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U64 Streamer v1.1

Cosa posso fare con questo programma?

Con il nuovo firmware dell’Ultimate 64 (> = 1.1c) di Gideon è disponibile un’opzione per ricevere streaming audio/video a 50fps attraverso una connessione di rete.

Puoi utilizzare questo programma anche per catturare immagini o video.

Changelog v1.1 (02/07/2019):

  • First official release.
  • Various fixes, bug reports i received from users.
  • Video capture: release of file handle.
  • Focus / minimize window / restore window problems.
  • Optimized stream start/stop functions.
  • Embeded menu: removed.
  • Floating menu, so menu is always visible but not in video output window.
  • Video capture window background set to black, there was a small grey line visible (not nice in OBS).
  • Option to start U64 streams remotely.

Download: U64 Streamer v1.1 (32)

source: u64streamer

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