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1541 Ultimate I / II: New firmware v2.0 Final

E’ stato rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento firmware v2.0RCA per l’interfaccia 1541 Ultimate I / II di Gideon.

Questa versione del Firmware e’ anche disponibile per l’interfaccia 1541 Ultimate I dove i fix e le nuove implementazioni sono solo per l’MK1 (niente RTC, emulazione TAP, usb …).

Questo è un aggiornamento molto importante! Tutte le versioni del firmware precedenti a questa avevano problemi con la scrittura di dati nelle immagini D64.

Le copie che avete fatto con le versioni del firmware 2.0RCx potrebbero risultare danneggiate!

Ecco L’elenco Delle Novità E Dei Miglioramenti:

  • Added: Small step made to supporting block sizes other than 512 bytes (for CDROM, which I want to support soon!)
  • Added: Update changed to flash all roms too…
  • Added: Boot FPGA definitions added for booting with Winbond Flash.
  • Added: USB hub support (high speed devices only!)
  • Added: C64 reset included in 1541 reset (optional)
  • Added: Option to save current disk as D64 or G64.
  • Added: Option to create formatted G64.
  • Added: Progress bars in user interface.
  • Added: Stop option added to tape playback.
  • Added: Initial attempt to implement creating of G64 files.

  • Fixed: Latest USB fixes..(including write issues)
  • Fixed: W25Q Configuration fixed: Needs erase before write!
  • Fixed: Deletion of 0-length file bug corrected.
  • Fixed: File extension not placed anymore in D64/G64 BAM header..
  • Fixed: Accurate writeback from write head to image in RAM.
  • Fixed: Reading of extended partitions (EBR) corrected.
  • Fixed: Last sector was lost during D64 copy.
  • Fixed: G64 image save now aligns tracks prior to writing.
  • Fixed: Dirty track recognition for two drives.
  • Fixed: Writable flag check for menu items.
  • Fixed: MK1 file time.
  • Fixed: Progress bar wrote out of array bounds.
  • Fixed: issue with write back.
  • Fixed: issue with double file names.
  • Fixed: issue with Drive B being unlinked.
  • Fixed: issue with G64 only mounting on drive A.
  • Fixed: issue with showing task menu in empty D64.
  • Fixed: More dynamics added to menu (no write options at non-writable paths)
  • Fixed: Data corruption issue further investigated and solved.
  • Fixed: “DD00 issue”
  • Fixed: crash on starting tape on MK1 (or on any FPGA that doesn’t have a C2N streamer)
  • Fixed: loading of files from a T64.

download: 1541ultimate.net

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