used instead of chipmem. Serial console is only option.
    • if you press right mousebutton at poweron. Computer will use the beginning of detected ramblock instead of end.
    • (you can combine both buttons at boot)
  • fire on joystick at power on:
    • Serialport output is disabled. this to make the machine to start with broken Paula. DiagROM also tries to detect broken paula at start and will disable serial if detected. (this detection is far from 100%)

Download: DiagoROM v1.1 Stable (103)


SNK NeoGeo Mini (40th Anniversary) JAP Version

23 October 2018 1 commento
SNK NeoGeo Mini (40th Anniversary) JAP Version

SNK Neo Geo Mini (40th Anniversary) JAP Version.

Il Neo Geo Mini è un sistema all-in-one progettato come un mini cabinet arcade con 40 giochi NeoGeo installati.

Lo schermo 4:3 da 3.5 pollici non offre angoli di visione o contrasto incredibili ma e’ molto bello a prima vista e visualizza tutto con una risoluzione nitida e nativa, essenziale per questo tipo di giochi.

Sul pannello posteriore c’e’ il pulsante di accensione una porta USB-C per l’alimentazione una porta Mini HDMI e un jack per le cuffie, lateralmente ci sono due porte USB-C per il Joypad.

La selezione dei giochi non e’ per tutti, ma come sappiamo bene SNK ha prodotto quasi e solo giochi Beat’Em UP a parte qualche eccezione.

Venticinque dei 40 giochi sono in stile picchiaduro 2D, inclusi tutti i 10 titoli di King of Fighters che giravano su hardware Neo Geo arcade, tre giochi Samurai Shodown, il primo Art of Fighting e quattro Fatal Fury, incluso l’eterno classico Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

Ci sono anche un paio di giochi a scorrimento laterale come Metal Slug dall’1 al 3, Blazing Star e Twinkle Star Sprites.

Ho scattato delle foto senza troppe pretese, se vi interessano foto di ottima qualita’ del neogeo mini basta cercare in rete, inoltre, come si puo’ vedere non ho ancora attaccato gli adesivi che vengono forniti di serie.

Adesso potete pure insultarmi del perche’ ho acquistato un oggetto del genere, dicendo la solita e banale frase: ma e’ una raspberry! sappiate che non vi cago neanche per striscio.


C64 Big Game Pack: Third Planet From Altair / Tower of Rubble 64 …


E’ stato rilasciato del nuovo Software per Commodore 64.


  • Bad Tiling +2H
  • XXV
  • Snow Strike [easyflash]
  • Bad Blood [easyflash]
  • XXV +H
  • The Legend of the Amazon Women +4MFGD
  • Zenji +3HD
  • Enforcer +11 [easyflash]
  • Scuttlebutt 64 +5
  • Walliball +4HF
  • Lerppu game
  • Wolfling Preview V2 +
  • Tinyrinth Escape Preview
  • Dan Dare Trilogy [easyflash]
  • Walliball +H
  • Giana Sisters 30th Anniversary Preview 2 +7
  • Tinyrinth Escape Preview +2
  • Giana Sisters 30th Anniversary Preview 2 +C
  • Enforcer +11DGI
  • Wolfling Preview V2
  • Shadow Switcher
  • Shadow Switcher +5C
  • Exterminator [reu]
  • Scuttlebutt 64
  • Street Defender V1.5 [VR64]
  • Wolfling Preview V2
  • Mashed Turtles
  • Mashed Turtles +F
  • Fantasia
  • Street Defender V1.5 +4D
  • Barriers
  • Cruising on Broadway Preview +
  • Crank Crank Revolution – Gubbdata Edition +1F
  • The Bear Essentials +3DP (Special Edition 2018)
  • Tini-Mini +
  • Cruising on Broadway +2H
  • Vizawrite 64D – PXLfont88665b-RF2.0
  • Mad Race
  • Mad Race +
  • Startexter 64 [german]
  • Knight Lore +D
  • Knight Lore +D (Ons)
  • Knight Lore +D (Excess)
  • Knight Lore +D (Raiders)
  • Star Rank Boxing +5D
  • Tower of Rubble 64
  • Familiada 2018 [polish]
  • Tower of Rubble 64 +1D
  • Combat Crazy +7H
  • Brush up your English [1581, CMD]
  • Knight Lore
  • Diskmag Creator [german]
  • Multi Man 64 Preview
  • The Third Planet From Altair

Download: All Games in One Archive (851)


TheC64 Mini Aggiornamento Firmware v1.1.4

Gli aggiornamenti del firmware per il THEC64 Mini forniscono nuove funzionalità e / o correggono eventuali problemi tecnici.

Si consiglia sempre di utilizzare l’ultima versione del firmware.

Version 1.1.4 – Changes:

  • Corrects a recent firmware issue that prevented joysticks like the Logitech F710 from being detected.

Please be aware there is currently a 256 item limit (files and/or folders) to assist improved USB memory stick performance.

Download: TheC64 Mini Firmware v1.1.4 (121)